Updated 1993

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Salis, Monsi Marin19611975243
Sallie, ______(stone broken)Dau of J.H. & P.A. Sallie09/14/188611/29/1887055
Salmon, Jennie E.05/23/184408/03/1902064
Salmon, Theyva19031970064
Samford, WilliamCarpenter UCV(lot enclosed with iron fence – many graves marked with rocks)05/12/183308/08/1909542
Sanchez, Frank M.03/17/194209/03/1988253
Sanchez, Leonard M.02/20/192011/14/1990253
Sandlin, Margaret12/12/190712/13/1907241
Sandlin, Maybel03/27/190203/31/1902241
Sargent, Alice Johnston08/30/186705/21/1948N-044
Sargent, Howard Henry11/14/190810/25/1989N-171
Sargent, Inez DixonAt Rest in Heaven07/09/188310/10/1969N-183
Sargent, John E.18691942546
Sargent, Martha K.18661940546
Sargent, Thomas AndrewAt Rest in Heaven08/02/188103/24/1970N-183
Saul, Chas. MancilMasonic emblem01/14/185701/19/1932461
Saul, FrancesMarried Aug. 2, 191409/29/1898N-067
Saul, Mary Ann11/24/186007/15/1933461
Saul, Mrs. M.E.Wife of J.G. SaulHer happy soul has winged its way to one sure bright eternal day03/22/186409/13/1905420
Saul, Obed K.Married Aug. 2, 191407/10/189310/17/1964N-067
Sauls, Flora L.Eastern Star emblem06/25/185903/10/1950N-002
Sauls, Samuel A.Masonic emblem12/24/186003/01/1949N-002
Savage, Emma G.18781956154
Savage, Wilson P.Husband18641933154
Schelling, JaymieNo marker-information from funeral home records07/23/188110/27/1941
Schroder, Andrew L.18821967N-155
Schroder, Anna Lee07/07/193407/20/1978N-155
Schroder, W.A. Andy09/07/191605/29/1977N-155
Schulte, John I.18691936487
Schulte, Mrs. John(Rosena Idella Bombard)18691936487
Sellars, Sarah L. IngleWife of W.T. Sellars03/14/184601/15/1900397
Sellars, Thomas H. (Boy)07/07/188404/23/1904397
Sellars, William Thomas04/09/184105/16/1905397
Sessions, H.R.Father18751945N-035
Seymour, Amanda AnnInfant dau of Monty & Patsy01/08/197801/09/1978N-229
Seymour, Ronnie J.10/09/194809/30/1967N-229
Seymour, Thea Jo10/23/195009/30/1967N-229
Shade, Jacqueline I.19241984488
Shade, Joseph C.19241974488
Shaffer, Leta Mae10/27/191007/12/1971A-532
Shands, B.A.12/04/184206/24/1882028
Shands, Jinnie04/23/187504/23/1875028
Shands, OranChildren of B.A. & A.A. Shands04/24/187909/24/1880028
Shaw, Jesse E.TEXAS Pvt Co 2 134 Infantry WW I11/25/188601/06/1968231
Shaw, May18861957231
Sherman, Rachel Tempest10/16/198412/16/1986431
Shipman, InfantsThree infants of J.L. & Sara H. Shipman18761878191
Shipman, John L.03/10/181803/14/1904191
Shirley, InfantSon of W.A. & Pinkie Shirley19071907539
Shoemaker, Emily DoyleMarried June 14, 191606/05/189410/26/1960390
Shoemaker, InfantSon of S.D. & Perlee Shoemaker01/18/190301/18/1903390
Shoemaker, John Dean11/03/192610/12/1993390
Shoemaker, Louis D.Married June 14, 191608/27/189109/26/1976390
Shoemaker, Silas D.Son of S.D. & Perlee Shoemaker10/27/189806/06/1899390
Sikes, M.L.Son of M.L. & & S.S. Sikes07/13/188411/29/1886077
Sirkel, D.W.04/11/186601/15/1933485
Skipper, E.E.Father18331891164
Skipper, Elizabeth A.Mother18541920154
Skipper, GeorgeBaby02/10/190302/13/1903154
