Texian Who’s Who, A Biographical Dictionary of the State of Texas,
The Texian Company, Dallas: 1937

Professor of music; b. Granbury, Nov. 28, 1870; d. Joseph Newton and Ann Hasseltine (Cole) Chandler; stud., Poly. Coll., 1880-85; B.M., Granbury Coll., 1888; Weatherford Coll., 1892; grad. work in music with William H. Sherwood and Georgia Kober, Chautauqua, N.Y., 1901; grad. work New England Conservatory, 1907-08. Taught music in Glen Rose, Male and Female Inst., Chico, Stephenville, Goodnight Coll., Acadian Acad., Weatherford Coll., until 1912; tchr. of music at Granbury, since 1909.  Mem. Granbury Woman’s Wednesday Club (past pres.), Study Club, Texas Fedn. Women’s Clubs (exec. Bd.).  Hobby: music.  Democrat.  Baptist (pianist, S.S. tchr. since 1909, in Granbury Ch.).  Address: Granbury, tel. 186.

Susan Madora (Dora) Chandler was born November 18, 1870 and passed away March 25, 1952.  She was buried in Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.