“T-V” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

TANDY, F. A.	Tandy,(Mrs) E. J.	28Dec.1881 B/211 (071)
MASSEY, W. A.	TAnkersley, Retta	12Ap1.1891 D/003 (046)
DENT, John	TAnkersley, T.M. 	23Dec.1875 A-056 (166)
PROFFIT, C. M.	TAnkersly, A. M.	18Dec.1877 A/269 (053)
ROBERTSON, C. A.	TArlton, Louisa	23Mar.1878 A/227 (007)
MEDCAFF, C. S.	Tarrant, (Mrs)M .E.	15Dec.1896 D/255 (016)
GLENN, B.F.	Tarrant, Alice	23Dec.1894 D/161 (040)
CLEVELAND, W. H.	Tarrant, Minnie	10Mar.1897 D/269 (115)
GOODE, W.A.	Tarzy(?) LIda A.	5Aug.1896 D/240 (162)
BRYANTIB.F.	Tate, Mary	27May 1895 D/181 (116)
WILLIAMS, James D.	Tatum, S. J.	14Oct.1886 C/127 (063)
WOOD, D. M.	TAtum,(Mrs)L. A. F.	24Dec.1899 D/404 (158)
EBERHART, J.T.	TAylor, Annie 	12May 1887 C/149 (069)
McKENZIE, G. A.	Taylor, H. M.	13DEc.1875 A/071 (007)
LEFFEL, J. W,	Taylor, Mary E.	29Oct,1884 C/058 (021)
WOODARD, William	Taylor, Ola	1Dec.1897 D/305 (175)
BURTON, Walter	Taylor, Ora	29Aug.1899 D/379 (012)
GUNNEL, J.E.	Taylor, V. W.	24Ap1.1884 C/036 (038)
SMITH, J. F.	Taylor, Viola	10Dec.1891 D/028 (041)
NOGGLE, F. M.	Taylor,(Mrs) Fannie	19Jan.1884 C/029 (281)
HEMPHILL, W. T.	TayloY, M, D.	28Feb.1886 C/106 (176)
WHISENHUNT, W. B.	Teague,	8Jan.1886 C/125 (012)
WHISENHUNT, W. C.	Teague, Ladonia	3Jan.1886 C/1O1 (012)
McNEIL, J. H.	Teaguer Nannie	4Jan.1891 C/284 (059)
THOMPSON, L. P.	Temple, Mary	30Ap1.1899 D/368 (201)
BROOKS, C.L.	Terrell, Essie	llNov.1894 D/155 (023)
STEWART, J. C,	Terrell, H. M.	4Oct.1883 C/019 (020)
CLEVELAND, J. F,	Terrell, Lizzie S. 	7Feb.1884 C/031 (012)
BICE, George W.	Terry, Julia Ella	19July1883 C/012 (38)
FORTNER, F.C.	Thomas, Lizzie	27June1897 D/210 (159)
WADDLE, W. H.	Thomas, Lizzie	30Spt.1875 A/035 (032)
FLENNIKEN, F.N.	Thomas, Lula	30June1890 C/256 (NR)+*
DUNAGAN, L,D.	Thomas, Sarah E. 	9Spt.1886 C/124 (038)
STRICKLAND, T. J.	Thomasl(Mrs) M. P.	30Spt.1885 C/088 (041)
MONTGOMERY, J. K.	Thompson, Ophelia	8Mar.1896 D/221 (253)
ANDREWS, John	Thorp, Ida	6Spt,1893 D/105 (33)
SMITH, Joe	Thorp, Kitty	29June1893 D/106 (271)
BANDY, H.M.	Thorp, Nancy Lizzie	14May1876 A/080 (57)
KEENEY, J. T.	Thorp, Nora	26Mar.1893 D/085 (239)
SWOFFORD, J. G.	Thrash, W. L.	19Nov.1890 C/273 (003)
PERRY, A. B.	Thrower, Lillie	2Feb.1896 D/198 (112)
BAGWELLIL.M.	Tidwell, Angeline	22Aug.1898 D/332 (19)
WHEELER,Robt.	Tidwell, Annie	25Dec.1890 C/282 (059)
RICHARDSON, J. G.	Tidwell, Artemitia	6June1878 A/242 (307)
COOK, J. W.	Tidwell, Caroline	29Aug.1897 D/288 (029)
WEST, C. H.	Tidwell, E. M.	15July1894 D/142 (041)
SNELSON, J. M.	Tidwell, Frances	20Feb.1891 C/290 (321)
SMITH, H. W.	Tidwell, Georgia	18Aug.1898 D/033 (066)
SNELSON, J. F.	Tidwell, Ida	27Oct.1891 D/023 (321)
WALTERS, J. H.	Tidwell, Lillie	18Aug.1898 D/331 !338)
PRICE, J. F.	Tidwell, Lizzie	4Nov.1888 C/194 (302)
WHEELER,W.D.L.	Tidwell, M. J.	1Jan,1893 D/077 (059)
