Waddy Thompson Abbott

1840 – 1884

Waddy Thompson (W.T.) Abbott was a great uncle of mine by marriage, having married my g reat aunt, Sarah Jane (Jennie) Johnson. He was born in Walhalla, South Carolina on May 3, 1840. Sarah Jane was the daughter of William Murray Johnson and Mary Conway. She was born in Mobile, Alabama on March 8, 1856. The Johnson family moved from Alabama to Texas after the Civil War, as did W.T. Abbott. They resided in Hood County, Texas.

Waddy Thompson Abbott was with Company F, Orr’s Regiment of Rifles, South Carolina, C.S. during the Civil War.

W.T. and Jennie were married in Hood County, Texas on May 3, 1876.

W.T. Abbott died of typhoid pneumonia on May 23, 1884 in Garner, Parker County, Texas and was buried in the Ballew Springs Cemetery. Sarah Jane (Jennie) Johnson Abbott died on December 5, 1928 in Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma and was buried in the Ballew Springs Cemetery in Parker County, Texas.