Dr. T. H. Dabney will observe 100th Birthday Tuesday

Hood County News-Tablet
Thursday, September 22, 1960
Vol. 74 #1

Transcribed by James Timothy Sears

Dr. T.H. Dabney will observe his 100th birthday Tuesday, September 27. It will be a quiet occasion because Dr. Dabney’s health has failed in recent months, but it will mark a hundred years of life well lived and lived in service to mankind. For Dr. Dabney practiced medicine from his graduation from Louisville Medical School in 1886 until he was ninety-four. His medical practice began in Brenham and he came to Granbury in 1890. He had been in Hood County earlier when attending Add-Ran University at Thorp Spring for four years before entering medical school.

Treating physical ills was only one way in which Dr. Dabney served his fellow man. He served on the board of the Granbury schools for many years, was mayor of the City, and a member of the council. He was president of the Board of Trustees of Thorp Spring Christian College during its existence. He was instrumental in securing the money and purchasing the buildings and property at Thorp Spring when Add-Ran moved to Waco and later Fort Worth.

A Christian since the age of 12, Dr. Dabney has been active in the Lord’s work ever since. For several years the members of the Church of Christ met in his house for worship. As the membership grew, Dr. Dabney continued as a leader lending encouragement always. A borrowed building, the Old School Presbyterian Church, served for a while. Later the building was purchased. One cannot think of Dr. Dabney apart from his church, so much a part of him has been given to it. The lovely buildings now occupied by the Church here are a tribute Dr. Dabney and members like him who never tire and never stop working.

Dr. Dabney’s medical practice started with the horse and buggy. He often had to ride horseback in the early days to reach a patient over country roads. The night was never too dark or stormy, the way too rough or too far nor his body too weary to answer the call for help. Along the way, he read God’s word and told the plan of salvation to others.

When automobiles came along, Dr. Dabney bought one. It made it easier to answer his calls and he is man who believes in progress. Through constant reading of medical journals and through post-graduate work, Dr. Dabney kept abreast of advances in the field of medicine.

Mayor A. W. Norman has issued a proclamation paying tribute from the city of Granbury to this beloved citizen on his 100th birthday. In the hearts of all who have known and loved him through the years, there is a fond message—”We love you, Dr. Dabney!”

His children will be here for the occasion. Joining Mrs. Susan Cogdell, who is caring for her father, will be Mrs. J.O. Chambers of Abilene, Mrs. Hollis Manley of Abilene, Mrs. Julian Dendy of Columbia, South Carolina, and Garnet Dabney of New York City.


Dr. Thomas Henry Dabney was born on September 27, 1860 in Austin County, Texas. He died at his home in Granbury, Texas, on December 2, 1960. He was buried in Granbury Cemetery. His first wife, Ida Kiblinger Dabney (1866-1911) and his second wife, Kathryn Lawhon Dabney (1886-1957) are buried in the same plot with him.

It was estimated that Dr. Dabney delivered more than 5,000 babies during his career. James Timothy (Tim) Sears (transcriber of the above article) was the last known baby delivered by Dr. Dabney. Tim, son of Ted and Jerrye Hood Sears, was delivered on October 10, 1945 in the native rock rent house owned by Dr. Dabney; the rent house was across the street from his own home. Kathryn Dabney served as her husband’s nurse. Dr. Dabney was 85 years old when he brought Tim into this world. Dr. Dabney charged $25 for his services!