“Y-Z” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
YANCY, Jno. W.       Miller, L. E.         25Dec.1898 D/352 (348)
YANCY, S. D.         Rayburn, Willie Ellen 27Dec.1896 D/259 (253)
YANTIS, G. R.        Anderson, Birdie      13Aug.1897 D/286 (016)
YARBROUGH, C. C.     Russell, Allie        24Oct.1895 D/195 (040)
YATES, W. A.         Williams, Eliza       24Mar.1887 C/146 (242)
YOCHAM, A. M.        Jordan, R. E.         11Oct.1877 A/197 (021)
YORK, C. M.          Lee, Lizzie           23July1876 A/102 (087)
YOUNG, A. B.         Peveler, Fannie        3Jan.1882 B/214 (012)
YOUNG, Alexander     Meek. Artemis         llDec.1876 A/132 (NR)+*
YOUNG, F. L.         Higgins, Mattie M.    30Dec 1880 B/129 (003)
YOUNG, James         GYower, Lou            20Ap1.1893 D/088 (041)
YOUNG, T. M.         Addison, Louvenia      30Jan.1896 D/198 (021)
YOUNG, Tommie        Rodgers, Dink          17Oct.1899 D/388 (028)
ZACHARY, D. L.       Zachary, Cather A.      1Nov.1878 14/273 (049)
ZACHARY, Ellis       Zachary, Sarah A.       4Oct.1880 B/104 (NR)**
ZACHERY, W, A.       Meredith, Mollie E.    18Jan.1894 D/127 (009)
ZWEIFEL, Andrew      Smith, S. E.            3Spt.1882 B/255 (038)

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When the Minister ID number is listed as (NR) it indicates that a 
license was issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.