From “Hood County 2000: Men Who Made Hood County”Hood County News – January 1, 2000

Patrick Henry Thrash, Granbury’s first mayor, acquired the plot of land where the Thrash-Landers-Hiner house is located for $50 in coin in 1875. He purchased the land from Thomas Lambert.

Thrash was one of the leading merchants in Granbury for a number of years. Thrash held the office of County Treasurer for many years. He added a large addition to the town of Granbury, known as the Thrash addition. He later sold the bulk of this addition and went into the ranching business in Paluxy.

Patrick Henry Thrash, a Civil War veteran of the Confederacy, was born April 15, 1832 and died April 24, 1921. He was buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.

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