Compiled by Odessa & Troy Purselley in 1989

Updated June 1995

Introduction by Odessa Purselley

Dedicated in Memory of Early Nubbin Ridge Settlers

The earliest Recollection of the little community which lies about seven miles south of Granbury was by the name Bald Knob. The name was given because of the small hill on the old Snelson place upon which nothing grew on its uppermost part.

At one time, there was a school-house northeast of the Cemetery. Later one preacher of the Baptist Church called the Church “The Cedar Grove Church” but the people did not accept that name for the community. However, the name was changed after the drought of 1886 and 1887. Those years were so dry the farmers had to go to Johnson County to get corn for their stock. Some people made a few ‘nubbins’ of corn in 1886. Thereafter, Bald Knob was known as “Nubbin Ridge.”

The land for the cemetery was donated by Thomas Burns when a neighbor’s (Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Edens) nine-day old baby died, April 21, 1878. About two years later, on July 10, 1880, Thomas Burns died and was the second person to be buried in the cemetery. Both graves are covered with solid rock grave-stones, and the lettering is still legible. Mrs. Burns (lovingly called Granny) died at her home in the Mambrino community was buried beside her husband.

Years ago, a good barbed-wire fence was built around the Cemetery and a few years ago, donations were taken to put a cyclone fence around the south and west sides. Later, Jack Nichols built the good picnic tables and then the rock entrance-way. The arch above the entrance was built by Mr. L. T. Suitt. These greatly improved the appearance and easy identifyability.

The Cemetery Working-day has long been set on the third Saturday of May. Until a few years ago family members met to clean their own lots and then the remainder of the grounds. A lot people moved away and for other reasons enough people did not come to get the work done. It was decided to start a fund of donations to be used for the cleaning and upkeep of the cemetery.

The Cemetery Working-day is a very good time to meet, reminence, and enjoy good ‘country-cooking’ with old and new acquaintances.

Aiken, Dr. Wreatha02/11/190704/06/1992
Allard, Peggy“Lovely Lady”18901962
Allard, Sam“Patient and Kind”18901963
Allen, Robert L. SSgt.U. S. Army WWI01/31/192112/09/1986
Archer, Ellie (Purselley)03/20/191810/10/1937
Arrington, Josephine-Novella (Price)03/06/190309/23/1970
Arrington, Walter E. Sr.12/01/188204/09/1966
Bain, Leona (Morrow) (lots)  
Bain, Vernon (lots)  
Barlow, Thomas J.“Faithful Unto Death John 3:16”18391918
Beckworth, Paul12/21/191608/21/1992
Benfield, Geneva18951979
Benfield, James M.TEXAS TEC4 HQ Co. 606 ORD BAM BN WWI06/25/189703/20/1970
Boase, Delphine (Kinnard)10/11/1926 
Boase, HomerMSGT US Army WWII11/11/192003/05/1984
Boatright (lots)  
Bobo, AthelPVT US Navy WWII(Son of Eatha Green Bobo)08/17/192101/30/1987
Bohannon, Flossie (Price)18891925
Bohannon, Nettie E.(Daughter of Flossie Bohannon)08/25/191308/08/1914
Bowser, Mozella19171994
Breeden, Ila (Hayworth)(Wife of Lemuel Breeden)  
Breeden, Lemuel“Married Dec. 17, 1949”12/20/192510/23/1982
Brewer, Cill18911908
