From A Short History of Patilo Community of Erath County, Texas

Compiled by Charles S. McCleskey

The McPherson story beings in Scotland; William McPherson, born in 1693, was captured as a rebel Jacobite at Preston in 1715, and deported as a prisoner of war to Maryland on the ship “Good Speed” which landed on October 18, 1716. William took up his abode in Charles County, and in 1725 married Barbara Acton. He was an Episcopalian, or Anglican. William and Barbara are known to have had eight children:

Thomas, born 1726;

Daniel, b. 1729;

Ethrelda, b. 1731;

Henry, b. 1734;

Alexander, b. 1737;

William, b. 1740;

John, b. 1743; and

Catherine, b. 1745.

Several of these served in the Revolution, father and son in the same Maryland command.

Daniel McPherson married Susannah Kincheloe in 1772; he was 20 years older than his bride. Their children were:

Susanah, b. 1774;

Mary B., b. 1776;

Charles Lewis, b. 1778;

Horton, b. 1780;

Henry, b. 1782;

George, b. 1784;

Andrew Barton, b. 1786;

Elijah Daniel, b. 1789;

Hannah, b. 1791;

Nancy and Ann (twins), b. 1793; and

Reuben, b. 1794.

Daniel and Susanah moved from Maryland to Jackson County, Tennessee, about 1790, and later to Roane County. They are both buried in Shiloh Cemetery, about 15 miles south of Kingston, on Highway 58.

Reuben McPherson, born in Jackson County, Tennessee, in 1794, married Elizabeth Rash, born in the same county in 1799. When their first born son was three years old (in 1821) they moved from Jackson County, Tennessee, to Walker County, Alabama. Their children were:

Seabird Ray McPherson, b. 1818;

Hiram C., b. 1820;

Cynthia, b. 1822;

Delila, b. 1824;

Elizabeth, b. 1826;

Joseph, b. 1828;

Ambrose, b. 1830;

William, b. 1832;

Wilson C., b. 1836; and

Sarah Caterine, b. 1838.

Reuben McPherson died at Manchester, Alabama in 1842, and was buried there. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and family tradition has it that a brother was killed in the Battle of New Orleans. In the year 1843 the family moved to Newton County, Arkansas, and in 1845 the widow married Dr. Jesse Casey, a physician. Seabird Ray McPherson studied medicine as a boy, and now continued his study with his stepfather, and began to practice medicine in Arkansas.

Seabird Ray McPherson married Eliza Allison in 1839, apparently in Walker County, Alabama. It seems that they moved to Missouri about 1856, and in 1858 moved to Parker County, Texas. In 1861 he moved his family to Acton, Hood County, Texas, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Both are buried in the Acton Cemetery, the burial place of the widow of David Crockett. Their children were:

William L., b. 1840 in Walker County, Alabama married Rachel Means;


John, m. Sally Wade;

Leanna, m. John Tingley;

Ambrose, m. Mahala Barnard;

Joseph, m. Parlee Glenn;

Benton, Allison and Mary died of typhoid fever;

Sally, m. Henry Armstrong; and

Wilson Creed, b. 1862, Hood County, married Elizabeth Cisce, daughter of Mary Thompson and Sims Cisce. She was born in Bradley County, Arkansas 1865 and died in 1914 in Erath County. She is buried beside her husband in the Bosley Cemetery near Santo. Elizabeth Cisce had only one sister, Sallie, who married a man named Hawthorn, and moved to the Indian Territory. She had no brothers. Wilson Creed McPherson moved his family to the Patilo community in 1918. The children, all born in Hood County, were:

(1) Audie Mae McPherson, b. 1884, married Giles Carter.

Children were born in Hood County:

an infant b. 1906 died in infancy;

Etha Mae Carter, b. 1907, married Ross Doyle;

Ina Lorraine [Carter], b. 1908, married Reed Rucker;

Charlie Carter, b. 1909, married Merle Sanders;

Eula Elizabeth Carter, b. 1911, d. 1912;

Ruby Jewell Carter, b. 1913, m. Miles Rucker;

Giles Carter, b. 1915, m. (1) Lela Pilkinton, (2) Maye Stover Price;

Polly Rachel Carter, b. 1917, married Earl Lyles.

(2) Seabird Ray McPherson, b. 1886, m. Lillian Holland.

Children were:

Martha McPherson, b. Hood County, TX, 1915, m. Oscar Armon;

John Ray McPherson, b. Tarrant County, 1920, m. Georgia Schneider;

Billy Joe McPherson, b. Tarrant County, 1928, m. Mary Gossett.

(3) Allison McPherson, b. 1889, m. Vesta Barber.

Their children:

Ola Mae McPherson, b. Hood County, 1913, d. 1915;

Gwendolee McPherson, b. Hood County, 1915, m. Al Matwin;

Riley McPherson, b. Hood County, 1917, m. Helen Laudermilk;

Jesse T. McPherson, b. Erath County, 1918, m. Ladine McNeil;

Fred McPherson, b. Erath County, 1919, m. Virginia Mansker;

Stanford McPherson, b. Stephens County, 1922, d. 1944 WWII;

Maria McPherson, b. Stephens County, 1923, m. Homer Hickey;

Tommy Ray McPherson, b. Stephens County, 1926, m. Wanda Slabaugh;

Allison W. McPherson, b. Stephens County, 1931, not married.

(4) Riley W. McPherson, b. 1891, m. Lucile Hicks, dau. of Andrew Hicks.

Children were born in Erath County:

Virginia Fay McPherson, b. 1923, m. George Cox;

James Wilson McPherson, b. 1926, m. Thelma Jones;

Murphy Ray McPherson, b. 1828, m. Maxine Epsy;

Julia McPherson, b. 1937, m. Lloyd Camp;

Howard Dale McPherson, b. 1938, m. Barbara Nichols.

(5) Jesse McPherson b. 1893, m. Theade Buck.


James McPherson, Jr., b. Palo Pinto County, 1921, m. Oleta Ford;

Thomas McPherson, b. Hood County, 1927, m. Faye Southard.

(6) Henry McPherson, b. 1896, m. Zula Nash.


Estelle McPherson, b. Hood County, 1920, d. 1942;

Eugene Nash McPherson, b. Palo Pinto County, 1925, m. Clarinel Bustle.

(7) Lowery McPherson, b. 1899, d. 1911.

(8) Eva McPherson, b. 1902, m. Joseph Benson McCleskey.

(9) Albert McPherson, b. 1903, m. Verna Porter.

(10) Ola McPherson, b. 1907, m. Clay Trammel McCleskey.

SOURCEA Short History of Patilo Community of Erath County, Texas, Compiled by Charles S. McCleskey, Rt. 3, Box 501, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, 1970.

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Subject: McPherson family

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:44:17 -0700 (PDT)

From: Willis McPherson <>


My great-grandfather was James Ambers McPherson(Please note: his name was NOT Ambrose) 1849-1888, buried in George’s Creek cemetery. He was married in Hood County,1879, to Mahala Farris. They are shown in the 1880 census, precinct 3, family 140, Hood Co.

I am trying to learn who HIS father was. There is a Sebron McPherson in the same census who could be him. There is also a John H. McPherson in the adjacent residence who appears to be James Ambers’ brother. It has been told me that his father was a physician, a Dr. S.R. McPherson or Seabird Ray McPherson. Sebron is listed in the census as a retired physician.

My grandfather was Earl McPherson. He had two brothers, Henry and Artie.

Sure hope you can help–I’m confused.

Willis McPherson