Contributed by Ann Baker

Reprinted from Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter dated August 1989

This letter was written by T. J. Bradley to his father, Jesse Bradley of Haynesville, Louisiana. The letter is now in the possession of Pamela Fry Baker of Tolar, Texas.

Camp near Monroe, Louisiana

July the ninth 1862

Dear father and mother I this morning, I this after noon take this as a favorable time to wright you a few a letter whose lines leaves me in only toliable good helth. I have got the meezels but giting well if I don get no Back Set I will Bee Clear of the meezels the Boyes is in only toliable health But none veary stout H H Knox has bin sick a few days but not dangerous ther are some sick hear eavery day some times twenty or thirty at a time But not neary death has bin in camp yet we have got orders to go to meet the yankees Between hear and Vicksburg we will have head quarters some whears on the East Side of Monroe tha ur one compney comence moving this morning to go on picket guard we will have go over thear as soon as we gets armed we have bin runing Balls this makes the fourth day I donte no how long they will keep us runing Bulets hit looks like to me they have got enough of Bulets to Kill all of the yankees Tha have had a tremengeous Battle in Vergina near Richmond the yankees was intirely distroyed killed & taken priseners I have heard of Seavel Battles latley I will not mension eny of them Mother I have nothing to rit at prisent But I will tell you somthing at least. The barbacue we had to day We had most all good eating Mother I going home as soon as I can git off but I dont now when I can git off or not I will star home next sunday or monday I must come to a close so none at present but Remain yours until dethe

T J Bradley

to Jesse Bradley

second P Bradley