Brewer, J. J.5A2a BN CSA Hillard Legion07/12/188610/04/1902
Brewer, Nan“Mother”18541929
Brock, Baby of Lizzie06/21/18–09/15/1886
Brock, Doyle05/09/190907/11/1909
Brock, G. F.05/28/184404/25/1907
Brock, Infant Child (Twin)(Child of G. F. & Sarah Brock)10/31/189410/31/1894
Brock, Sarah(Child of G. F. & Sarah Brock)10/31/189402/19/1895
Brock, Sarah A. E.(Wife of G. F. Brock)08/04/185809/22/1928
Brown, Sherman T.19011978
Bryant, John E.12/07/192710/31/1991
Bryant, Opal Lee19201988
Bunch, Johnnie(Son of A. H. & A. B.)12/11/190807/12/1911
Burns, Parthenia (Poe) (Morrison)(Wife of Thomas L. Burns)03/17/183607/28/1924
Burns, Thomas L.03/08/181007/25/1880
Carmichael, Earie A. (Cash)(Wife of George W. Carmichael)18661954
Carmichael, George W.18611936
Carmichael, Maggie (Cash)(Wife of Pum Carmichael)04/10/187205/27/1914
Cash, C. C. “Bud”06/19/190405/06/1993
Cash, George W. 18691935
Cash, Infant(G. W. & Sudie Cash) 02/25/189903/03/1899
Cash, Ivan(Son of George W. Cash) (Wife – Kathrine)06/01/190012/22/1972
Cash, L. E. “Granny”03/09/183309/07/1912
Cash, Pomeroy 05/06/189702/10/1899
Cash, Roslyn (Cash)(Wife of C. C. “Bud” Cash)  
Cash, William(Son of L. E. “Granny” Cash)12/28/185801/18/1906
Charles, Edward Rhodes(Son of Dr. Wreatha Aiken)05/28/192902/01/1930
Cheek, Infant(Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Cheek)19411941
Cheek, Jimmie(Son of Wallace Orvan)19311933
Cheek, Wallace Orvan19071943
Clifton, Elizabeth(Wife of William Clifton)05/06/184706/28/1921
Clifton, William10/18/185203/29/1926
Coleman, Alice E.”Mother”(Wife of Eddie E. Coleman)1908 
Coleman, Annie(Wife of Bob Coleman)09/21/189503/01/1951
Coleman, Bob02/15/188306/14/1952
Coleman, Eddie E.“Father”18961963
Conn, Lucy”Mother”(Wife of Thomas Conn)18661936
Conn, Thomas“Father”18681936
Coonrad, Dorthy (Purselley)(Wife of Willard Coonrad)08/12/191711/16/1982
Coonrad, Willard08/31/191403/31/1971
Cooper, Della W. (Moore)(Wife of William F. Cooper)11/12/188506/16/1963
Cooper, Harry Thos.(Son of William & Della Cooper)04/30/190610/13/1965
Cooper, William F.01/23/186907/13/1930
Cotten, Emma(Wife of John L. Cotten)18821973
Cotten, George11/11/18–07/24/1967
Cotten, J. F. (Frank)09/18/187107/07/1906
Cotten, John L.12/08/186906/23/1936
Cotten, Maggie (Umphress)(First Wife of George Cotten)18871940
Cotten, Mrs. M. K. (Katie)02/20/184710/18/1919
Cotten, Ruel (Ivy)(Second Wife of George Cotten)01/01/189406/30/1964
Craddock, Francis (Harbor)(Wife of Walter Eugene Craddock)11/22/1918 
Craddock, Walter EugeneCSI US Navy WWII07/06/192401/18/1982
Crawley, James05/19/195412/07/1991
Creed, Mrs. M. E. (Snelson)(Daughter of S. & J. Snelson)07/22/184511/20/1919
Crisp, Charlton (Cotten)05/07/191309/30/1990
Crisp, Dave Roan, Sr.06/08/186307/22/1943
Crisp, Trudy Ollie (Ford)(Wife of Dave Roan Crisp, Sr.)01/12/189010/13/1971
Crites, Dee Low(Son of James Arthur Crites)02/16/191204/26/1977
Crites, Eppie E.(Wife of James Franklin Crites)11/10/187808/07/1951
Crites, James Arthur18891950
Crites, James Franklin11/29/186305/22/1942
Crites, Katy (Vaughn)(Wife of M. F. “Buck” Crites)  
Crites, M. F. “Buck”11/26/190706/14/1995
Daniels, Baby(Daughter of Velma Daniels)11/13/191811/13/1918
Daniels, Emmerline(Mother of William Beaton Daniels & Magnus A. Daniels)18361926
