The following family biographical note was scanned from the Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter No. 7; August 1985
Editor: Merle McNeese

by Helen Henderson

My Grandmother, on my fathers side, vies a true southerner. She had moved with her family to Texas when she was five, but the Civil War and the old south were always honored.  A signed picture of Lee and all his generals hung in her living room. The reason for this loyalty was her father.

William Andrew Massie came to this part of Texas in the early 1870's.  He was born in Goochland County Virginia in 1839 His family had already lived in Virginia almost a hundred years. He married Laura Annie Fored in 1860 and this union had eight children.  My Grandmother was their third child.

The Civil War greatly disrupted the family. Wiulliam had been a Captain in the Cavalry, under Lee. His name is listed on the Con-federate Monument to Volunteers in Hanovcr, Virginia. The 1870 census shows him living with his family, a widowed father and his
brother, John, in Christian County, Kentucky.

These two brothers and their families, plus their father moved to Texas in 1872.   They rented a farm three miles from Granbury on the Brazos River. Later William bought a farm near the Long Creek Community and brother, John, moved to Throckmorton. I had quiet
a time finding this farm. At last I found it as part of the Don Martin farm, three miles into Parker County.

Laura Annie Ford Massie died in 1884 and is buried in the Long Creek Cemetery. Wlillian remarried Clara Henrietta Tankersley and
they had one child. She died in 1907 and is also buried in the Massie plot at Long Creek Cenetery.

After the death of his second wife William and his two unmarried daughters moved into Weatherford.  He died June 22, 1926 and is
buried in the Weatherford Cemetery.

I am including a family chart* of my Grandmother. Like her I am proud to be Massie and true southerner.

* Not included here