by Jo Ann Hopper

Franz Peveler

Franz Peveler, an early resident of Hood County, was a Texas pioneer and led an exciting life on the frontier. His life may read better than it lived, considering the hardships, but it was interesting.

Francis Marion “Franz” Peveler was born in Irving Springs, now Honey Grove, in Fannin County, Republic of Texas, April 10, 1843 to David and Sarah McCart Peveler and lived under three of Texas’ six flags. David Peveler, son of Peter and Savilla Myers Peveler, was born March 10, 1800 in Kentucky. David married Sarah McCart, born December 15, 1804 in Bath County, Kentucky to John and Cloie Cauley McCart, December 15, 1821.

After receiving a land grant in present day Fannin County in the Republic of Texas in 1838, David Peveler moved his young family. In the early 1850’s David Peveler again moved his family, first to Parker, then to Palo Pinto, and next to Young County shortly after it was organized. The Pevelers located near Fort Belknap, and their home became known as Peveler’s Branch. This was the western frontier in Texas, and relations with the Indians were not stable.

Franz was fifteen when the family settled in Young County, and he was understandably impressed with this wild country. He and his brothers rode the range with his father and helped fight Indians when the need arose. The Pevelers helped establish Fort Murray, the one place on Elm Creek that escaped the Indian raid of 1864.

Franz’ s brother William was captain of the ranger service and later served in the Confederate army. He was fatally wounded in the Indian skirmish of 1864 that killed Sheriff State Cox. William died September 26, 1864 in Young County. A younger brother, Sam, took William’s place and took part in conflict with the Indians.

Franz Peveler was one of Houston’s Minute Men and served under Captain John Cochran and later Captain Jack Curreton. He served three years during the Civil War in Company F, Harris’ Texas Cavalry and continued after the war in ranger service for a number of years.

His experiences in Young County supplied Franz with stories to recount for many years to come. A typical story is recounted in Fort Belknap Frontier Saga by Barbara Neal Ledbetter as she discussed the Elm Creek Raid:

Francis M. “Franz” Peveler, a young man who had been riding with frontier rangers since he was eighteen years old, and who only a month before had a brother, William R., killed by Indians, told the story of the day’s beginnings:

I was at Belknap a-gettin’ up some oxen and wagons to take to Fort Murrah to go to mill with grain for about 10 families. On the 13th my brother’s nigger, Old Seth, and I were on the way with the wagons. I was on horseback, and he with the oxen…we passed Harmonson’s ranch which had been vacated a year before. It was at the mouth of California Creek. We noticed smoke away toward Belknap…We went on into Fort Murrah and were eating dinner, when Lt. Carson came running in, said he had 5 or 6 men killed and that the country was alive with Indians…Someone else came in (with the same report) and we started after our (hobbled) horses. The Indians already had all the horses belonging to Fort Murrah…

Perry Harmonson and I then got on top of the house and with a spy-glass we could see the whole country for two miles was alive with Indians. About 11/2 miles away we saw them killing old man (Isaac or James) McCoy and his son (Miles, age seventeen) through our spy-glass. The rangers held the Indians off until others could go and get old lady McCoy and her niece (possibly Betty Morris) on to Fort Murrah…
The smoke signal we had seen was for everybody at attack…

After the war the Indian problem became so severe that the Pevelers left Young County and moved to Hood County, but Young County had made a lasting impression on young Franz. The Pevelers settled in an area north of Thorp Spring that became known as Peveler’s Valley.

December 15, 1869 Franz Peveler married Sallie Austin in Hood County. They settled down to farming and raising a family. Sallie Austin Peveler was born November 16, 1851 in Dover, Arkansas and had moved to Dallas County, Texas in 1860 with her father William B. Austin, a Presbyterian minister and teacher.

Franz and Sallie Peveler had seven children: Charles F. Peveler, Lula Peveler, May Mamie Peveler, Theodore Austin Peveler, Beulah (Bula) Peveler, Augusta Peveler, and Mike Peveler.Descendants of Francis Marion (Franz) PevelerGeneration No. 1

  1. Francis Marion (Franz)6 Peveler (David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1) was born April 10, 1843 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, TX, and died December 18, 1936 in Weatherford, TX. He married Sarah (Sallie) Austin December 15, 1869 in Hood County, TX, daughter of William B. Austin.

Children of Francis Peveler and Sarah Austin are:

+ 2 i. Charles F.7 Peveler, born 1872 in TX; died 1947 in Hood County, TX.

+ 3 ii. Lula Peveler, born 1871, married C. M. Alford

+ 4 iii. May Mamie Peveler, married Curtis Rice

+ 5 iv. Theodore Austin Peveler, born September 28, 1893.

6 v. Beulah (Bula) Peveler, born1886

7 vi. Augusta Peveler, married W. T. Grisson

8 vii. Mike Peveler, born November 20, 1893. Generation No. 2

2. Charles F.7 Peveler (Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1) was born 1872 in TX, and died 1947 in Hood County, TX. He married Olivia (Ollie) Parks March 31, 1901, daughter of Milton Parks and Martha Crockett.

Children of Charles Peveler and Olivia Parks are:

+ 9 i. Charles Milton8 Peveler, born May 06, 1905; died June 13, 1985 in Fort Worth, TX.

10 ii. Fleta Mable Peveler, born April 12, 1902; died May 26, 1985. She married Jules G. Hexter July 1933.

3. Lula7 Peveler (Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1). She married Clarence M. Alford.

Children of Lula Peveler and Clarence Alford are:

11 i. Frances8 Alford.

12 ii. Clarence Lee Alford.

4. May Mamie7 Peveler (Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1). She married Curtis Rice.

Child of May Peveler and Curtis Rice is:

13 i. Sarah Curtis8 Rice. She married Sam M. Cowan.

5. Theodore Austin7 Peveler (Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1) was born September 28, 1893. He married Annie Taylor.

Child of Theodore Peveler and Annie Taylor is:

14 i. Irene8 Peveler. Generation No. 3

9. Charles Milton8 Peveler (Charles F.7, Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1) was born May 06, 1905, and died June 13, 1985 in Fort Worth, TX. He married Floy Faye Lanham November 01, 1931.

Child of Charles Peveler and Floy Lanham is:

+ 15 i. Charles Lanham9 Peveler, born June 05, 1934; died October 16, 1996 in Fort Worth, TX. Generation No. 4

15. Charles Lanham9 Peveler (Charles Milton8, Charles F.7, Francis Marion (Franz)6, David5, Peter4, Frederick L.3 Beeler, Frederick (Bohler)2, Christian ((Bohler)1) was born June 05, 1934, and died October 16, 1996 in Fort Worth, TX. He married Betty Lou Taylor July 14, 1956 in Fort Worth, TX, daughter of James Taylor and Julia Liles.

Child of Charles Peveler and Betty Taylor is:

16 i. Jan Lee10 Peveler, born April 06, 1957 in Fort Worth, TX. She married Lester Loyd Edmonds III February 02, 1980 in Fort Worth, TX.


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