Daniels, Magnus A.09/18/187507/17/1965
Daniels, Melissa Bell (Hoodenpyle)(Wife of William Beaton Daniels)09/16/187609/11/1970
Daniels, Nancy L.(Wife of Magnus A. Daniels)12/04/188411/15/1918
Daniels, Odis Ouida11/07/190309/14/1985
Daniels, Velma19001918
Daniels, William Beaton11/22/186007/20/1938
Davis, Infant(Child of W. F. & E. Davis)07/07/190112/07/1901
Deavers, Alene Mae08/12/1920 
Deavers, Jesse Earl09/23/189505/04/1978
Deavers, Jessie Lee (Wirt)(Wife of Jesse Earl Deavers)09/14/189810/18/1982
Durant, Ella (Snelson) Mrs. V. H.10/05/188204/09/1902
Duvalle, Charles E.19591986
Dyer, James Carroll19181971
Edens, F. M.01/21/182605/03/1902
Edens, George(Son of F. M. & Mary E. Edens)04/12/187804/21/1878
Edens, Lizzie “Aunt”18741957
Elliott, Eva Sue (Harbor)”Married Mar. 8, 1952″(Wife of Lee Otis Elliott)02/03/1934 
Elliott, Lee Otis“Married Mar. 8, 1952”09/08/1928 
Endsley, Helena (Owens)05/04/191907/12/1982
Endsley, Jolyn(Wife of Lancaster “Shanks” Endsley)  
Endsley, Lancaster “Shanks”09/11/192402/11/1994
Endsley, Mattie”Mother”(Wife of Sam Endsley)18701950
Endsley, S. A.09/14/192104/16/1922
Endsley, Sam“Father”18581918
Evans, Mrs. S. A. (Vaughn)18471937
Evans, Ray D.03/24/193006/28/1930
Ford, Jerrold Dean(Son of Jess & Nell Ford)19291929
Ford, Jess“Married 26 Mar. 1926”05/04/189304/20/1972
Ford, John Tom(Son of Mary E. Ford)02/15/185105/05/1972
Ford, Mary E. (Ellis)11/18/182505/04/1909
Ford, Mrs.(circa 1944 / 1945) 1945
Ford, Nellie (Crim)”Married 26 Mar. 1926″(Wife of Jess Ford)03/05/190206/26/1982
Frazier, Alpha(Wife of Eddie Leroy Frazier)  
Frazier, Eddie Leroy“Sgt.”02/19/190903/28/1984
Frazier, James Ralph(Son of Eddie Leroy & Alpha Frazier)04/22/194609/18/1946
Gilbreath, James Ray(Lower southwest section / Unreadable)  
Gorden, Ruby (Wirt)“23 Psalm”03/11/190312/03/1977
Green, Barney18751940
Green, D. (Dutch) (lots)  
Green, Mary (Ford)(Wife of Barney Green)18811924
Guerdry, Martha S.08/25/189306/27/1970
Hamm, Annie Bell (Crites)(Wife of Lon Hamm)10/21/188511/21/1972
Hamm, Lon11/28/187402/08/1953
Hammill, Elva (Starnes) (lots)  
Harbor, George EvinTexas WWI PVT 25Co 165 Depot. Brig.07/10/189501/26/1969
Harbor, Huston H.01/14/189803/02/1920
Harbor, Jack01/08/189302/10/1951
Harbor, John H.08/08/188003/02/1941
Harbor, Keith Charles10/26/1963 
Harbor, Mrs. Susan11/16/185910/16/1934
Harbor, Sidney OliverTEX PFC Co H 58Inf. WWII12/14/189111/02/1967
Harbor, William11/14/185308/30/1913
Harbor, Willie Bell(Wife of Jack Harbor)03/02/190005/21/1989
Hart, Clora Lena (Arrington)(Wife of Ray Hart)01/10/193608/28/1972
Hayworth, Beverly A. (White)”m. 2/21/1948″(Wife of William C. “Slick” Hayworth)01/20/1932 
Hayworth, “Rena” Corina18941919
Hayworth, Allen J.09/28/187903/11/1960
Hayworth, Becky D. (Clifton)(Wife of Allen J. Hayworth)09/10/188311/02/1953
Hayworth, Charlie D.TXCMI USNR WWII05/17/191404/10/1950
Hayworth, Elvy Minnie“Dau. of J. W. & Rosa Lee”08/10/190412/05/1906
Hayworth, EugeneTex PVT Inf. WWII02/05/192606/30/1965
Hayworth, Eula (Baker)(Wife of Jacob Right Hayworth)11/24/189512/01/1972
Hayworth, Francis Dean10/01/193408/22/1970
Hayworth, Harold Andree“m. Dec. 20, 1932”03/27/190904/12/1976
Hayworth, Hettie Lena (Armstrong)”m. Dec. 20, 1932″(Wife of Harold Andree Hayworth)  
