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Listing of Rock Church Cemetery Burials

Copied March 10, 1972 by Mrs. Phillip Price and Mrs. T. B. Cawyer of Stephenville, Texas.

Posted here with the gracious permission of Mrs. T.B. (Shirley) Cawyer.

Abell, S. J.(Brister Funeral Home marker)18941954
Adams, Elizabeth D.Dau. of A. J. & M. A. Adams02/25/187005/23/1874
Adms, Delton A.Son of W. R. & J. E. Adms06/27/189005/03/1892
Adms, John DarcieSon of W. R. & J. E. Adms06/25/188703/20/1888
Adms, Mrs. Marget08/02/184006/10/1933
Anderson, Jacqueline Carol08/22/195809/05/1970
Armstrong, Idabell (marker broken)03/24/1880???
Armstrong, Louis L.Son of J. E. & P. I. Armstrong12/03/187709/30/1880
Armstrong, O. J.Son of D. F. & Emmer Armstrong03/01/188107/04/1901
Armstrong, Robert W.Son of J. E. & P. I. Armstrong03/11/188504/17/1885
Baker, Clarence B.19001901
Baker, Elizabeth E. “Our Mother”Wife of W. B. Baker12/19/182809/30/1896
Baker, Levi (stone broken)04/03/185807/03/1876
Baker, MarvinSon of W. B. & R. A. Baker11/13/189711/14/1897
Baker, Rose Ann (double stone)Mother12/28/186601/10/1948
Baker, William Bryant Sr. (double stone)Father07/27/186212/17/1933
Barbee, NellieDau. of W. B. & Mary Barbee10/13/188611/14/1886
Barnard, J. H.09/08/186104/26/1919
Barnard, Julia H.10/01/186002/14/1911
Barnard, Rosailee [sic]Dau. of J. H. & J. H. Barnard01/14/189811/08/1900
Barton, C. LeeSon of J. H. & S. E. Barton12/23/187202/13/1892
Barton, D. I.04/13/184403/21/1898
Barton, EmilyWife of D. I. Barton02/22/184405/08/1898
Barton, Florence E.05/24/187607/14/1932
Barton, George G.Son of J. M. &. M. Barton08/08/189011/18/1891
Barton, John W.Son of D. I. & Lydia Barton07/08/186602/15/1892
Barton, LydiaWife of D. I. Barton05/01/184711/07/1894
Barton, MourningWife of Joseph Barton10/13/180802/08/1892
Barton, PearlDau. of J. M. & M. E. Barton05/15/190311/20/1904
Basham, J. A. (Masonic emblem)09/11/181105/13/1884
Bates, Georgie F.Wife of F. M. Bates18741896
Bates, Hettie Carter05/13/188004/25/1908
Blair, Ada R.Wife of J. A. Blair04/05/187301/01/1900
Blanton, Fannie L.09/19/188807/26/1893
Blanton, J. W.09/28/185501/30/1885
Boyd, Alice Genora11/18/187810/05/1905
Boyd, Martha A.Dau. of S. T. & M. A. Boyd09/07/189310/30/1893
Boyd, Sarah EdithayAge 16 yrs. 7 mos. 10 das.11/10/1906
Brazell, William M.18551888
Brock, George A.Son of Isaac & Sarah Brock08/16/1857“Born in Rusk County, Texas”03/18/1892
Brooks, J. V.Husband of Nancy J. Brooks09/30/18370515/1915
Brooks, James A.04/24/183402/06/1877
Brooks, LaveniaWife of B. A. Collings05/25/186403/02/1893
Brooks, Nancy J.Wife of J. V. Brooks04/13/184404/28/1912
Brooks, Thomas J.Son of J. A. & M. A. Brooks02/05/187307/23/1873
Brown, Jo EllaWife of J. C. Brown01/09/186802/22/1944
Brown, John C.03/14/187902/19/1967
Brown, John W.12/27/190611/17/1908
