Organized in 1897

Hood County News Centennial Edition – Sept. 23, 1971

The Woman’s Wednesday Club was organized in Granbury in 1897 and the first officers to serve were:

President – Mrs. M. H. Shanley

Vice President – Mrs. A. V. Harralson

Secretary – Mrs. W. H. Cooper

Treasurer – Mrs. J. E. Brown

Critic – Mrs. E. H. Crie

The record shows their first yearbooks were printed in 1899. Charter members were:

Mrs. Blakney

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Cogdell

Mrs. Cooper

Mrs. Crockett

Mrs. Doyle

Mrs. Glenn

Mrs. Hannaford

Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Riddle

Mrs. Sadler

Mrs. Sikes

Mrs. Swafford

The club has a record of each meeting dating back to January 4, 1899. On January 18, 1899, a book review, “The House of Seven Gables,” was given by Mrs. Thrash.

The club also has a copy of each yearbook since 1899. Each program had an educational roll call and all of the earlier programs contained musical numbers. Dues were 50 cents per year.

The club has always endeavored to carry out worthwhile programs and projects. They have sponsored many city, county, state, and national programs. On March 31, 1961 the club voted and signed a petition for operation of a traffic signal light on U.S. 377 where it intersects Highway 144 to Glen Rose, now Morgan Street. The club donated Granbury High School Library, landscaped Hood County Court House lawn, donated money to endowment fund for State Headquarters in Austin, donated to state for different scholarships, supported the March of Dimes, Heart Fund, Cancer Society, school projects, Pecan Queen, and has donated books and furniture for the Hood County Library.

They also give money for Girl’s State which is channeled through the American Legion. Since 1958, they have given 13 scholarships to the following:

Jewel Thompson

Sandra Knight

Martha Jean Locke

Lottie Jane Berry

Anita Swaim

Lawrence Glenn Martin

Norman Eugene Smith

Jimmy Berry

Diana Davis (four years)

Melinda Mangold

They recently voted to give two this year, one to be nursing.

Past presidents are:

Mrs. Jewell Mitchell Cogdell

Mrs. E. H. Crie

Mrs. M. H. Shanley

Mrs. J. H. Doyle

Mrs. H. H. Cooper

Mrs. Alice Doyle

Mrs. E. A. Hannaford

Mrs. Lucy Thrash

Mrs. E. B. Hilburn

Mrs. J. E. Brown

Mrs. A. V. Harralson

Mrs. J. B. Wilson

Mrs. S. T. R. Green

Mrs. Dora Cooper Morgan

Mrs. C. A. Crites

Mrs. L. G. Waldrip

Mrs. R. A. Grandy

Mrs. T. H. Dabney

Mrs. H. D. Thompson

Mrs. J. D. McElhaney

Mrs. M. A. Reeves

Mrs. F. K. Faulkner

Mrs. L. S. Ginn

Mrs. Joe Archer

Mrs. Catherine N. Wilson

Miss Madora Chandler

Mrs. J. L. Maloney

Mrs. A. B. Crawford

Mrs. Jack Clark

Mrs. Earl Cogdell

Mrs. Wyatt Dabney

Mrs. Gus Lancaster

Mrs. Roy L. Brock

Mrs. John Luton

Mrs. Pres Williams

Mrs. Kermit Smith

Mrs. Chevis Cleveland

Mrs. R. N. Rawls, Jr.

Mrs. E. J. Arrington

Mrs. L. D. Wythe

Mrs. Roy Giles

Mrs. Hugh Cleveland

Mrs. Lester McAlister

Mrs. Guy Vanderpool

Mrs. Roy C. Roberts