Hayworth, Ima (Morrison)(Wife of Ross Hayworth)09/06/190308/12/1975
Hayworth, J. W.04/18/188208/26/1966
Hayworth, Jacob Right12/16/189210/05/1977
Hayworth, John A.18591933
Hayworth, John Lee“Son of J.W. & Rosa”05/05/190206/05/1907
Hayworth, Little Donzel Ross09/23/192309/23/1923
Hayworth, Marlene“Inf. dau. of B. H. Hayworth” 08/23/1937
Hayworth, Oran Dennis“Son of Eula & Jake”08/03/191908/03/1919
Hayworth, Rosa Lee(Wife of J. W. Hayworth)02/04/188404/18/1964
Hayworth, Ross11/20/190209/03/1986
Hayworth, Sallie P.(Wife of John A. Hayworth)18581941
Hayworth, William C. “Slick”“m. 2/21/1948”03/06/192811/23/1988
Hayworth, Zora(Infant Daughter of Allen J. & Becky Hayworth)01/10/191103/15/1911
Hensley, Darla (Frazier)10/09/194703/02/1991
Holden, F. C.08/30/183512/01/1913
Holden, Infant(Infant of F. C. & Ophelia (Snelson) Holden) 02/27/1898
Holland, George “Bunken” (lots)  
Holland, George “Jake” Richard11/14/189101/12/1952
Holland, Grace C. (Owen)(Wife of George “Jake” Richard Holland)10/01/189603/26/1986
Holland, John M.“His Memory is Blessed”06/29/185908/04/1938
Holland, Lillian (?)(Wife of Steve McPherson)  
Holland, Martha C. (Jones)“At Rest”10/12/186501/26/1948
Holland, Myra Myrl(Daughter of George & Grace Holland)10/30/192304/09/1936
Holly, Dorthy(Wife of Frank Holly)  
Holly, Frank09/01/191802/04/1991
Holly, James Ray“Father”10/29/188408/31/1973
Holly, Laura (Brock)18891973
Holly, Louise03/30/192707/12/1955
Holly, Mary”Mother”(Wife of James Ray Holly)04/09/189612/16/1940
Hoodenpyle, Ida (Williams)(Wife of Ira Hoodenpyle)02/17/188306/02/1953
Hoodenpyle, Ira09/20/188206/17/1959
Hoodenpyle, J. C.09/13/190504/16/1929
Hoodenpyle, Luther Clyce08/02/192207/21/1937
Huckabee, Brittany18891990
Infant(Unmarked – located by F. P. Montgomery)  
Ingram, A. Temple09/28/194605/16/1967
Ingram, Autry MelvinSF3 USNavy WWII11/16/191302/18/1982
Ingram, Mame18941982
Ingram, Mary(Wife of Autry Melvin Ingram)19171986
Ivy, John S.AS US Navy12/10/189905/09/1974
Jones, Jerry Nell12/10/193001/10/1933
Jones, John09/12/190401/12/1976
Jones, Lois (Hayworth)(Wife of John Jones)11/23/190702/04/1992
Jones, Nora N. (Benfield)18821968
Jones, Tony Dale07/20/194407/20/1944
Kinard, Jacob Lemuel10/08/188507/06/1955
Kinnard, Amon Lester“Little Son”06/06/190910/29/1914
Kinnard, Douglas G.TX PVT 549 MIL Police Co.12/03/191708/07/1952
Kinnard, Jake Olen01/04/191108/02/1975
Kinnard, Ola (Morrison)(Wife of Jacob Lemuel Kinard)10/17/189008/14/1980
Kinnard, Ruth (McWhorter)(Wife of Jake Olen Kinnard)12/04/192202/07/1985
Kinnard, Scott Allen12/30/196907/26/1987
Linder, Cordella Lee18711954
Linder, Jane H.18411930
Linder, Roberta T.18781947
Mabery, Daurence L. (Hayworth)(Wife of Hulan Ralph “Tiny” Mahan)02/04/1925 
Mabery, Hulan Ralph “Tiny”TX SI USNR WWII11/04/192206/14/1956
Mabery, Marge(Daughter of Levi & Molly Peoples)11/16/189607/08/1911
Mabery, Minnie06/27/188202/28/1980
Mabery, Myrl (Vaughn)(Wife of Roscoe Mabery)09/21/190003/24/1992
Mabery, Roscoe08/02/190201/24/1984
Mabery, Two Babies(Of Melvin & Minnie Mabery)  
Malone, Ada(Wife of John Malone) 1902
Martin, Georgia Jean12/03/191701/11/1978
Martin, Larry09/–/197205/13/1995
Matlock, Linnie (Parsley)189912/26/1926
Mayo, Ted H. CPLUS Marine Corp. (Korea)02/03/193605/04/1991
