World War II Veteran

Contributed by Mrs. Julian Dendy (Katherine)

April 27, 2000

Julian Texas Dendy was born in Granbury, Texas on February 9, 1918. Julian is the grandson of Doctor Thomas Henry Dabney, long time physician of Granbury. Julian’s mother was Ione Dabney Dendy.

USAF Lieutenant Colonel Julian Texas Dendy

Julian graduated from Porter Military Academy in Charleston, South Carolina. He attended Clemson College two years majoring in chemistry. Julian also attended Abilene Christian College two years majoring in theology. His love of flying took over, and he decided on a military career.

He was highly decorated during his tour of duty and proudly displays his awards in his home.

Julian served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

After his retirement, Julian took a position as field engineer for a cable tv company with the firm of Jerrold Electronics Corp.

Mr. Dendy and his wife Katherine now live in Alvarado, Texas and are avid genealogists. They are currently working on both the Dendy and Dabney lines.