Skipper, JeffieBrother18791890154
Skipper, Joseph E.07/22/186308/20/1937154
Skipper, LucileDaughter of J.E. & M.J. Skipper09/18/189111/12/1897154
Skipper, Martha AnnMother183504/29/1931164
Skipper, Mary (Mollie)Wife of Joseph Skipper08/14/186304/19/1907154
Skipper, Nonnie B.05/12/189405/27/1965154
Skipper, W.R.Father18541922154
Sledge, Glenda AnnMother07/06/194000N-104
Sledge, Robert AaronFatherPop12/17/194004/21/1986N-104
Small, Margaret Thrash10/26/187904/17/1906049
Smith, Alice Marie19251926098
Smith, Allie Parks01/26/187412/15/1947426
Smith, Beulah Galloway08/26/189712/23/1983SN-040
Smith, Delphia N. Cox12/19/1949046
Smith, Donald W.My darling baby12/11/194105/19/1944482
Smith, Fannie04/12/191202/25/1971N-188
Smith, Grace E.Dau of S.E. & A.E. Smith09/189009/1890080
Smith, John05/11/191004/28/1982N-188
Smith, John W.Father18791953409
Smith, Lela Lambert18921974426
Smith, Marlin R.Dad01/27/191305/22/1968409
Smith, Nellie A.Mother11/11/188802/20/1986409
Smith, Nellie E.Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Glenn03/05/190002/23/1932112
Smith, Teretha K.02/02/195403/20/1988120
Smith, Vernon01/13/191006/13/1978409
Smithson, James L.10/16/190204/08/1959N-155
Smoot, Sallie J.Wife of B.F. Smoot10/26/184008/12/1873078
Snelson, Elizabeth S.08/23/184002/09/1902250
Snelson, William Emmett07/31/188510/15/1904250
Snoddy, Mary Kate04/14/190409/12/1971071
Snoddy, Ted R.Masonic emblem07/19/190403/07/1972071
Snow, Marion Mathew05/15/190701/25/1943N-084
Snow, Pearl02/22/188804/26/1966N-084
Solis, Monsi Maria03/20/196112/24/1975253
Sparkman, Emma E.18681956A-540
Sparkman, GlennMarried Dec. 21, 196808/19/1927
Sparkman, James R.Masonic emblem18651946A-540
Sparkman, NadineMarried Dec. 21, 196805/03/1924
Sparkman, Sarah Effie07/09/188702/04/1974N-006
Sparkman, William ThomasMasonic emblem12/04/188804/09/1965N-006
Spears, Eliza18191907025
Speed, Joseph R.TEXAS Pvt 3 Cav WW I06/23/188906/19/1949A-524
Spoon, Curtis LeeSgt 12 Cav WW II02/12/192002/13/1945N-075
Spoon, Fred S.03/31/189208/03/1966N-075
Spoon, Stella F.11/24/1902N-075
Stacy, Barnie H.TEXAS Cpl Hq Co 142 Infantry WW I03/01/189312/17/1969188
Stalcup, ElizabethRest Mother, rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow o’er thee weep08/29/181211/11/1892236
Stalcup, John P.Farewell my wife and children all. From you a father – Christ doth call.05/10/185411/04/1892236
Stanaford, Daisey Nelson08/27/1989N-207
Stapp, Lucy L.18531927497
Stapp, V.R.Woodmen of the World emblem02/10/184902/15/1917497
Statham, Annie Carrie03/07/188408/07/1907537
Statham, Mary Jane07/18/185211/04/1938537
Statham, William D.05/02/184901/26/1928537
Steele, Edgar Lee11/12/191108/12/1987094
Stembridge, Floyd Earl01/14/195703/11/1988278
Stembridge, Modell19151970SN-097
Stephens, Vonda O’NealCommitted ChristianLoving Wife & Mother10/05/193608/27/1985N-234
Stephenson, Rhonda IreneDaughter of W.R. & R.E. Stephenson02/07/189807/25/1898094
Stevens, Marguerite (Bretts)19091966136
Stewart, Dora B.05/01/188712/12/1871N-152
