From “Hood County 2000: Men Who Made Hood County”

Hood County News – January 1, 2000

In the last 25 years, there hasn’t been a single man who more personified the spirit of Granbury than Howard Clemmons.

Howard and his wife Charlene moved to Granbury in 1974 after retiring as a sales manager for Alcon Laboratories. After retirement, however, Howard entered the truly busy part of his life.

In the 20 years that followed, Howard served as mayor, city councilman, Chamber of Commerce president, founder and first chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, president of the Opera House board, first president of the Granbury American Association of Retired Persons, first president of the visitors bureau, and chairman of the city of Granbury charter committee

But the roles Howard played that are most fondly remembered are those of “Gen. Granbury” and Santa Claus.

Howard donned a Confederate general’s uniform, and even though there was no resemblance between Howard and the 30-ish, dark featured Granbury, the town laid claim to Howard’s impression.

Howard also became the big man in the red suit each year for the Christmas celebration and would be seen around town spreading good cheer and hearing the wishes of many a child.

Hood County News publisher Jerry Tidwell said of Clemmons, “He was, without a doubt, the man of our times in Granbury.”

Howard passed away in January 1996.

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