by Virginia Hale

From Research at the Brazoria County Library in Angleton, Texas

In 1890 a special census schedule was made in Texas of surviving Civil War veterans or their widows. The intent was to document only Union veterans and widows. However, both Union veterans and some Confederate veterans and their spouses are listed. Distinction of Union and Confederate veterans is difficult to reliably ascertain solely from this census schedule.

The 1890 Federal Census was destroyed by fire in 1921 in Washington, D.C. Only the enumeration of one family in all of Hood County survived the fire.

Thus, the following 1890 Texas Census Index of Civil War Veterans or Their Spouses is of great historical value due to the destruction of most of Hood County’s 1890 Federal Census.

SD = Supervisor’s District

ED = Enumerator’s District

Allison, James B.Lipan692
Austin, Mary A.Thorp Spring696
Begley, MichelGranbury691
Brady, CharlesGranbury691
Bupp, FrankGranbury691
Calls, William H.Granbury691
Campbell, DanielLipan692
Crawford, William J.Cresson695
Edwards, Cyrus L.Granbury691
Finn, PatrickGranbury691
Hall, Luara [sic]Lipan692
Hall, TheodoreLipan692
Haller, Andrew J.Lipan692
Holland, AlfredGranbury691
Holland, AnnGranbury691
Hunly, Camodor N.Thorp Spring696
Hunly, Comodor N.Thorp Spring696
Hutchison, JohnGranbury691
Lackley, Dora E. Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lacklin, Alice I. Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lacklin, Selonaen Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lacklin, William Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lahe, PatrickThorp Spring696
Lockley, Dora E. Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lockley, George W. Pct No 5Popl 1201
Lockley, William Pct No 5Popl 1201
Locklin, Alice J. Pct No 5Popl 1201
Locklin, Selonaen Pct No 5Popl 1201
Locklin, William Pct No 5Popl 1201
McCreery, Allison A.Thorp Spring696
McPherson, William L.Acton694
Penn, Theodore D.Lipan692
Raifsnider, George W.Lipan692
Ray, Margaret P.Granbury691
Ray, WilliamGranbury691
Smith, AllenGranbury691
Smith, GillmanGranbury691
Smith, SillmanGranbury691
Smith, St. Clair W.Thorp Spring696
Walton, JosephGranbury691
Walton, MinervaGranbury691
Whilworth, ArtimiliaLipan692
Whilworth, Jasper N.Lipan692