BYNAM, J.C.	Tidwell, M.M.	9Nov.1882 B/268 (080)
PATE, J. J.	Tidwell, Maggie	25Oct.1893 D/11O (051)
CREECH, J. W.	Tidwell, Matilda	17Mar.1876 A/087 (020)
DUKE, G.W.	Tidwell, Oma	9Aug.1898 D/330 (066)
GARDNER, W.L.	Tidwell, R.C.	7July1895 D/186 (038)
GREEN, Lee	Tidwell, Tee	18Mau 1897 D/275 (038)
BENNETT, J.A.	Tilley, S.B.	22Dec.1891 D/031 (69)
INGLES, M. L.	Timmin, Margaret P.	13Feb.1876 A/079 (052)
FOSTER, Charles	Tingley, Cora	7Ap1.1887 C/148 (021)
HIPP, J. L.	Tinnin, (Mrs) Rutha	24June1897 D/279 (069)
RICE, W. A.	Tinnin, C. E.	15July1894 D/143 (029)
PATE, E. C.	Tinnin, Lela	28July1897 D/283 (069)
BROOKS, J.H.	Tinnin, Octavia 	7June1898 D/323 (090)
BAKER, W.B.S.	Tinnin, R.A.	llNov.1886 C/131 ( 2)
QUARLES, R. B.	Tipdon, Annie	20July1879 B/031 (020)
ENDSLEY, Joseph	Tippit, Ella	27July3884 C/043 (023)
STEWART, H. C.	Tipton, Emma	llDec.1884 C/063 (056)
BENTON, Frank Y.	Tipton, M.A.	23June1883 B/173 (13)
ANDERSON, A.F.	Tipton,Cordelia	30June1889 C/210 (59)
MEADERS, Lawrence	Tittle,(Mrs)Della	29Dec.1897 D/305 (027)
WASHBURN, C. J.	Tolbert, M. J.	15MaY.1877 A/159 (024)
SNELSON, A. R.	Tolbert, Virginia	14July1878 A/251 (013)
KING, A. J.	Tomilson, M. J.	28Aug.1889 C/223 (077)
WHITAKER,W.E.	Townsend, Mattie	llNov.1877 A/203 (045)
RUSSELL, B. H.	Tracy, Jo	22Jan.1877 R/145 (024)
KERR, B, M.	Tracy, Nancy	25Oct.1898 D/340 (023)
McCLESKY, W. G.	Trammel, FAnnie	1Aug, 1889 c/222 (092)
DUVAL, W.H.	Trammel, M.E,	6Ap1.1876 A/092 (020)
MILLER, J. F.	Treadway, Linnie	17May 1896 D/228 (132)
RICE, S. M.	Treadway, M. A.	6Ap1.1844 C/148 (039)
BEAVERS, W.W.	Tredwell, Caroline 	16Dec,1879 B/058 (71)
WARNER, E. A.	Tucker, S. E.	9Aug.1896 D/239 (330)
KESLER, N. G.	Tudon,(Mrs)Lavenie	18Jan.1888 C/172 (056)
HELMS, A. J.	Tuggle, L. J.	13Feb.1894 D/130 (021!
WARD, G. D.	Tunby, M. E.	5June1881 B/197 (013)
HARRIS,J.K.P.	Turner, Amanda A. 	6Jan.1876 A/062 (020)
SPARKS, Benjamin	Turner, Carolina	25Dec.1879 B/059 (071)
BERRY, F.M.	Turner, D.J.	7Feb.1883 B/288 (80)
OLIVER, John	Turner, G. A.	4July1893 D/095 (009)
GOODLETT, John	Turner, Missour, E.	27June1876 A/099 (001)
ETHRIDGE,D.F.	Tuuner, Martha	30July1877 A/179 (NR)**
CLAYPOOL, D, C.	Twining, Mary E. 	2Oct.1898 D/335 (023)
PATTON, H. J.	Valina,(Mrs) Dora	31oct.1886 C/129 (001)
WALDEN, A. F.	Vanburg, Sarah U. E. 6July1882 B/240 (037)
WHARTON, Coke	Vandergriff, Fannie	20Dec.1896 D/256 (027)
ROACH, T. M.	Vandergriff, Martha	28Nov.1897 D/304 (027)
PORTERFIELD, Howard 	Vaughan, Beta	4Oct.1899 D/385 (193)
GILSTRAP, J.L.	Vaughan, M.L.	29May 1884 C/039 (081)
SWAIN, Wilson	Vaughn, P. A.	24Mar.1896 C/108 (012)
HARRISON, JOe	Vaughn, S. A.	28July1886 C/119 (02a)
ADAMS, J.C.	Vincent, Lou	6Mar.1890 C/244 (12)


GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

JARRELL, W. m.	Mabary,(Mrs) M. E.	20Nov.1881 B/201 (011)

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