Stewart, JuddieAsleep in Jesus18261914265
Stewart, Merritt R.08/17/187310/06/1959N-152
Stewart, Wm.Asleep in Jesus18301914265
Stinnett, Carroll DonBeloved Son & Brother12/05/193903/26/1960N-147
Stokes, BeeWife of Cecil18961978160
Stokes, ElizabethSister of Cecil18971971160
Stokes, W. Cecil18941961160
Stone, Roy TaylorTEXAS Pvt 165 Depot Brigade WW I07/29/189311/15/1949120
Strain, Berta Faye Lanham09/28/192512/02/1983N-028
Strain, E. Pauline1918N-107
Strain, James PaulTEXAS Pfc US Army Vietnam PH(2 markers)12/18/194602/09/1968N-107
Strain, Janie HaruyoCpl US Army Korea08/23/193201/04/1981N-029
Strain, Mamie01/25/189402/23/1964N-028
Strain, Michael FrankHis years with us were few, But his memory will never perish.11/10/195305/18/1974N-028
Strain, Sidney W.Pvt US Army WW II(2 markers)02/20/191311/10/1975N-107
Strain, T.J.19221983N-028
Strain, W.S.We shall find our loved ones in our Father’s Mansion fair10/11/189009/27/1944N-028
Strause, Ida B.18671957553
Stringfellow, Alma S.18751957164
Stringfellow, Edward M.18641944164
Stringfellow, MaryMother18721929071
Stringfellow, R.W.Father18591936071
Stripling, David E.09/16/195904/08/1979153
Stroud, Albert, Jr.19281977N-199
Stroud, Jack E.FatherMarried July 28, 194802/28/191609/14/1984N-050
Stroud, Jackie LeeInfant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stroud12/12/194812/12/1948N-050
Stroud, James A.10/06/1907N-199
Stroud, JillMotherMarried July 28, 191810/26/191810/17/1986N-050
Stroud, Lillie P.03/13/1912N-199
Stroud, Paula KayOur Baby11/05/197006/04/1971N-085
Stroup, Charles Berton07/10/190305/13/1980SN-097
Stroup, Seva Ann09/12/190901/04/1970SN-097
Styron, Loyd06/07/1912N-170
Styron, Mollie02/11/191508/01/1972N-170
Sullivan, Anna MaeGanky10/25/189703/08/1974SN-074
Sullivan, Carl EmersonDaddy09/27/189306/29/1957SN-074
Sullivan, George T.05/23/187211/04/1957130
Sullivan, Gladys06/29/190011/25/1970130
Sullivan, Mary E. RowanMother18651935570
Summers, Charlie L.18921955532
Summers, Daisy W.19241924461
Summers, Mary J.19181918461
Summers, Virgie L.18901929532
Swain, Jessie MaeMama02/28/189907/18/1973524
Swain, Nome M.Papa11/10/189306/21/1965524
Swindle, George Lonzo03/11/189108/28/1970N-087
Swofford, J.G.12/27/187003/16/1909049
Swope, William F.19061971SN-072
Tabor, Gertrude Riley18981978149
Tarrant, James E.Age 13 mo & 22 days03/22/189205/16/1893227
Taylor, Agnes May12/20/186903/30/1954A-530
Taylor, Jim05/10/186610/01/1953A-530
Taylor, Mrs. W.H.18571919463
Taylor, Rev. R.D.02/12/186301/08/1918273
Temple, Mrs. T.F.No marker-information from funeral home records07/03/186603/31/1941
Temptest, Bobbie Jean White08/30/193406/10/1990403
Terrell, Fannie18721967523
Terrell, J.A.18651925523
Terry, Albert M.TEC 4 US Army WW II07/13/190908/04/1987N-131
Terry, Eugene M.TEXAS U T 1 USNR WW II06/18/190705/06/1966N-131
Terry, Richard Grady07/16/191102/18/1978N-131
Thomas, Callie E.08/20/190807/22/1985N-021
Thomas, Cecil AllenMajor US Army Air Corps WW II(2 markers)08/26/191606/19/1984N-028
Thomas, David L.Baby01/07/194501/07/1945N-028
