Caroline Orum grave

West from Tolar on Hwy 377. Cross Erath Co. line and immediately south on CR 244. Follow CR 244 over railroad tracks and take immediate right (south) at private gravel drive (2400 CR 244). Grave is located .1 mile south of CR 244 on north side of drive, just before reaching the house. West of the Paluxy River and south of the railroad. Paluxy Quad, 3297-232.

Location Map

1880 Hood County Census – Household:

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather’s BirthplaceMother’s Birthplace
 Henry ORUM  Self  M  Male  W  52  AL  Farmer  SC  NC 
 Caroline ORUM  Wife  M  Female  W  47  AL  Keeping House  GA  GA 
 Rufus ORUM  Son  W  Male  W  24  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 Henry ORUM  Son  S  Male  W  22  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 George ORUM  Son  S  Male  W  20  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 Sam ORUM  Son  S  Male  W  20  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 James ORUM  Son  S  Male  W  17  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 Samantha ORUM  Dau  S  Female  W  15  AL  At Home  AL  AL 
 Dannel ORUM  Son  S  Male  W  15  AL  Laborer  AL  AL 
 Susan ORUM  Dau  S  Female  W  13  AL  At Home  AL  AL 
 Mahala ORUM  Dau  S  Female  W  11  AL  At Home  AL  AL 
 John ORUM  GSon  S  Male  W  4  TX    AL  MS 
 James ORUM  GSon  S  Male  W  1  TX    AL  MS 
Source Information: The Census Place, Precinct 3, Hood, Texas

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Garry Wofford wrote:
Hello Granbury historians,
      My ancestors were in Hood County in the 1870’s, 1880’s—the Henry/Caroline Orum family, and their daughter Mantha Orum who married L.E. Larmon there in 1879.   Henry Orum built the first cotton gin at Bluff Dale in Erath Co.  Their land ran across county lines.
     Anyway, I would help in locating the grave of the L.E./Mantha Orum Larmon’s lst child, John Larmon, who died in 1882 as an infant.  I know the grandmother, Caroline Orum, who died a couple of years earlier in 1880, is buried on private property.
     If you can help in any way to locate that grave or any other information connected to this family, please let me know.  Mantha’s sister was married to C. N. Johnson with land in Erath County.  There is an article in the history book about them.
Kay Wofford
Vernon, TX
August 3, 2004

From: Frank Saffarrans
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 12:01 PM
To: Garry Wofford
Cc: virginia Hale
Subject: Re: In Re: Orum/Larmon ancestors

This spring the Texas Historical Commission made a survey of each cemetery and grave sites  in Hood County.
I was the Hood County representative on this survey and we visited each cemetery and grave site in the county.
I knew about Carolyne Orum grave for some time but had never visited it – it was listed as unknown in Hood County Genealogical Society records. I was touched by the inscription “Our Mother” on such an isolated grave.
I checked the 1880 census that was taken about three months before her death and found that she was taking care of a large extended family including two small grand children.  Apparently her sons wife had died and he and two very young children were living with her. It must have been extremely devastating for this family when Caroline died. It must have been impossible to keep the family together – as evidenced by her husband dying a short time later in another county.
The Judge Henry Davis papers in the Hood County Library has some depositions concerning the Orum family. One of them said Henry Orum died in another county but I do not remember which county. Another said they had a son that was stolen by Gypsies in Alabama before the family came to Texas. You seem to have information on this  noteworthy family. If you will write as family sketch I will post it on the Hood County Genealogical  Society web page:

Biographical & Historical Notes on Hood County Families, Noteworthy Citizens, Legends and Communities

I placed the following web page on Caroline Orum grave as part of the Hood County Genealogical Society Cemeteries and Graves of Hood County.

A complete cemetery listing may be viewed at:

Frank Saffarrans
Hood County Genealogical Society

Subject: RE: In Re: Orum/Larmon ancestors
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 20:05:58 -0500
From: Garry Wofford

Thank you so much for your fast, detailed reply.  We appreciate people like you who will take an interest in our ancestors.  Caroline Orum was my great great grandmother. We don’t know her maiden name, however.  I plan to come to Hood County some day and do more research on the family.  I knew the gypsy kidnapping story from when I was a child.  I do have a copy of the Judge Henry Davis papers.  Those confirmed many family stories.  I will forward your e-mail to some other Orum researchers who know more about the history than I do, and maybe they will write a family sketch.  The Orum family history, coming from Alabama where they owned a plantation and slaves, is very interesting.  After the Civil War, they lost most all of it and moved to Texas.  I am still trying to find the infant grave of John Larmon (Caroline’s grandchild), born/died 1882 in either Hood or Erath County.  Please let me know if you come across any information.  Thanks again.

Kay Wofford

P.S.  I did some research in the Tarleton Library and Stephenville courthouse, and found more information on this family in Erath County.

Subject: RE: In Re: Orum/Larmon ancestors
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2004 12:12:50 -0500
From: Garry Wofford

Hello Frank,
In regard to the Orum/Larmon family of Hood County, I would like to share this picture of Samantha “Mantha” Orum, age 16, daughter of Henry and Caroline Orum.  She attended Hood County schools in the late 1870’s when this picture was taken.    Her marriage license to Lewis Erby Larmon, Oct. 16, 1881, is recorded in the Hood County Marriage Book B/195, #129. She came to Hood County from Alabama with her parents about 1874.  Her father, Henry, built the first cotton gin in Bluff Dale, TX.  Lewis and Mantha Orum Larmon’s lst three children, John (1882), Lewis Wesley (1884) and Minnie Mahala (1886)  were born there.

    Thanks again for all the great information posted on your website, and all the hard work and research that you have done.

It is great tribute to our ancestors.

Kay Wofford (great granddaughter of Mantha Orum Larmon)