McCray, HulenTEC 5 WWII(Second Husband of D. Mabery)12/03/192602/14/1975
McCuan, Amanda Belle(Wife of Dr. John Milton McCuan)18691939
McCuan, George E.“89 yrs. 5 mo. 13 da.”02/21/185308/04/1942
McCuan, Gorden R.10/19/188909/10/1962
McCuan, Ivy (Crites)(Wife of Gorden R. McCuan)(Death was in 1942 or 1947)11/11/189005/02/1942
McCuan, James04/01/186708/05/1893
McCuan, John Milton, MD18641944
McCuan, John W.12/20/181701/06/1892
McCuan, Martha A.(Wife of John W. McCuan)10/15/184011/22/1895
McCuan, Mary LoDemmie (Jones)(Wife of George E. McCuan)09/10/186202/06/1936
McCuan, Maybelle(Daughter of George E. & Mary LoDemmie McCuan)10/15/190405/30/1906
McCuan, Ottis(Son of George E. & Mary LoDemmie McCuan)07/21/190209/15/1908
McDaniel, Alfred L.(Son of George E. & Mary McDaniel)12/23/188004/16/1958
McDaniel, Alvin(Son of Bert & Doskie McDaniel)07/15/190508/26/1952
McDaniel, Bert10/03/187501/20/1970
McDaniel, Doskie (Sue)(Wife of Bert McDaniel)08/10/188505/05/1970
McDaniel, George E.03/30/184612/04/1917
McDaniel, Herman “Pete”19181984
McDaniel, Infant12/30/193012/30/1930
McDaniel, Jake(Son of Bert & Doskie McDaniel)08/22/190301/18/1905
McDaniel, Jesse B.(Son of George E. & Mary McDaniel)18931937
McDaniel, Laura Etta05/25/188105/20/1892
McDaniel, Mary (Cash)(Wife of George E. McDaniel)02/04/185001/20/1928
McDaniel, Tom01/14/187808/23/1914
McDaniel, Wilma (Conn)(Wife of Herman “Pete” McDaniel)09/26/190902/01/1962
McGuire, Biddie J.03/02/184802/01/1904
McKee, Martin D.18681938
McKee, Mollie(Wife of Martin D. Kee)05/01/186805/30/1967
McPherson LotOla Mae“Daughter of Vesta Allison”01/01/191303/17/1915
McPherson, Lowary M.(Son of W. C. & L. McPherson)11/01/189804/28/1911
McPherson, Mary Lillian(Wife of Sebard Ray McPherson)18881956
McPherson, Mary Martha19151980
McPherson, Sebard Ray18861949
Merrill, “Jack” B. E.07/04/190601/06/1975
Merrill, John Van19121971
Merrill, Joseph Eugene“Married Oct. 11, 1896 Glen Rose, TX”01/–/187601/05/1936
Merrill, Josephine”Married Oct. 28, 1928″(Wife of Josephine Merrill)08/30/190610/25/1972
Merrill, Katie (Burns)”Married Oct. 11, 1896 Glen Rose, TX”(Wife of Joseph Eugene Merrill)08/14/1874 
Merrill, Rudea(Infant of Sam & Josephine Merrill)06/26/192904/13/1930
Merrill, Sam Wilson“Married Oct. 28, 1928”03/21/189912/12/1974
Merriman, A. L.09/23/184106/19/1885
Mitchell, Lila (McDaniel)(Wife of W. J. “Bill” Mitchell)10/01/191504/13/1993
Mitchell, W. J. “Bill”04/09/190806/08/1968
Montgomery, F. P.18471925
Moore, Ada Lula18851970
Moore, Alice Mason(Wife of Eddie Walters Moore)02/06/187705/17/1914
Moore, Charles R.10/28/184108/19/1930
Moore, Eddie01/25/187310/13/1945
Moore, Eddie Walters02/25/188202/14/1915
Moore, Geo. Harry18541943
Moore, H. L.(Husband of Lucille Tidwell)08/19/189609/29/1954
Moore, Henry Sid04/15/188808/22/1966
Moore, M. J. (McCuan)(Wife of Charles R. Moore)09/14/185010/–/1934
Moore, Martha Lois (Jones)(Wife of Henry Sid Moore)11/25/189412/02/1982
Moore, Milton“d. 1940’s” 1940
Moore, Minnie G.(Daughter of Charles R. & M. J. Moore)05/20/189203/07/1907
Moore, Sally L. (Cash)(Wife of Geo. Harry Moore)18611931
Moore, Susie03/21/189106/11/1920
Morrison, Clabourne M., Jr.03/23/186109/17/1892
Morrison, Cora B. (Bryant)07/24/189302/14/1912