Thomas, Emma RoseMother02/05/188712/21/1977N-021
Thomas, June Strain12/11/1924N-028
Thomas, Katherine LynnGone from our hearts but not forgotten06/11/196409/08/1964N-120
Thomas, Leonard B. “Buzz”TEXAS L Cpl US Marine Corps(2 markers)04/05/194209/08/1964N-120
Thomas, Lola B.18941975N-209
Thomas, Roscoe19191967N-209
Thomas, Ruth Ann12/29/194309/08/1964N-120
Thomas, T.W. (Watsy)Father07/22/188106/25/1973N-021
Thomas, Theo R.18931957N-209
Thomason, Herman D.01/23/189706/13/1952SN-019
Thomason, Minnie O.02/07/190206/09/1968SN-019
Thompson, Annie Mae HolmesMother01/23/189005/16/1978240
Thompson, Fred C.Daddy, We Miss You08/13/190812/19/1982N-080
Thompson, James B.Father10/08/188303/17/1971A-529
Thompson, JoannaMother12/29/188402/08/1971A-529
Thompson, Myrle Abbott03/09/191911/07/1990N-008
Thompson, William DavisFather05/05/189610/29/1964N-142
Thompson, Winnie WaltersMother05/09/190106/20/1978N-142
Thornton, Evan JonesSon of E.F. & M.A. Thornton04/01/189010/21/1890147
Thornton, James William02/23/187402/07/1939179
Thornton, Laura EmmaDau of E.F. & M.A. Thornton11/13/188511/07/1886117
Thornton, Mattie A.Wife of E.F. Thornton11/08/186006/07/1890147
Thornton, Nellie Glenn11/16/187601/16/1919179
Thrash, Addie DennisWife of R.E. Thrash04/28/187103/24/1890093
Thrash, Capt. P.H.Masonic emblem04/15/183204/24/1921049
Thrash, Earl & PearlInfants of R.E. & M. ThrashBorn & died at birth049
Thrash, Geo. LeeSon12/20/184912/20/1929N-062
Thrash, Gertrude10/08/190601/24/1977N-062
Thrash, J.L.Born in N.C.12/13/184803/07/1895049
Thrash, Maude H.Daughter of P.H. & M.A. Thrash11/06/187311/22/1874049
Thrash, Mrs. Lavada MorganAged 43 yrs & 5 d’sWife of J.L. Thrash11/29/184712/04/1892049
Thrash, Mrs. R.E.Mother18731941N-062
Thrash, Patrick H.07/28/190307/19/1975N-062
Thrash, R.E.Father18691958N-062
Thrash, Robert Edward05/29/190002/21/1961N-062
Thrash, Thelma Umphress03/29/190507/02/1987N-062
Thurman, B.A.04/08/187210/29/1946N-010
Thurman, Nannie E.10/21/188001/13/1981N-010
Tidwell, Bessie D.Together Forever02/12/1892N-215
Tidwell, Della A.Married April 29, 191805/22/1899266
Tidwell, J.V. (Mack)Married July 7, 1926DaddyIn His will is our peace18971963N-231
Tidwell, James DouglasS 1 US Navy WW II04/19/192707/31/1983N-231
Tidwell, John R.Father04/18/186502/12/1949N-067
Tidwell, LeonaMarried July 7, 1926MotherIn His will is our peace19061993N-231
Tidwell, Luther M.Father07/16/189308/06/1975N-201
Tidwell, Mary Edna04/13/187902/23/1938A-540
Tidwell, Melvin R.Married April 29, 191808/28/189905/03/1968266
Tidwell, Sarah E.Mother02/26/187711/22/1956N-067
Tidwell, Thomas L.08/02/188402/01/1958N-215
Tidwell, Thomas S.10/07/186103/31/1942A-540
Tiner, William ErnestSon of W.L. & F.M. Tiner03/04/188701/16/1903061
Tippett, Ross A.01/25/190212/13/1967N-106
Tippett, Sybil Morrow11/16/190103/10/1979N-106
Tittle, Alvin E.TEXAS Cpl 450 School SQ AAF WW II06/26/190811/25/1956486
Tittle, Annie M.06/13/188003/19/1963486
Tittle, Audra E.11/06/187709/22/1951486
Tittle, Joel CleveTEXAS Sgt US Army WW II & Korea01/26/190606/07/1971486