Brown, Mary E. (double stone)08/04/186611/16/1943
Brown, William H. (double stone)10/01/185509/20/1921
Buck, Ada Williams (Eastern Star emblem)12/14/188302/22/1948
Buck, Silas C. (Masonic emblem)01/17/188311/12/1963
Buck, William SilasSon of S. C. & Ada Buck07/16/190807/20/1908
Bullion, George W.09/25/184509/14/1885
Bullion, H. P.12/12/186212/11/1888
Burton, John P.03/21/185101/01/1892
Byram, W. D.10/24/180104/21/1891
Caraway, ? (stone broken)____ of J. K. and C. Caraway11/03/188311/27/1886
Caraway, A. E.06/22/185711/10/1921
Caraway, Agnes (Peg) (double stone)12/25/1894
Caraway, AliceDau. of W. H. & K. E. Caraway07/23/188410/21/1885
Caraway, ElizabethWife of Jesse Caraway12/25/182103/15/1902
Caraway, Jesse07/11/181705/18/1893
Caraway, Joseph W.Son of A. E. & M. I. R. Caraway01/10/189901/10/1899
Caraway, L. G.01/27/189512/14/1927
Caraway, LizzieDau. of W. H. & K. E. Caraway01/09/188102/22/1885
Caraway, Mrs. A. E.04/12/186306/25/1935
Caraway, Pearl Francis11/19/188212/26/1964
Caraway, R. B. (Bruce) (double stone)04/24/189105/09/1970
Caraway, Robert J.09/15/186605/28/1889
Caraway, W. H.11/05/185802/04/1890
Carter, Bertha Ann McCleskey “Bob”18841964
Carter, Sadie B.07/06/184808/10/1908
Castle, Beulah M. (double stone)18921967
Castle, G. Franklin (double stone)18901960
Clark, Ella Snead18671945
Clark, G. Maurice19061927
Clark, Lee A.18691937
Clark, Sarah T.Wife of A. J. Clark12/22/184712/16/1898
Cowan, Abner B.02/16/185002/07/1918
Cowan, Arvie09/26/187802/17/1962
Cowan, Bedford F.Son of I. F. & Mary Cowan01/03/187210/02/1882
Cowan, Bryant M.Son of I. F. & Mary Cowan08/19/185104/10/1879
Cowan, James M. B. (Masonic emblem)18561922
Cowan, John F.Son of I. F. & Mary Cowan03/21/186505/16/1882
Cowan, MaryWife of Isaac Cowan02/15/183006/16/1903
Cowan, Monroe DonovanSon of I. P. & Bert Cowan07/03/191002/11/1913
Cowan, Sarah E.Dau. of I. F. & Mary Cowan07/24/186908/02/1890
Cowan, Vianna (double stone)06/12/185602/02/1950
Cowan, Winnie08/10/1891
Crites, Benjamin U.Age 32 yrs.12/22/1884
Crites, C. A.04/09/183701/08/1883
Crites, Catherine04/06/184011/01/1914
Crites, Charlie W.Age 32 yrs. 4 mos. 9 das.02/05/1909
Crites, D. C.09/14/185001/17/1895
Crites, Elizabeth O.Dau. of D. C. & S. A. Crites08/14/188103/02/1883
Crowell, Ada (double stone)06/04/1888
Crowell, Robert L. (double stone)11/15/188211/04/1957
Davidson, AlmedaWife of J. J. Davidson06/08/185607/21/1905
Davidson, KearbySon of J. J. & Almeda Davidson03/27/189502/15/1901
Davis, Ella Holmes05/24/189411/13/1966
Davis, Malinda (double stone)Wife of N. S. Davis04/28/184812/15/1933
Davis, N. S.12/08/188805/05/1907
Davis, N. S.07/12/184204/15/1921
Deaver, Olivia Ann (double stone)07/15/186609/17/1891
Deaver, R. L. (Bob) (double stone)12/20/186611/21/1950
Denson, Annie E.Wife of W. H. Denson12/05/185507/07/1883
