By Wanda Hoffman

This is a brief history of the Davis family that migrated to Hood County, Texas from South Carolina. It has been documented through family records, census records, interviews, and visits to South Carolina.

Mary Louisa Hayes was married twice. In 1882 Mary Louisa, her second husband, David Holmes, the two youngest Davis children, and all of the Holmes children moved to Hood County, Texas. Within a few years, all of the Davis family moved to Hood County.

Warren Ransom Davis and Mary Louisa Hayes had six children in South Carolina. Warren died when Mary Louisa was expecting her sixth child. Their children were:

Sarah (Sallie) Blair Davis (1861-1939) – Married Alexander Ramsey Jarrett (1854-1941), a doctor, who lived in Georgia near the Tugaloo River. After her mother came to Texas, Sallie came with her family and lived in Granbury, Acton, and in another part of Texas for a short while. She had nine children. Some of Sallie’s family still lives in Granbury. Sallie and Dr. Jarrett were buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.

Nancy Madora Davis (1861-1913) – Married David Hall, came to Texas, and settled in Hood County. They had two boys:

  •  Boneau Harris Hall (1884-1938) – Buried in Granbury Cemetery
  •  Richard Hall

Nancy was buried in the Granbury Cemetery. Her husband returned to South Carolina after her death.

Harvey Anderson Davis (1864-1937) – Married Anna Cornelia Hopkins (1864-1920), and came to Texas about the same time as his sister, Sallie Davis Jarrett, with their baby daughter, Mary Lettie. They settled in the Shady Grove community in Hood County and built a home on the road that is now named Davis Road. Harvey and Anna Davis had six children. They were:

  • Mary Lettie Davis (1884-1913) – Married Claude Eades, a lawyer, and had one son, Allen. They lived in Dallas, Texas.
  • Warren Ellis Davis (1888-1892)
  • Henry Alexander Davis (1891-1976) – Never married; Obituary
  • Laura Davis (1896-1986) – Married William Matlock from Johnson County, Texas
  • Ripley A. Davis (1902-1972) – Had one marriage
  • Jennie B. Davis – Married Vivian E. Woodard of Cresson. They lived in Fort Worth, Texas and had two children. They were buried in Fort Worth.

The entire family, except for Jennie Davis Woodard, was buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.

Evelyn Beatrice Davis – She remained behind in South Carolina to continue her schooling. Later she came to Texas, went to Add-Ran College in Hood County, and met A.C. Elliott whom she married. They had three children:

  • Davis Elliott
  • Infant
  • Ferna Elliott – Died at age 6 and was buried in West, Texas.

After several assignments in various school systems, the Elliott’s settled in El Paso, Texas. They were buried there.

Warren Ripley Davis – No records

Clifton Hayes Davis (1870-1950) – Married Annie J. Cleveland (1872-1958) and remained in Hood County, Texas. Both were buried in Acton Cemetery in Hood County, Texas. They had five children:

  • Trenholm Davis (1895-1925)- Buried in Acton Cemetery; married Ruby Berry
  • Larkin Elgin Davis (1900-1973) – Buried in Acton Cemetery; married Lola Jones
  • Mary Davis – Married Marvin Nichols
  • Annie Davis – Married Claude Moulder
  • Bud Maloney Davis (1910-1972)- Buried in Acton Cemetery; married Fannie Ferren

Several years later, Mary Louisa married David Holmes and had four children by him:

  • Mary Lillian Holmes – Married R.J. Gardner
  • Chesley R. Holmes – Died in infancy
  • Henry Elgin Holmes – Married Myrtle Dowdy
  • Eba Gray Holmes – Married Maggie May Walters

Mary Louisa Hayes Davis Holmes and David Holmes were buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas. David Holmes died in 1887. Mary Louisa died in 1899.