Founded in 1872 – Five miles east of Lipan on FM 4

Founder: Robert Thomas Foster of Missouri

1975 Owner: Mrs. Jewel R. Compton, Lipan

Robert T. Foster moved to Texas sometime after the Civil War and in 1872 acquired 300 acres. He and his first wife Louisa had eight children. With his second wife Ina he had three children. Active in community affairs, Foster was appointed Road Commissioner in 1876. He also had a large bell that he rang to warn other settlers when Indians were nearby. In addition, he had the responsibility of moving a large safe from Weatherford to the courthouse in Granbury. This meant crossing the Brazos River on a swinging bridge with a wagon pulled by oxen. Today, the safe is still housed in the courthouse. After Foster died in 1920, his widow Ina and their three children inherited 106 acres of the farm. A daughter, Jewell, is present owner of the farm, having acquired 48 of the 106 acres in 1942. She and her husand Leslie also purchased 92 acres of adjoining land. She lives on the Compton farm alone and operates the farm, which produces cattle, grain and Coastal Bermuda grass.

Source: Family Land Heritage Registry, Volume 2, 1975, Texas Department of Agriculture, John C. White, Commissioner