The C.A. and Mag Gee family in a photo taken on Feb. 29, 1924, C.A.’s leap year birthday. Pictured are (back row, from left) Pearce and Vida Gee; Ima and John Gee (holding Oneta); Jimmie Gee; Dollie Gee; D.A. and Mag Gee; Bessie and Mack Gee; Albert, Ellen and Charley Gee (holding Twitzel); Ralph Gee; and Clydie Gee Johnson. Also, (front row, from left) Arthur, Gracie, Allene, Ethel, Charlene, Maxine, Burl, Lewis, Harold B. and Murray Johnson (seated) holding Mildred.

The Gee family reunion will be held Saturday on the original family farm in the Fall Creek area south of Acton.

Charles Arthur Gee, born in Arkansas on Feb. 29, 1868, was the son of Charles Pinkney Gee and Susan Nancy Hayes. Samuel Pinkney Gee was the grandfather of C.A. Gee. He was born in South Carolina on Dec. 1, 1802 and died in Fall Creek, Hood County, on March 15, 1881.

He married Rebecca Williamson of South Carolina and the couple moved from South Carolina to Alabama in 1832. Three known children were born in Alabama–Abraham W. in 1827; Charles Pinkney in 1832; and Joseph F. in 1835. Joseph died Oct. 31, 1898 in Ashley County, Arkansas.

In 1837, Samuel and Rebecca Gee moved to Arkansas where Rebecca died in 1866.

Samuel Gee came to Texas in 1875 with his son Charles Pinkney, who had married Susan Nancy Hayes. She was born March 15, 1841 in Arkansas and died July 30, 1921. Both are buried in Fall Creek Cemetery. Their children are Florence M. born in 1860; Charles Arthur born in 1868; Lou Ella born in 1870; Theorore E. born in 1873; Gertrude born in 1875; Ida born in 1878; William born in 1880; and Ada born about 1881.

The Gee family settled east of Acton on the ranch now owned by Sam Marshall. Later, they purchased land on Fall Creek, southeast of Granbury. Charles Arthur Gee reared his family in Fall Creek. He married Margaret “Mag” Henslee, born in 1871. She was the daughter of Maxfield Henslee and Lucinda Matlock, both born in Arkansas and buried in Fall Creek Cemetery.

C.A. and Mag Gee’s 10 children were Pearce M. who married Vida Massey; Mack who married Bessie Johnson; Charley who married Ellen Bell; John who married Ima Johnson; Ralph who married Willie J. Lusk; Clydie May who married Murray Johnson; Dollie who married S.S. Massey; Unita; and Jimmie.

Dollie is the only surviving child. She lives in Cleburne.

Seven generations of Gee descendants have resided in Hood County. Many of them are still farming; however, not much of the C.A. Gee farm is left. Lake Granbury has covered most of it since deCordova Dam was finished in 1969.