Tittle, Robert W.Co H 3 TEXAS Cav CSA12/01/184608/06/1937486
Tittle, William B.Sgt US Army WW II19191978N-135
Tolleson, Sallie18921978169
Towson, Charles U.Cpl US Army WW II05/10/192303/31/1985277
Towson, Vana Mae06/22/193005/16/1988277
Traylor, PaulSon of J.H. & P. Traylor08/29/187010/23/1872047
Trotter, Christine Brewer02/29/192402/29/1988N-211
Trout, Nora Pearl19011985183
Trunce, Frank FrancisHusband of Blanche Coulston Trunce05/04/191710/05/1989501
Turner, D.D.L.09/183705/1857002
Turner, DaphnaAsleep in Jesus04/09/191107/07/1992N-006
Turner, Dr. D.K.Consort of Amanda L. Turner09/11/183105/06/1875002
Turner, Dr. John Shade18661936155
Turner, Dudley Scott06/05/189706/24/1900155
Turner, InfantSon of Amanda L. & Dr. D.K. Turner09/19/186709/19/1867002
Turner, Isaac GreeneSon of Dr. J.S. & M.R. Turner08/14/189201/29/1894155
Turner, Mattie Rebecca18671945155
Ulmer, John W.18481928121
Umphress, Cecil DickNo marker-information from funeral home records05/25/190707/28/1951
Umphress, IdaMamaIn loving memory09/26/188910/22/1956N-204
Umphress, Olan W.PapaIn loving memory03/27/188511/25/1959N-204
Underwood, Bert02/07/189902/02/1963N-079
Underwood, Lona09/05/190309/25/1979N-079
Underwood, Thelbert Ray11/20/194910/05/1970N-079
Valdez, Rosa19711972SN-000
Valles, Padre DomingoRecuerdo de sus Hijos01/190311/18/1981253
Van Zandt, Ida Browining18731943077
Van Zandt, James WrayGod is Love12/18/189408/06/1962N-231
Van Zandt, Jerry11/07/190101/21/1977560
Van Zandt, John Alfred18631933423
Van Zandt, Lena EvelynGod is Love07/20/190501/11/1975N-231
Van Zandt, Lovless OttoFather08/02/190601/23/1984560
Van Zandt, Lydia ViolaMother07/04/1911560
Van Zandt, Modena Mae07/27/193112/05/1933560
Van Zandt, Roy T.(3 or more graves on lot marked only with fieldstones)19051978423
Van Zandt, Thomas B.Father19041938560
Vance, Eunabeth Lewis04/10/190001/04/1975197
Vance, Rex B.06/17/188905/03/1968197
Vaughn, James CalvinFather11/14/187601/02/1956N-153
Vaughn, Johnnie FlorenceMother01/11/189103/06/1978N-153
Vaughn, Lotho Don19081985N-153
Veatch, Eliza BrentonBorn: Winchester, Va.02/23/182408/01/1898108
Venning, Laura Emma18851949043
Wade, William E.11/28/187203/13/1903440
Waldrip, James P.Masonic emblem06/06/18481014/1921435
Waldrip, Lucy BellWife of James P. Waldrip02/02/186107/29/1922435
Waldrup, J.B.Co D 2 Miss Inf CSA1936531
Waldrup, Joseph E.18781951014
Waldrup, Lillie L.18821954014
Waldrup, Mary LizaWife of J.B. Waldrup07/10/185306/25/1930531
Walker, Dr. W.S.18651918188
Walker, Eunice Fitzhugh18731959188
Walker, Martha J.Mother09/28/183711/23/1928187
Walker, Robert R.19171988160
Wallace, Joe CharlesSon of Charles & Carolyne10/23/195810/25/1958N-219
Walley, Betty Elizabeth WaltersMimi fell asleep in Christian faith and hope02/25/187807/31/1947229
Walley, Carroll RaySon of W.G. & Bettie Walley01/25/190903/13/1909230
Walley, Flora B.MotherWoodmen of the World marker06/12/186101/24/1929230
Walley, Flora FayDaughter of W.G. & Bettie Walley01/25/190903/12/1909230
