From A History of Central & Western Texas

Published in 1911

John J. Hiner, attorney at law, Granbury, Texas, was born in Johnson county, this state, December 25, 1869, son of Rev. James and Martha (Abney) Hiner, the former a native of Kentucky, the latter of Weakley county, Tennessee. They came to Texas early in life and were married in Johnson county, November 4, 1859.

When a young man, the Rev. Hiner studied law and was admitted to the bar in Johnson county. When the Civil war broke out he was appointed recruiting agent at Camp Henderson, where he recruited and drilled several companies. He was not eligible for active duty himself on account of an accident which left him lame. After the war he moved from old Buchanan, in Johnson county, to Cleburne, where in 1866 he served by appointment, and later by election, as county judge, which office he held until his removal in 1871 to Acton. He was elected county judge of Hood county in November, 1878, and in 1880 was elected county clerk. In 1882 he was re-elected to the clerk’s office, and was just entering upon his second term, in January, 1883, when his death occurred. Soon after the war he was ordained a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, and remained in the ministry until his health failed, when he was placed on the superannuated list. Previous to his marriage to Martha Abney he had married a Miss Williams, who bore him two children:

Joseph H. [Hiner], of Farwell, Texas, and
Mrs. M.E. Wohlford, of Hood county, Texas.

The children of the second marriage are all residents of Texas, and are as follows:

Thomas H. [Hiner], of Granbury;
Mrs. S.A. Merrill, of Somervell county;
Mrs. H.A. Randle, of Snyder;
Lee Forest [Hiner], of Acton, Hood county;
John J. [Hiner], of Granbury;
Fannie D. Maloney, of Granbury;
Mrs. Eppie Bradley, of Dublin;
Marvin Neil [Hiner], of Granbury; and
Mrs. Claudie Hensell, of Granbury.

The mother also is a resident of Granbury.

John J. Hiner received his education in Granbury College and studied law in the office of Major Thomas T. Ewell. He was admitted to the bar in September, 1891, before Judge C.K. Bell, and immediately thereafter opened an office and entered upon the practice of his profession in Granbury. In 1904 he was elected Democratic presidential elector from the twelfth congressional district, this honor coming to him unsought, and he has never held or been a candidate for any other office.

On June 17, 1894, Mr. Hiner married Miss Etta Beatty, who was born in Missouri, January 16, 1874, a daughter of John and Elvira (Crites) Beatty, both of German descent. Mr. and Mrs. Hiner have one daughter, Mildred Elizabeth, born November 8, 1895.

The family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, of Granbury, and Mr. Hiner is a Knight of Pythias.