as told by Vance James Maloney of the

Hood County Historical Society, Granbury, Texas

A former neighbor of the Mullins Family, who conceived the idea of writing
a brief history of this family as a program to be given at the Hood County Historical Society. September 1973

The intent of this brochure is to give an account of the colorful career of Johnnie Mullins, and, of his brother, Joseph Anderson Mullins.  Preceding the story of these two brothers, a very brief history is given of the father, Thomas Patrick, Sr., and of Nannie E. Terrell Mullins, the mother, together with a few words about each of the other children of the family.  I am sure there is much more that could be written about each one of the family, and, as you read these pages, you may think of other incidents that would add to the interest if they had been put in, but what was put in was all we had before us at the time of writing this account.  V.J.M.

 This document was obviously a labor of love for Mr. Maloney. I spoke with his son, Dr. Vance Maloney, Jr., on October 27, 2003.  Dr. Maloney informed me that his father died November 9, 1973, very shortly after he reached age 80.  It is apparent that he died about two months after he completed this document.  It is not known if he ever presented this to the Historical Society.  Dr. Maloney did not express any objection to making this document available via the internet on a “for free” basis.

 This document was digitalized and reformatted from a copy of the original document.  It is not known where the original document now is.  Generally the only changes made are those of minor reformatting nature or correcting a misspelled word.  These are not noted.  Changes of substance or questions of correctness are included with footnotes located at the end of this document.  It was not and is not the intent to rewrite this document but just to make it available.

 One of my brothers, Albert Biggs, has been the unofficial holder of this document for many years.  He has made untold copies for Noble Smith.  His support and help has made the digitalized copy of the document possible. Susie and Mike Mullins have been both encouragers and supporters for this effort. As proud members of the Mullins family we also wish to make the family history available. 

Tommy R. Biggs
Great-Grandson of Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr. and Nannie E. Terrell Mullins
August 28, 2004
 Photos contributed by:
Tommy R. Biggs, Al Biggs, Susie & Mike Mullins & Barte Smith 


1.Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr.Page 1-4
2.Nannie E. Terrell Mullins5-8
3.Edward B. Mullins9
4.Lula Mullins10
5.Samuel Patrick Mullins11
6.Nannie Elizabeth Mullins Neely12
7.Thomas P. Mullins, Jr.13-17
8.Sweetie Mullins Leitch18
9.Eudorah Alice (Dora) Mullins Hall Hancock19-20
10.Charlie G. Mullins21
11.Joseph Anderson Mullins22-39
12.Johnnie Mullins40-60