“A” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

ABBOTT, W.T.          Humphries, R.J,       1Feb.1881 B/150 ( 1)
ABBOTT, W.T.          Johnson, Jinnie       3May 1876 A/072 ( 2)
ABDILL, D.L.          Schulz, Emma Matilda  26Sept1888 C/191 ( 3)
ABELL, M.A.           Roach Emma            1Feb.1891 C/287 ( 4)
ABERCROMBIE, R.:H.    Peters, Mary         23 Dec.1888C/199 ( 5)
ABLES, El,            Belt, S.J.           3Dec.1899 D/398 ( 6)
ABLES, Joseph         Campbell, Lucy       3Jan.1878 A/208
ACLUNES Elius         McClure S.A.         llFeb.1880 B/071 ( 7)
ACUFF, C.L.           George, S.E.         12Nov.1893 D/115 ( 8)
ADAMS, A.H.           Gower, Ida           20Dec.1892 D/074 ( 9)
ADAMS, F.M.           Freeman, J.D.        7Sept1879 B/041 (10)
ADAMS, Geo. F.        Rhea, Mary E.        12July1883 C/O11 (11)
ADAMS, J.C.           Vincent, Lou         6Mar.1890 C/244 (12)
ADAMS, R.L.W.         McLeland, Nancy      130ct.1881 B/194 ( 7)
ADAMS, Wm.            Webb, S.E.           19Jan,1881 B/137 (13)
ADDISON, G.W.         Allison, Eliza       20Mar,1890 C/246 (14)
ADDISON, I.C.         Arnold, Ada          16Mar.1890 C/246 (14)
AINSWORTH, R.C.       Warren, Josie        7NOv,1896 D/250 (15)
AKERS, J.W.           McIlroy, Mattie      260ct.1898 D/340 (16)
AKERS, L.E.           Cherry, Lula         230ct.1898 D/339 (16)
ALEXANDER,J. D.       Bull,Fetuah(?)S.      1Feb.1888 C/172 (17)
ALEXANDER, W.H.       Raburn, M.A.         31Mar.1895 D/178 (18)
ALFORD, C.M.          Peveler, Lula        12Jan.1899 D/358 (19)
ALLARD, Ed M.         Skipper, Dora        22Mar.1885 C/073. (12)
ALLARD, M.P.          Wiley, Willie E.     22Dec.1887 C/167 (12)
ALLEN, J.C.           Hutchison, Annie E.  23Aug.1878 A/254 (20)
ALLEN, James          Rhodes, A.D.          8Jan.1879 A/282 (21)
ALLEN, Jesse          Hastings,Mrs.Isabella 17Aug1890 C/260 ( 1)
ALLEN, W.E.           Formwalt, Helen      25Apr 1883 C/003 (12)
ALLEN, W.W.           McBride, Addie       29 Mar1875 A/012 (22)
ALLISON, Ben          MIlington, Ann, e    23May 1897 D/276 (12)
ALLISON, Ed           Duckworth, Emma       6Mar.1898 D/316 (23)
ALLISON, George M.    Sadler, Elizabeth     9Aug.1877 A/184 (24)
ALLISON,H.L.          Allison,Rebecca       4Jan.1883 B/280 (25)
ALLISON, J.F.         Moore, M.E.          28Jly 1895 D/188 (21)
ALLISON, J.W.         Brice,Mrs. M.J.      20Ap1.1898 D/318 (26)
ALLISON, Joe          Brown, Lucy          19Feb.1899 D/361 (27)
ALLISON, Wade H.      Flake, Vannie S.      9Aug,1896 D/241 (23)
ALLISON, Willis       Noggles, Mary M.     17Feb,1884 C/031 (25)
ANDERSON, A.B.        Ring, Francis         6Spt.1882 B/257 (13)
ANDERSON, A.F.        Tipton,Cordelia      30June1889 C/210 (59)
ANDERSON, B.          Fleming, Lee         25Dec.1899 D/405 (28)
ANDERSON, Chas. R,    Mitchell, Mary S.     8Feb.1888 C/174 (12)
ANDERSON, J.L.        Abbott, N.J.          90ct.1876 A/109 ( 1)
ANDERSON, J.M.        Wright, G.A.         31Jan.1883 B/286 ( 1)
ANDERSON, J.T.        Martin, Annie M.     17Spt.1893 D/105 (29)
ANDERSON, R.N.        Crawford, Eva        24Mar.1892 D/044 (30)
ANDERSON, Robert      Haley, Juda          29Ap1.1878 A/239 (31)
ANDERSON, W.A.        Douglass, Marv F.   22Aug. 1875 A/029 1327 ( 32 )
ANDERSON, Woods       Prince,Ruthy            18Jan.1875 A/013
ANDREWS, Homer      Brown, Bethnia            29Ap1.1894 D/135 (12)
ANDREWS, J.L.       Clifton, N. E.            17Jan,1884 C/029 (12)
ANDREWS, John       Thorp, Ida                 6Spt,1893 D/105 (33)
ANGLIN, Alf.        Smith, Rachel              5Mar,1881 B/156 (34)
ANGLIN, Thomas      Berry, Ada                 8Aug.1884 C/046 (04)
ANGLIN, Tom         Jackson, Josie            10Feb.1895 D/173 (35)
ARMSTRONG, A;J.     Norton, M.M.              25May 1879 B/016 (36)
ARMSTRONG, H.T.     McPherrin. S.J.           14Nov.1878 A/277 (37)
ARMSTRONG, I.L.     Davidson,(Mrs.)M.E.       23Aug.1883 C/016 (38)
ARMSTRONG, J.M.     Durant, M.A.              22Dec.1895 D/209 (15)
ARMSTRONG, James    Gandy,(Mrs,)Martha        25June1882 B/241 (37)
ARRINGTON, C.A.     Ballen, Hester        Marriage not recorded
ARRINGTON, C.H.     Hastings, H.A.            16Nov.1882 B/270 (39)
ARRINGTON, John     Grice, Jane               17Aug.1881 B/183 (34)
ASTON, A.C.         Ficklin, Dollie L.        30Jan.1896 D/200 (40)
ASTON, Andy C.      Parker, I.D.              15Feb.1883 B/289 (13)
ASTON, Chas.        Donaldsdn, Ada            180ct.1894 D/151  (41)
ASTON, R.Y.         Gifford, M.C.              5Jan.1888 C/171  (41)
ATKINS, J.D.        Henslee, Emma             20Dec.1883 C/D24  (42)
ATKINSON, S.G.      Howard, M.F.              280ct.1880 B/109 (43)
ATOR, N.B.          Giles, Annie               9Ap1.1894 D/133
ATTEBURY, S.H.      Seay, Cora A,             20Aug.1876 A/107 (45)
ATWOOD, L.M.        Mosley, Gracie            12Feb.1885 C/070 ( 1)
ATWOOD, W.M.        Crum, Sissie              10Dec.1891 D/028 ( 1)
ATWOOD, W.M.        Parkinson, Addie          21Dec.1892 D/075 ( 1)
AULT, W.H.          Barley, A.M.              19June1878 A/241 (31)
AUSTIN,J.A.         Kizziah, Isabella         27Ap1.1890 C/250 (46)
AUSTIN, R.H.         McCant, FAnnie            7Jan.1886 C/100 (47)

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