Twins, Wed to Brothers, to Mark Golden Wedding Day

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Twins, Wed to Brothers, to Mark Golden Wedding Day
Fort Worth Star Telegram – August 12, 1951

 TOLAR, Aug. 11 (Spl).-Twin sisters who are married to brothers, and never have lived more than three miles from each other will celebrate their golden wedding anniversaries Sunday.

The couples are Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Thomason and Mr. and Mrs. Will Thomason, who live on adjoining farms near Tolar.

They plan to celebrate with an open house from 2 to 5 p.m. at the home of Edgar Thomason. All of their friends are invited.

Mrs. Edgar Thomason is the former Miss Pearl Williams, and Mrs. Will Thomason was Miss Earl Williams. The two couples were married Aug. 11, 1901, at the bedside of the twins’ mother, Mrs. J.M. Williams, who died two days later.

Both couples are native Texans. The Mmes. Thomason were born in Hood County, near Tolar, on April 13, 1885, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Williams. Will Thomason was born near Granbury on March 14, 1877, and his brother, Edgar, was born west of Tolar on July 1, 1880. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Thomason, who were natives of Tennessee.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Thomason have a son, Clarence Thomason, who now resides in Granbury. The Edgar Thomasons have no children, but reared his cousin, Mrs. F.L. Leatherman, who now resides on Rt. 4, Fort Worth.

Guests at the open house will include Mmes. Thomason’s sister and brother, A.Y. Williams and Mrs. Lenna Robinson, both of Fort Worth; and Messrs. Thomason’s sisters and brothers, Mrs. Effie Griffin, Bowie; Mrs. Ida Ward, Dallas; Mrs. Lorena Waggoner, Winnsboro; T.O. Thomason, Canutillo; M.B. Thomason, El Paso; and Joe B. Thomason, Dublin.

Note: Descendants of the Thomason families have contacted HCGS regarding this 1951 news article. The reporter inaccurately reported which twin married which brother!

William Rolland/Rollin Thomason “Will”
married Amanda Pearl Williams “Pearl”

Samuel Edgar Thomason “Edgar”
married Elizabeth Earl Williams “Earl”

Contributed by Joanna Thomason Holmes