“I-J” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

ILES, James          Morris, Anna          14Nov.1883 C/021 (141)
ILES, William A.     McClentock, Hattie    13May 1880 B/081 (141)
INCE, Wm. T.J.       Lane, Mary            16July1879 B/029 (235)
INGLES, M. L.        Timmin, Margaret P.   13Feb.1876 A/079 (052)
INGLEY, W. G.        Crites(Mrs)Susan M.   17Jan.1886 C/102 (108)
IRBY, J. D.          Walker, M. E.          8Dec.1885 C/093 (001)
ISREAL, A. R.        Bryant, Etta           1Nov.1888 C/194 (096)

JACKSON, H. C.       Jones, Hessy A.        1Jan.1880 B/063 (218)
JACKSON, C, H,       Peel, S. I.            1Feb.1883 B/287 (111)
JACKSON, L. R.       Lane, AmandaAnnEliza. l8Nov.1875 A/044 (052)
JACKSON, S. E.       Rentfrow, Addie 4Aug.  4Aug.1895 D/191 (132)
JACKSON, W. O.       Woods, W. L.          23FEb.1876 A/076 (052)
JACOBS, John M.       Hastings, (Mrs) M. J.16Nov.1897 D/301 (116)
JAMES, D. A.                Davis, Nancy J. 1June1884 C/039 (011)
JAMES, D. A.         Huggins, Ella         21May 1889 C/213 (056)
JAMES, W. H          Day, Eliza E,         23Dec.1888 C/200 (023)
JARRELL, J. P,       Willingham,(Mrs)C. F.21July.1881 B/176(013)
JARRELL, W. m.       Mabary,(Mrs) M. E.    20NOv.1881 B/201 (011)
JARRETT, J. W.       Wylie, Mollie D.      26Spt.1886 C/125 (039)
JEFFERSON, G. W.     Cook, Mary            23NOv.1889 C/232 (021)
JEFFERSON, G.W.      Gibson, Alice          3Jan.1892 D/036 (236)
JEFFRESS, Chas.      Brooks, Mollie         3Nov.1886 C/129 (108)
JEFFRESS, R. P.      Anders, Callie        21Mar.1888 C/176 (070)
JOHNSON, D. C.       Branch, Ida           13DEc.1883 C/025 (037)
JOHNSON, H. R.       Dunn, FAnnie           2Aug.1885 C/083 (007)
JOHNSON, J. W.       Basham, S. A.         31Mar.1880 B/076 (071)
JOHNSON, J. A.       Hudgins, E. T.        10July1893 D/100 (237)
JOHNSON, J. H.       Atwood, Roxie         28Dec.1891 D/033 (001)
JOHNSON, J. H.      Cooper, Kate          23 Nov.1898 D/345 (019)
JOHNSON, J. W.       Prestidge, Julia      12July1891 D/012 (007)
JOHNSON, L. N.       Armstrong, Leona      17Jan.1880 B/133 (037)
JOHNSON, W. R.       Jones, S. B.         1GJan. 1880 B/141 (218)
JOHNSON, Z. E.       Gilliam, U. C.        llJuly1883 C/010 (038)
JOHNSTON, J, C.       Scott, JOysey        220ct.1897 D/296 (115)
JOHNSTON, James S.   Brooks, Maggie         4Dec.1887 C/165 (119)
JOHNSTON, O. A.      Watson, Mabel L.      160ct.1899 D/388 (028)
JOHNSTON, R. M.      Duckworth, Annie       1Jan.1896 D/206 (023)
JONES, Arthur        Nutt, Mattie E.       17NOv.1897 D/301 (089)
JONES,  B. F.        Stokes, Martha        28June1893 D/094 (005)
JONES,  C. W.        Humphries, Lola       15Jan.1893 D/079 (038)
JONES,  D. G.        Armstrong, Milie      16Ap1.1896 D/226 (046)
JONES, H. S.         Brimlee, A. E.        12Spt.1882 B/254 (013)
JONES, J. W.         Wood, Onea            13FEb.1876 A/078 (052)
JONES, James         Kelsey, Hattie         6May 1877 A/166 (087)
JONES, Jessie W.     Owens, Nellie          7Jan.1899 D/357 (016)
JONES, John W.       Poe, Cynthia           7Dec.1881 B/203 (012)
JONES, Lewis         Simpler,(Mrs.)SarahC. 15July1886 C/117 (093)
JONES, M.F.          Low, E. F.            14May 1882 B/236 (059)
JONES, R. D.         Johns, Mollie         15Dec.1878 A/281 (045)
JONES, R. J.         Halsell, Eva          26DEc.1886 C/139 (083)
JONES, T. J.         Neely, AlmeY          31Dec.1891 D/035 (030)
JOPLIN, C. A.        White, Margaret E.     4Spt.1878 A/264      (NR)**
JORDAN, Andrew       Edens,(Mrs) M. A.     16Spt.1888 C/188  (238)
JORDAN, Simeon       Rogers, M. L.         31Aug.1879 B/037  (022)

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