Sue (Zue) FAMILY

The following family biographical note was scanned from the Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter No. 10; May 1986
Editor: Merle McNeese


 Some facts about Charles Fredrick Sue (Zue) were recorded by Lena Sue, one of his granddaughters. He was born about 1820
in D.P.60 M, Prussia, Germany. As a young boy he came to America as a stowaway on a ship. He landed in Galveston, Texas, in 1840
and would, probably have starved if an elderly German woman had not taken him in.  She took care of him and taught him to speak
When he was older he moved to Grimes County, Texas.   He was a farmer and a shoe cobbler. There he met and married Salley Ford, and they had nine children. Seven lived to be grown and married, but the twin babies died soon after their mother's death. At his wife's funeral, Charles Fredrick let different neighbors take the children until he could care for them.  When he decided to leave Grimes County, he gathered the children together and moved to the Mitchell Bend community in Hood County.  He settled on the Frank Crites farm but later moved to the Guy farm.  He died when he was sixty-one years and six days old and was buried in the Mitchell Bend Cemetery. His tombstone inscription reads, "Born in Germany Immigrated to Texas 1840"

A family story tells of a fortune-teller in Germany telling Charles Fredrick that he would cross a large pond of water and never come back to Germany.  He would have nine children and would lose his wife early in life end would die at age sixty-one years and six days.   Every bit of that really came true.
The children were: John, married Fannie Moss, Lizzie married Price and 2nd Tidwell, Dan married Cavasos and 2nd Della
Heathington,  Alvin, Lou married Mallory, Fred married Amanda Tippett;  Lou and Fred were one set of three sets of twins. 
other information known about his children:
John Sue married and raised his family around Eastland. Dan Sue and his first wife had Four living children: Jess, Nell , Grace, and Ruth. They moved to Washington state and his
wife died there Dan came hack to his brother, Fred and lived there until he married Della Heathington. When he left Fred and Amanda's home, he gave them the baby, Ruthie.  He had two children by his second wife: Carrie married Edward  Watson, Raymond married Mary Sue Durant.
Where Ruthie was grown she married Monroe Cuce, and they had a son, Winfred. Ruthie was killed in a cyclone at Electra, Texas, and when Winfred was two or three years old, he was sent to live with Fred and Amanda. After his father married again, Winfred spent some of the time with them but he felt very much
at home with  Fred and Amanda.   Fred W. Sue (my grandfather) stayed with a woman in Fort Worth after his mother died, coming to 
Hood County when he was fourteen years of age. He married Amanda Tippett, and they raised five children: Corda Sue Armstrong, Lena Sue, Mattie Sue Love, Daskie Sue McDaniel, and John Sue.

 Fred W. Sue bought land in the Neri community of Hood County. Most people in those days; bought 600 acres of land and Built a new house. Not  Grandpa!  He bought land  and more land but Lived in an old house that he propped up with poles so it wouldn't fall down. He and Grannie seemed perfectly happy living there. He gave each of their children 100 acres of the land.
Grandpa was quite  a "character", a short heavy-set man with a mustache. his rheumatism and a crippled leg did not hinder his activities very much. He was a very hard working man, doing all the work about the :farm for many years. When he went to
milk the cows, he could not carry the milk to the house and use his cane; therefore, he would crawl, setting the buckets out in
front of him, then crawl to them.

Grannie was a quiet, soft-spoken little lady, always very neat and clean. We all loved her and liked to do chores for her, if no other than handing her a glass of water. She loved to read and shared her. reading material (hard to get in those days) with us.
In the summer time Grandpa would bring in a 100 lb. block of ice from the store and call in all of the grandchildren. Then, did we have ice cream! Seems to me that they always had the most red chickens, the most Cried chicken for Sunday dinner, killed the biggest hogs, and had the best gardens of any-
one. Grandpa believed in eating well and loved to feed the grandchildren. One thing he did was to see that the children did not 'rave to wait until-l the grown people were helped first. That was the  usual tradition in those days.
After Granpa died in 1937, Grannie and Aunt Lena could not take care of the farm so they sold it and moved into Granbury. Aunt Lena took care of Grannie until her death in 1948. She was buried beside Granpa in the Mitchell Bend Cemetery.
Two men with the Sue name still live in Head County. They are Raymond Sue, a granson, and Julian Sue, a great-grandson. Both are descendants of the Dan Sue family. Many other descendants are living in Hood County, the state of Texas, and in other states.

Hettie Lena Hayworth, a granddaughter