Morrison, Elizabeth (Poe)(Second Wife of Clabe Morrison, Sr.)18151898
Morrison, Ervan08/07/190812/08/1990
Morrison, Eva Mae08/16/18951923
Morrison, Ila Jane(Wife of John Will. Morrison)10/25/188608/18/1963
Morrison, John Will.10/12/188107/25/1853
Morrison, Lillie Mae (Price)18931972
Morrison, Little Walt C.”Son of J. W. & I. J.”(Son of John Will. & Ila Jane Morrison)11/24/188502/25/1888
Morrison, Louise Mae05/30/193109/12/1931
Morrison, Olan09/15/191805/11/1986
Morrison, Thelma (McPherson)(Wife of Will Arvel Morrison)04/06/1916 
Morrison, Wanda Faye“Baby of Ervan & Lucille” 08/07/1933
Morrison, Will Arvel01/15/198701/15/1987
Mullinex, Louis D.19231993
Murphy, George AllenPVT U.S. Airforce(Son of Mary Sue Price) 07/17/1986
Newton, Ora May08/19/187703/04/1955
Newton, Samuel H.10/25/187004/19/1966
Nigh, Salina A. (Ford)03/21/185509/21/1889
Noack, Ben18801967
Noack, Infant Son(Son of Ben & Rhoda Noack)06/16/191806/16/1918
Noack, Minnie Lee06/22/192806/25/1928
Noack, Rhoda05/26/188503/20/1963
Norton, Erwin Obel19061989
Owens, Dennard Boone02/19/192509/10/1983
Owens, Laura F. (Morrison)08/21/185609/28/1941
Owens, Lona B. (Cruce)(Wife of Wood B. Owens)10/15/190008/06/1969
Owens, Patsy Nell05/23/193309/07/1933
Owens, Reo D.U. S. Army WWII08/22/193212/29/1981
Owens, Wood B.10/01/189605/21/1957
Parsley, Faye (Mapkes)12/12/192010/25/1972
Parsley, George Caswell01/26/190507/12/1983
Parsley, Iva Renee(Daughter of William M. & Ollie Pearl Parsley)08/11/191006/07/1912
Parsley, John Lancaster”Infant”(Son of Linnie Parsley Matlock) 12/26/1926
Parsley, Mable (Verley)(Wife of George Caswell Parsley)01/16/190706/05/1978
Parsley, Nita Karen(Daughter of Faye Mapkes Parsley)11/18/194701/06/1975
Parsley, Ollie Pearl (Purselley)(Wife of William M. Parsley)05/09/18801971
Parsley, William M.07/17/187601/12/1952
Peoples, Birdwell”Pa”“age 63 yrs, 27 da.”184112/28/1904
Peoples, Birdwell A.11/01/187308/23/1929
Peoples, Pollie (Woodard)(Wife of Birdwell A. Peoples)09/14/188210/17/1970
Peoples, Virginia (Cook)”Ma”(Wife of Birdwell Peoples)05/20/185008/04/1910
Philley, Beulah (Edens)(Wife of Dr. J. B. Philley)18731947
Philley, Dr. J. B.08/03/186904/06/1912
Philley, J. D.(Son of Ed & Mag.) 1834
Philley, Wiley E.11/18/183204/25/1887
Pilkington, Dessie(Daughter of J. H. & M. A. Pilkington)03/23/189312/05/1899
Pilkington, Ernest T.03/09/190106/21/1901
Poe, Al”Aunt”(Wife of Will Poe)07/14/183704/–/1933
Poe, Will“Uncle”05/20/184803/31/1930
Price, Alice (Merrill)(Wife of Ernest Blanton Price)07/10/1901 
Price, Alyene(Daughter of Wayne Price)12/23/191801/05/1919
Price, Annie Mabel (Rylee)(Wife of John Wyatt Price)08/31/189601/25/1988
Price, Barbara Celise10/23/194102/01/1942
Price, Charlie B.01/26/189210/24/1937
Price, Dorthy Hellon05/13/192009/13/1932
Price, Elizabeth (Eden)(Wife of John T. Price)03/23/186803/09/1945
Price, Ernest Blanton12/05/189508/01/1975
Price, Evelyn (Buster)02/21/190407/31/1927
Price, F. M.05/03/189306/02/1975
Price, Geraldine(Daughter of J. W. & Annie Price)06/29/192308/10/1923
Price, Inf. of E. B. & Al. 10/24/1972
Price, Infant of Charlie & Virgie(Child of Charlie B. & Virgie B. Price)  
Price, James Spears05/02/186309/12/1920
Price, John T.10/15/186103/03/1946
Price, John Wyatt03/28/189503/07/1926
