From Indian Territory
Its Chiefs, Legislators & Leading Men
by H.F. & E. S. O’Beirne

Mathew Daugherty was born September 24, 1839, in the State of Arkansas, third son of James Daugherty. He attended school till he was ten years of age in Texas County, Missouri, after which (in 1849) he moved with his father to Denton County, Texas, where he went to the neighborhood schools till 1854, after which he entered McKenny College, Clarksville, Texas, and in 1857 commenced the study of law, which he continued until the outbreak of the war, when he enlisted in the Choctaw and Chickasaw mounted rifles. After the close of the war he admitted to the bar, and elected to the office of county judge, which position he held till 1868 and resigned. Since that time he has been practicing his profession in Denton County, and at this writing is contemplating a removal to the Cherokee Nation, of which he is a citizen, and intends settling in Tahlequah, where he will practice in the courts of that district. In November, 1868, Mr. Daugherty married Miss Josephine Stimler, daughter of John Stimler, a merchant of Denton, by whom he has four children—Stimler, Mathew, Lawrence and Mosby. Their mother died in 1873, at Granbury, Hood County, Texas. Mr. Daugherty owns property to the amount of about $4,000, in town; a fine residence and 1000 acres in Wise County, Texas, together with 500 acres in Denton, Texas. He is five feet, seven inches high, weighs 145 pounds, and is a man of deep and varied knowledge, having a profound mind which he still continues to cultivate in the various branches of learning. Mr. Daugherty is also an excellent lawyer, and is very popular in Denton County.


Elizabeth Josephine Stemler Daugherty
b. 01/31/1847
d. 02/22/1883
Daughter of John & Anna Maria LaPayne Stemmler
Wife of Capt. Matt Daugherty 

Susan Christina Daugherty
b. 03/02/1880
d. 09/16/1880
Daughter of Elizabeth & Matt