Denson, VernonTexas Pvt 141st Inf 36th Div01/20/189604/16/1933
Denson, William H.01/187901/1946
Denson, William H.10/18/184706/07/1897
Duckett, James A.1877
Duckett, Mary Ann18771946
Duckett, Nancy Jane18521909
Dunagan, M. E.Mother03/15/184002/13/1933
Dykes, Catherine E.Dau. of G. W. & J. A. Dykes08/18/188407/06/1885
Dykes, G. W.08/24/185512/09/1890
Dykes, Judith AnnAged 84 years, 4 mos. 8 days03/13/1941
Dykes, Nora D.Dau. of G. W. & J. A. Dykes03/15/188102/01/1883
Eberhart (double stone)Our Babies18891889
Eberhart, Allen B. (double stone)Father09/01/188807/15/1959
Eberhart, Annie (double stone)Wife of J. P. Eberhart12/29/185006/03/1893
Eberhart, BaxterSon of A. B. & R. A. Eberhart09/17/192207/24/1924
Eberhart, Georgie Ann (double stone)18681954
Eberhart, Howel R.Son of J. P. & R. A. Eberhart03/31/187011/17/1884
Eberhart, J. P. (double stone) (Masonic)02/27/184807/10/1928
Eberhart, Jessie Lee (double stone)18901893
Eberhart, John Thomas18681941
Eberhart, Rhoda A. (double stone)Mother04/18/1888
Elliott, Dona (double stone)Mother03/18/1894
Elliott, Ellen CatherineGrandmother03/24/185812/05/1940
Elliott, Enoch A.01/05/183804/22/1926
Elliott, Lester D. (double stone)Father06/06/189502/06/1934
Elliott, Louise (double stone)02/05/185802/16/1905
Elliott, Mrs. Lucie (double stone)04/24/183412/13/1910
Elliott, W. H. C. (double stone)12/18/184208/27/1933
Elliott, William A. (double stone)10/20/186308/12/1931
Evans, Sarah E.Dau. of F. M. & S. E. Collins, and wife of S. EvansBorn Fayette County, Alabama08/13/185405/21/1891
Faulkner, InfantSon of K. H. & Mollie E. Faulkner05/09/190705/12/1907
Fletcher, J. A.08/15/185304/21/1888
Flinn, Bellzora A. (double stone)04/25/188606/17/1960
Flinn, Ben H. (double stone)01/09/185612/06/1897
Flinn, Bian H.08/02/188805/09/1890
Flinn, William B.11/11/189603/18/1902
Freeman, Capt. W. N. (Masonic)12/12/183201/26/1891
Freeman, Fronia (double stone)01/02/186106/11/1947
Freeman, J. O. (double stone)04/27/185411/14/1930
Freeman, Juanita PearlDau. of H. O. & Alice A. Freeman07/26/191510/09/1921
Freeman, Nannie C.Wife of R. V. Freeman03/10/186101/06/1889
Freeman, WesleySon of W. N. & J. E. Freeman06/14/188411/24/1884
Gaither, Horace E.18891961
Gaither, Irma L. (double stone)09/04/1894
Gaither, John C. (double stone)Father08/12/186802/17/1940
Gaither, Mary E. (double stone)Mother02/18/186203/01/1945
Gaither, William Hub (double stone)05/11/188202/12/1971
Gates, Willie G.Wife of B. F. Gates12/24/183411/13/1885
Glover, A. I. (Dutch)01/28/190301/03/1950
Glover, Connie Clifford19071956
Glover, Lum L.02/22/186912/14/1956
Glover, Nora11/07/188211/08/1957
Glover, Susan Ellen06/22/183403/17/1912
Gordon, F. J.02/21/184912/23/1918
Gordon, MattieDau. of F. J. & Mattie Gordon02/10/189406/14/1894
Gordon, MattieWife of F. J. Gordon (copied correctly – mistake on tomb in death date)04/25/186101/11/1894
