by Junior Masterson – Written August 15, 2000

These are some of my memories at Cresson and the school there about 1940 to 1949.

I had some great teachers as Mrs. Driskel and Miss Fidler. At that time I think Mr. Pinual was principal, then Mrs. Hester Rennels was our next principal. I really appreciated all of our teachers.

At that time Calvin Fidler operated one of the grocery stores in the rock building. The Slocum brothers, A.W., Jeff, and Ferred owned the building. These were some of the leading citizens at that time.

C.L. White and Mr. Mitchell operated the Santa Fe Depot. One worked nights and the other man worked days.

Also Mr. Frank Scabrough had a grocery across the street from the Slockum building. On one end of Calvin’s store was the post office, and the grocery store was in the middle with a gas station and garage on the east end. The gas station was operated by G.W. Smith, Jr.

Across the street to the east was another gas station owned and operated by the Dick York family. The people that lived there at that time will remember the Highway Garage was owned and operated by W.F. Masterson. He went by the name of “Preacher.” This building was joined to their home and a rock fence was in front of the home. The rocks came from several states, and were mostly fossil rock and petrified wood.

Inside the Highway Garage building was a water well. During the winter freezes, people could come there and get water. The story was told at one time that Bonnie and Clyde stopped at this station to have a flat fixed. But at that time they didn’t have a clue who the couple was until later hearing the news that they were seen in other small towns close by.

This same W.F. Masterson really liked to fish. Sometimes right after he performed a marriage ceremony he would get his cane fishing poles and tie the poles on the side of his Model A Ford . He would invite several boys from the neighborhood to go along and they would saine for minnows for fish bait. We would go to a stock tank. I know all this because W.F. was my uncle, and I lived with him for a period of time.

Other fine families that I remember were the Roy Poteet family who operated a cattle ranch (that is now known as the Cresson Cattle Company) and the Gus Melbourne family who owned a dairy farm there and hired some of us young boys. The men of the community were good to hire the young boys and give us a chance to make extra money.

All the above people that I have mentioned had a great influence on us boys at that time. Hopefully this will add to the Hood County genealogy. Even though I am sure I may have left some important people out, these are the ones I remember most.