Republic of Texas Pioneers 1803 – 1875

by Jeanne Murray Heard, Jim Moody & Virginia Hale – September 25, 1999

Milton Henry Jones was born July 7, 1803 in Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee. On March 16, 1826 he married Keziah Culbertson.

Milton’s parents both died in 1828, and the youngest of their 11 children were divided between his brother, Fountain, and him to raise. Milton raised Allison, Emsley, Isham, and Philenzo in Mississippi.

Allison JonesBorn 1816
Emsley JonesBorn 1818
Isham JonesBorn 1821
Philenzo JonesBorn 1824

Milton and Keziah started their own family, and had 13 children, as follows:

William Lorenzo Jones1827 – 1896
Candace Benton Jones1828 – 1865
Sarah Jones1829 – 1834
Samuel Jones1830 – 1834
John Wesley Jones1833 – 1834
Matilda Jones1834 – 1834
Milton Henry Jones, Jr.1836 – 1922
Martha Elizabeth Jones1837 – 1892
Benjamin Franklin Jones1839 – 1906
Wiley Jones1840 – 1840
Francis Wilson Jones1841 – 1847
Wiley Palmer Jones1844 – 1912
John Culbertson Jones1847 – 1847

Unfortunately, an epidemic in 1834 in Yazoo County, Mississippi, claimed the lives of Milton’s 13-year old brother, Isham, and four of his six children: Sarah, Samuel, John, and Matilda.

Milton Henry Jones received a Republic of Texas land grant in December 1839 in present-day Shelby County. His infant son Wiley died in Shelby County in 1840.

In October 1861, brothers Milton Henry Jones, Jr., Benjamin Franklin Jones, and Wiley Palmer Jones enlisted in the 12th Texas Cavalry (Parson’s Regiment) of the Confederate States Army that was mustered from Johnson and Ellis Counties. Milton Jr. and Wiley served together in Co. F 12th Texas Cavalry with the unit throughout the war. Both are listed in the roster for the unit.

The Milton Henry Jones family was recorded as living in Acton in Hood County by 1867 or 1868.

Milton Henry Jones was a Methodist minister who was known as Reverend Jones in the community, and was also the principal of Acton Academy.

Milton Henry Jones, Jr. was born March 9, 1836 in Hinds County, Mississippi. He was a preacher, teacher, and farmer. His first sermon was given in the tent city of Abilene, Texas. Prior to the great Civil War, Milton Henry Jones, Jr. was in the Texas Mounted Rangers and was with Sul Ross at Plum Creek near Vernon. He and his wife were teaching at Thorp Spring about 1870.

Benjamin Franklin Jones was born March 3, 1839 in Yellobusho County, Mississippi.

Wiley Palmer Jones was born September 12, 1844 in the Republic of Texas (in present-day Harrison County). Wiley was engaged in two mercantile businesses in Acton named Jones & Goodlet and W.P. Jones & Co. Reverend Jones had some connection with his son’s businesses.

Reverend Jones’ youngest brother, Philenzo Payne Johnson, who he had raised since age 4, died in neighboring Johnson County, Texas on May 20, 1873.

A family Bible records that Reverend Milton Henry Jones died in Acton, Texas on January 22, 1875 and was buried with full masonic honors.

William L. Jones, the eldest son of Reverend Jones, died in 1896 in the city of Jonesboro in Coryell County, Texas. Coryell County history states that the city of Jonesboro was named after William L. Jones and his brother, David Jones. The descendants of Reverend Jones have no information on David Jones.

Benjamin Franklin Jones received a Confederate pension, No. 03501. He died August 6, 1906 in Rusk County, Texas. His wife, Mrs. A.L. Jones, applied for and received continuation benefits, No. 22570.

After Reverend Jones died, Wiley Palmer Jones lived in Ellis and Young Counties before settling in Childress, Texas. He was a noted businessman, rancher, and teacher.

In Young County, Wiley Palmer Jones had a business and ranch in Eliasville. He started the first school and Sunday School there.

In Childress, Wiley Palmer Jones was one of the individuals responsible for establishment of the First Baptist Church. Wiley was the County Judge in Childress County by 1890. His rifle from the Civil War is in the Childress County Museum. He was appointed Captain of Camp Johnston of the United Confederate Veterans in 1892. Wiley Palmer Jones died March 11, 1912 in Childress, Texas. Mrs. Mary L. Jones, Wiley’s second wife, applied for Confederate pension benefits and was approved, No. 40905.

Milton Henry Jones, Jr. received a Confederate pension, No. 9941, which had information provided by his brother, Wiley Palmer Jones. Milton Henry Jones, Jr. died October 11, 1922 in Rusk County, Texas. Mrs. Tommie E. Jones, Milton Jr.’s second wife, made application for Confederate pension benefits, but it was rejected.

Jeanne Murray Heard of Texarkana, Texas is the great-granddaughter of Martha Elizabeth Jones, and is 72 years young.
Jim Moody of Wasilla, Alaska is Wiley Palmer Jones’ great-great-grandson.