Walley, Flora JewelDaug of I.W. & F.B. Walley05/24/189701/20/1900230
Walley, Forrest H.An honest man is the noblest work of God10/07/188606/29/1966230
Walley, I.W.FatherWoodmen of the World emblem03/08/185708/08/1911230
Walley, Irvin Conrad07/30/190008/08/1905230
Walters, Carroll06/03/191302/18/1965N-130
Walters, Charlie Earl03/16/192410/12/1984239
Walters, Earl19071971239
Walters, Eva P.Mother18811953229
Walters, George18841965239
Walters, George T.No pain, No grief, No anxious fear, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here12/13/185007/18/1907239
Walters, Harlie Earl19241984239
Walters, John Hensley04/18/187504/08/1951239
Walters, Kate V.MotherEastern Star emblem01/26/189103/17/1959229
Walters, Lucy EarlBlessed are the dead which die in the Lord19071971239
Walters, Mary A.Mother11/05/184104/19/1936229
Walters, Mary Elizabeth01/02/185904/10/1938239
Walters, Mrs. Emiley Helon18811948N-050
Walters, Sam R.FatherMasonic emblem18751953229
Walters, Valma11/24/1915N-130
Walters, W.C.Father04/22/183506/04/1904229
Walters, Will C.DaddyMasonic emblem02/25/187808/20/1961229
Walthall, Joe McBryde08/13/193109/07/1944N-020
Walthall, Mary07/26/189605/24/1977N-020
Walthall, Robert M.TEXAS PFC 629 Aero Sq WW I01/17/189403/21/1971N-020
Walton, Joseph T.12/23/184611/25/1888161
Walton, Minerva KerrWife of Joe Walton10/25/185701/08/1894161
Waltrip, James P.Masonic emblemThe road to heaven is by way of the stars06/06/184810/14/1921435
Waltrip, Lucy BellWife of James P. Waltrip02/02/186107/29/1922435
Ward, Bruce S.Cpl US Army WW II03/26/192205/04/1981N-185
Ward, John GilbertAsleep in Jesus11/22/194811/21/1952N-166
Ward, Mrs. Lulanee Glenn11/13/187807/24/1915179
Warren, AllieFather18691949381
Warren, Maggie J.Wife of W.R. Warren06/07/189004/03/1910444
Warren, OraMother18701950381
Warren, Wayne R.Daddy18781948444
Washburn, Joseph W.10/13/183203/28/1882052
Watkins, Nora Lee11/06/187611/22/1903425
Wear, Byrd18851968064
Weatherford, H.S.02/08/1873044
Weatherford, InfantSon of S.A.B. & B.B. Weatherford044
Weedon, Robert MiltonFatherMarried Jan. 4, 193905/21/1916N-138
Weedon, Vivian RandolphMotherMarried Jan. 4, 193912/17/1979N-138
Weekes, Dorothea D.05/01/1918N-151
Weekes, Roy L.05/02/190206/07/1989N-151
Whatley, Willie Mae Parker07/30/191204/27/1972A-518
Wheeler, M. ClaytonMarried Apr. 23, 191103/06/189010/28/1966N-103
Wheeler, Sarah L.Married Apr. 23, 191104/09/188910/18/1985N-103
Whitaker, Mrs. Matilda Ann18491932256
Whitaker, Rev. M.F.03/18/185108/23/1923256
White, Effie Martin04/20/187808/09/1955431
White, Fred S.12/25/188112/01/1918431
White, Hortense Marie08/03/190701/26/1913431
White, Mary TheresaMother12/13/184812/03/1918431
White, Mildred M.02/08/191011/16/1973431
White, Wallace Dean04/14/191502/17/1917431
White, Wesley C.03/03/187103/12/1934431
White, William H.A loving husband, A father dear, A faithful friend lies buried here01/20/184402/12/1909431
Whitehead, C.J. (Bigon)04/23/190808/10/1978421
Whitehead, DooginInfant son of Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Whitehead12/11/190511/26/1906421