Price, Julia Ellen(Wife of James Spears Price)18631954
Price, Luther06/13/188401/13/1913
Price, Mary Sue(Wife of F. M. Price)12/24/190411/16/1981
Price, Pauline09/2/191009/05/1914
Price, Virgie B. (Tidwell)(Wife of Charlie B. Price)11/23/189504/17/1929
Prince, Dillie“Mother”06/18/184311/13/1900
Pruitt, Luther(Mr. George Moore’s Brother)18641937
Purselley, Arlis Guy  
Purselley, Arlis Judson18891964
Purselley, Caswell11/29/184512/17/1916
Purselley, Dora (Ford)(Wife of Rufus Pursulley)02/20/188005/12/1970
Purselley, Dovie Viola189605/10/1903
Purselley, Frank Morris02/18/191508/18/1992
Purselley, Garland02/04/188201/08/1955
Purselley, Helen Marie(Wife of Frank Morris Purselley)11/10/192210/30/1992
Purselley, J. Calhoun190208/12/1960
Purselley, Kenneth02/17/194101/03/1975
Purselley, Lillian Eatha19071912
Purselley, Lillie(Wife of Raymond Ray Purselley)  
Purselley, Lucy Lee(Wife of John Judson Purselley)03/20/190607/23/1991
Purselley, Marcus Neil10/21/192004/25/1921
Purselley, Maude (Davis)(Wife of Garland Purselley)10/23/188707/06/1965
Purselley, Ninnie Earl (McGraw)(Wife of Arlis Judson Purselley)18871973
Purselley, Odessa (Mahan)(Wife of Troy M. Purselley)07/08/1913 
Purselley, Raymond Ray08/31/192102/01/1978
Purselley, Ruby”Dear”(Wife of Arlis Guy Purselley) 12/07/1981
Purselley, Rufus02/09/187710/10/1937
Purselley, Ruth Cathern06/22/18961911
Purselley, Sarah E. (Orrell)(Wife of Caswell Purselley)03/30/184712/20/1916
Purselley, Troy M.10/23/191104/28/1995
Purselley, Vivian10/06/191301/08/1929
Purselley, W. T. “Bud”03/03/191411/30/1993
Purselley, Will. Thomas11/28/186805/20/1946
Purselley, Willie Mae(Wife of W. T. “Bud” Purselley)  
Ratliff, Bob RossMSGT US Airforce WWII KOREA10/07/191606/09/1976
Ratliff, Ethel Aubrey“dau. of J. A. & L. V.”01/25/191302/10/1913
Ratliff, George RayHq. Tr. 1st U.S. Gov. Ft. Bliss19141976
Ratliff, Giles11/06/189609/20/1976
Ratliff, Jack R.08/31/192806/23/1991
Ratliff, Jim A.“Father” “Rest In Peace”18891952
Ratliff, Lena (Owens)(Wife of Giles Ratliff)  
Ratliff, M. W. (Starnes)10/23/187906/04/1941
Reinhart, Arthur (lots)  
Reinhart, Betty (lots)(Wife of Arthur Reinhart)  
Roberson, Allela May (Hoodenpyle)08/21/194312/06/1943
Roberson, Elsie Lucille19171918
Robinson, Beady05/04/188012/24/1899
Robinson, Eliz. (Poe)06/03/185307/21/1966
Robinson, John08/15/185801/19/1915
Rockwall, Nancy(Mother of Buck Rockwall)09/17/185801/03/1941
Rogers, Archie D.11/17/188012/15/1901
Russell, Becky (Hayworth) 1988
Salter, Baby Boy19861986
Sims, E. K.07/09/183608/29/1906
Sims, Sarah Ann (Poe)(Wife of E. K. Sims)10/02/184404/–/1933
Snelson, A. R.06/24/185601/19/1929
Snelson, Dora B.05/21/188402/28/1966
Snelson, John P.09/24/187906/16/1941
Snelson, Mrs. A. R.(First Wife of A. R. Snelson)03/18/185806/30/1928
Snelson, Violet(Wife of J. W. Snelson)11/15/185602/11/1920
Spoonmore, Mary Marie (Ratliff / Starnes)(Wife of William M. Spoonmore)08/13/189705/01/1982
Spoonmore, William M.TX Med. Dept. WWI10/01/189306/10/1968
Spradling, Samuel Luther“son of W. A. & J. O.”11/04/188002/12/1885
Starnes, Isaac Newton08/17/186902/16/1951
Starnes, Mary E. (Thomas)(Wife of Isaac Newton Starnes)05/10/187305/12/1918
Stewart, Billy(Son of Ernest M. & Elsie Stewart)05/19/193305/20/1933
Stewart, Elsie (Umphress)(Wife of Ernest M. Stewart)  
Stewart, Ernest M.04/23/190710/26/1941
Stewart, Infant(Child of Ernest M. & Elsie Stewart)07/04/193507/08/1935
Sue, Earl LeeTEC5 US Army WWII09/25/192301/21/1982
Sue, Earl Wayne“Precious Memories”02/19/194607/21/1986
Sue, James D., Sr.06/29/189502/11/1963
Sue, Ruth May (Green)06/13/189708/14/1980
Thomas, Alice07/26/185712/02/1956
Thomas, Elic W., Rev.180819–
Thomas, John James“Papa”18821961
Thomas, Mary01/05/183702/19/1920
Thomas, Mary (Brock)(Wife of Rev. Elic W. Thomas)18771944
Thomas, Maude Foster (Brewer)”Mama”(Wife of John James Thomas)18881978
Thomas, Robert W.18891952
Thompson, John M.18671947
Thompson, Sallie(Wife of John M. Thompson)18801931
Tidwell, Alice“dau. of M. R. & R. C.”02/17/190801/15/19–
Tidwell, Bettie Bell01/18/188604/03/1904
Tidwell, Hiram Harp18431919
Tidwell, Marie Emily(Daughter of Hiram Harp Tidwell)09/09/187310/03/1881
Tidwell, Mattie Eliz.”age 88 yrs. 11 mo. 23 da.”(Wife of Hiram Harp Tidwell)185008/20/1938
Tidwell, R. C.06/16/182506/18/1925
Tidwell, William David07/09/184712/06/1890
Tidwell, William Lee(Son of Hiram Harp Tidwell)10/14/188209/22/1883
Tompkins, M. E. (West)“At Rest”18681951
Trucks, Faye (Norton) 05/13/1973
Turner, Jacqueline Lorraine Mae01/02/196501/03/1965
Turner, Jerrell Cress Derwood  
Turner, Ruby Nell19261932
Umphress, Vance R.07/15/191808/13/1994
Vaughn, Ada A. (Cotten)(Wife of W. A. Vaughn)11/24/188204/07/1972
Vaughn, Dave R.18721936
Vaughn, Devereau03/11/191902/26/1991
Vaughn, Eunice (Purselley)(Wife of Wallace J. Vaughn)  
Vaughn, Foncene07/01/191304/23/1985
Vaughn, Gracie (Purselley)(Wife of Devereau Vaughn)  
Vaughn, W. A.11/15/187307/01/1955
Vaughn, Wallace J.09/29/191008/03/1992
Verley, Leroy M.”Daddy Roy”(Related to Parsley Family)18831955
Walters, Willie Lee“Baby of Carroll & Vel.” 04/06/1939
Waters, Lillie18801964
Waters, Lillie K. (Tidwell)09/22/187805/29/1964
West, J. J.“Gone But not forgotten”18511912
Wheeler, Mildred P. “Sue”02/14/1910 
Wheeler, Robert “Bob”08/10/186912/09/1891
White, Beulah B.”dau. of G. T. & Alice White”(Related to Poe Family)01/31/189604/18/1911
Whitlock, Lucinda (Tidwell)(Second Husband)12/25/185005/22/1917
Wiggins, Georgia A. (Cravet)”Age 29 yrs.”(First Wife of William Wiggins) 1894
Wiggins, Lewis09/10/190006/25/1931
Wiggins, William12/29/185908/21/1908
Williams, Alta R. (Vaughn)04/07/190701/13/1930
Williams, Gwendolyn Fay(Twin to Navada Jay Williams)03/20/194105/03/1957
Williams, Harlon04/24/192012/06/1921
Williams, Navada Jay(Twin to Gwendolyn Fay Williams)03/20/194103/24/1941
Williamson, Serena 05/08/1995
Williamson, Tahl Atwood(Son of Francis Williamson)(Related to Craddock Family) 12/24/1936
Wilson, Beulah 11/26/1968
Wilson, Elzie“60 yrs. age”192906/13/1989
Wilson, John W.19541993
Wirt, Charlie A.10/25/186301/26/1952
Wirt, Charlie Dale10/17/190509/11/1986
Wirt, Flora Pearl01/20/190602/11/1983
Wirt, Ida L.12/22/187906/21/1969
Wirt, Lloyd Murray, Sr.12/20/189606/21/1984
Wirt, Mancel “Buster”TX Co D 383 WWII06/30/191512/17/1971
Wirt, Mary J.”dau. of C. A. & N. A.”(Daughter of Charlie A. & Naomi A. Wirt)02/14/188908/28/1889
Wirt, Naomi A.(Wife of Charlie A. Wirt)08/30/186912/17/1891
Wirt, Viola11/07/188704/27/1980
Wirt, Vivian Ray09/26/190001/23/1902
Ybarra, Ascension19071986