Whitehead, ElizabethDaughter of ConfederacyBorn Lynchburg, Tenn.Died Granbury, Texas18541938433
Whitehead, JennieMother04/15/188206/14/1970421
Whitehead, R.M.Father09/01/187612/23/1947421
Whitehead, Robert S.Co A 1 Ga Cav CSABorn: Pittsylvania Co., VirginiaDied: Granbury, Texas18461931433
Whitehead, Rose12/29/188611/26/1956433
Wiggins, Charles R.V. (Vance)TEXAS TEC 5 Co G 833 Engr AVN Bn WW II(2 markers)02/02/191710/23/1969N-047
Wiggins, Fannie BellMother06/08/189204/29/1951N-047
Wiggins, J. LawrenceDaddy08/21/189512/16/1966N-047
Wiggins, William T.TEXAS Cpl Air Corps WW II09/19/192411/27/1947N-047
Wigley, Charles H.Chuck11/24/191306/23/1938N-223
Wigley, Lydia A.04/15/188810/08/1961N-233
Wigley, Robert L.07/26/188511/03/1985N-233
Williams, Annie LauraWife of S.W. Williams10/23/187105/15/1960N-037
Williams, Bertha18831954141
Williams, Bertie02/29/188602/16/1963N-212
Williams, Bessie F.05/09/189112/21/1974414
Williams, Bobbie (Atwood)489
Williams, CathyCathy was the sunshine of our home05/20/192207/18/1958N-212
Williams, Claudia G.12/25/191804/03/1986489
Williams, CoraIn Loving Memory18801938489
Williams, Cuthbert02/12/190308/25/1903414
Williams, DeeIn Loving Memory18751945489
Williams, E.G. (Pig)07/31/1909N-037
Williams, Earby Jewell02/11/189810/30/1981414
Williams, Eldridge W.18571920141
Williams, Fern Mizell1906N-037
Williams, GaylordTEXAS Pfc Co A 360 Inf 90 Div WW I03/12/189612/05/1953414
Williams, George11/25/187408/07/1958N-212
Williams, Hubert C.11/09/191103/15/1969N-212
Williams, Hugh18921907141
Williams, Infants (2)141
Williams, J.L. (Bud)Darling, We Miss You04/16/190602/12/1966N-228
Williams, Jessie09/24/191303/22/1951414
Williams, Laura10/186410/1915439
Williams, Lillian G.12/12/189504/14/1984525
Williams, Lindsey A.TEXAS Pvt 1CL 126 Field Arty 34 Div WW I03/16/189308/18/1945525
Williams, Lucy P.Mother07/02/187307/17/1940414
Williams, Luella Parker07/12/190411/18/1972A-518
Williams, Luther G.02/04/190008/05/1963414
Williams, Maria E.18571914141
Williams, Martha ElizabethWife of E.G. Williams12/20/191910/20/1980N-037
Williams, Mary AnnDaughter of E.G. & Martha Williams07/27/194707/27/1947N-037
Williams, Mary E.Mother09/09/187909/15/1972N-184
Williams, Odell11/22/191503/17/1987N-212
Williams, Roger LouisInfant son of Mr. & Mrs. Lindsey Williams19331933525
Williams, S.W.11/28/186001/27/1947N-037
Williams, Sallie MarieBeloved Wife11/28/190104/15/1987N-037
Williams, SolomonAge 21 Yrs 11 Mo 4 days08/23/185207/27/1873036
Williams, T. Virgil19001961N-232
Williams, T.C.02/20/189302/25/1949414
Williams, T.J.Father10/18/186012/18/1920414
Williams, Tom10/185902/09/1908439
Williams, William A.Dad10/07/187110/22/1953N-184
Williams, William PresleyUS Army WW II03/21/189603/11/1979N-037
Williamson, SusieIn Loving Memory11/18/189201/05/1978N-129
Williamson, W. EmmettTEXAS Pvt Co D 5 Engineers WW I02/24/188803/15/1964N-129
Willis, A.W. (Woody)05/08/191309/06/1980N-127
Wilmoth, Varena Ayer03/13/188608/12/1965256
Wilson, A.J.Wife of W.S. Wilson02/14/185306/10/1919432
Wilson, Andrew(2 other stone-covered raised graves on lot – no markings)18511889083
Wilson, Ben F.12/19/188507/06/1968432
Wilson, Billy G.08/06/193205/24/1975469
Wilson, C. Paul19101935469
Wilson, Catherine N.18691957046
Wilson, Charlotte A.04/09/182402/08/1907432
Wilson, Doris Carlile01/14/1916506
Wilson, EllenMarried May 29, 194706/06/1919432
Wilson, Genia McBrayer02/12/188010/31/1967469
Wilson, Grace D.08/03/189003/21/1971506
Wilson, Infant19351935506
Wilson, InfantDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Wilson506
Wilson, J.B.11/28/185503/31/1930128
Wilson, Jim DoyleFather12/07/188803/31/1974506
Wilson, John R.07/22/187811/29/1970469
Wilson, Mary E.Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle on marker06/03/188104/28/1942148
Wilson, May E. RobertsonWife of J.B. Wilson08/14/185912/20/1901128
Wilson, Meddie10/14/188205/23/1974432
Wilson, Raymond DoyleMasonic emblem11/17/191308/05/1967506
Wilson, Roger ScottInfant son of Chunk & Ellen Wilson10/18/194710/19/1947432
Wilson, SethInfant son of Mr. & Mrs J.B. Wilson01/20/189606/11/1896128
Wilson, W.S.Our Father18541947432
Wilson, W.S. (Chunk)Married May 29, 194704/27/191207/01/1975432
Wilson, Walter James11/19/191503/05/1935506
Winsett, Nettie L.19001971N-013
Winsett, T.C.19251943N-013
Wolford, B. Frank18791969381
Wolford, Flossie18821966381
Wolford, Lola Lourie19101964381
Wommack, J.D.12/13/1916N-063
Wommack, Mary Ellen03/18/191909/15/1973N-063
Woods, Lawrence (Deck)12/18/190012/10/1971SN-011
Woods, Lula J.04/27/1906SN-011
Woolard, Charles W.Son of I.M. & C.A. Wollard12/15/188610/30/1891225
Woolard, Cora BellDaughter of I.M. & C.A. Woolard21/06/187603/26/1886077
Woolard, Velma E.09/25/189806/03/1942014
Wooley, Baarbie A.19171972N-150
Wooley, Dora J.07/05/188604/05/1971N-150
Wooley, Florine A.19191980N-150
Woolsey, S.M.06/07/183712/05/1909094
Wooten, W.L.18751942554
Wray, Frank H.18801963186
Wray, Lucile G.18841966186
Wright, A.J.08/04/181901/25/1883066
Wright, Amy04/12/185904/15/1935017
Wright, Geo. M.18581924152
Wright, Henry L.02/17/185906/14/1926017
Wright, Martha18371917152
Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth P.Wife of A.J. Wright. Her little infant lies on the right.08/11/182712/25/1867066
Yancy, Julia AnnMotherAged 84 yrs.03/13/1913096
Yancy, Samuel D.He was an affectionate husband, a kind father and a friend to all10/29/187209/23/1916437
Yancy, Willie E.Wife of S.D. Yancy09/09/187610/23/1921437
Yantis, Birdie A.11/12/187305/31/1902139
Yantis, Ernest M.TEXAS 1st Lt 363 Infantry WW I DSC-PH06/06/187912/15/1953139
Yantis, IvanSon of J.W. & M. Yantis07/02/188810/21/1888139
Yantis, J.W.Masonic emblem18991956139
Yantis, John WorthAn honest man is the noblest work of God04/23/184809/02/1898139
Yantis, Maria Q. MurryWife of John W. Yantis18481921139
Yates, Annie Lee19121939273
Yates, Lola ReeseDauMother18891941273
Zweifel, Henry10/12/188308/31/1970N-040
Zweifel, Johnnye Josephine Townsend01/11/188209/19/1950N-040