Goss, John S. T.Son of K. & S. Goss03/25/187704/28/1885
Goss, Martha E.Dau. of C. K. & S. C. Goss02/23/187907/27/1879
Gray, Earnest A. (double stone)06/09/189003/10/1950
Gray, Mary F.12/30/185202/11/1948
Gray, Sarah E. (double stone)02/20/1890
Griffith, Buena Vesta10/17/189111/09/1970
Grigg, Dorotha A.07/01/1947
Grigg, George A. (double stone)01/01/189412/17/1954
Grigg, Harvey EdwinSon of Mr. & Mrs. G. A. GriggVictim of London School Disaster, New London, Texas 3/18/3719231937
Grigg, Jessie Mae (double stone)09/22/1902
Gunnels, CharlcyDau. of W. M. & Olevia Gunnels05/19/188706/06/1889
Gunnels, HardySon of N. E. & Ella Gunnels02/20/190603/21/1906
Gunnels, Olevia (double stone)03/26/184505/27/1937
Gunnels, W. M. (double stone)02/14/185108/04/1944
Hadley, Amos Merrill08/28/185802/06/1938
Hadley, John Port03/30/188805/23/1918
Hadley, Margaret Jerusha10/07/186104/01/1940
Hadley, ShermanSon of A. M. & M. J. Hadley09/23/189505/19/1909
Haley, J. A. (double stone)04/27/183306/24/1910
Haley, Jane (double stone)Wife of J. A. Haley03/07/183402/13/1910
Hambright, Elvira (double stone)03/13/187307/23/1960
Hambright, Sam H. (double stone)01/30/186612/17/1910
Hammond, J. J.18621916
Hammond, Opal E.03/21/190902/24/1917
Hargrane, Eller (?) [difficult to read]Dau. of I. A. & E. M. Hargrane01/22/189302/08/1893
Hargrove, Rachel M.Mother02/20/186607/23/1948
Harrill, Ann R. Belle10/31/188005/23/1905
Henry, H. H.02/03/189907/11/1915
Henry, M. J. (double stone)Mother11/14/186102/04/1933
Henry, T. A. (double stone)Father07/01/185603/11/1916
Hiner, Willie Bruce10/07/191104/05/1914
Hines, Mrs. Nancy10/08/183205/18/1906
Holmes, Alice (double stone)08/08/1895
Holmes, Amanda P.Dau. of A. B. & A. M. Holmes03/05/188604/05/1886
Holmes, Archie05/18/190411/12/1956
Holmes, Etta L.Dau. of O. A. & C. A. Holmes03/04/187807/02/1879
Holmes, Ezehiel [sic] B.Son of O. A. & C. A. Holmes06/15/187611/10/1876
Holmes, George T.03/30/188611/16/1956
Holmes, Georgia McCleskeyWife of O. A. Holmes11/16/184103/18/1910
Holmes, Henry Earl12/25/189607/13/1944
Holmes, James H.04/05/189007/21/1924
Holmes, James H. (double stone)10/06/185701/18/1912
Holmes, Lottie Lorene07/07/191703/17/1932
Holmes, Louisa V. (double stone)10/02/186212/08/1931
Holmes, Mary B.Dau. of A. B. & A. M. Holmes09/02/189501/26/1896
Holmes, Nancy AnnWife of T. W. Holmes06/03/182808/10/1878
Holmes, O. A.08/01/184104/09/1909
Holmes, Ollie P.Dau. of J. H. & L. V. Holmes08/20/188803/03/1890
Holmes, T. W.09/01/181803/12/1898
Holmes, Thomas Howard12/16/191505/13/1935
Holmes, WayneSon of F. M. & Minnie Holmes07/15/191306/03/1915
Holmes, Will (double stone)11/19/189209/03/1943
Holmes, Winnie A.Dau. of J. H. & L. V. Holmes10/28/189807/21/1899
Holmes, Wm. C.Son of T. W. & N. A. Holmes04/10/186709/15/1873
Infant(No name – presumed to be child of Martha E. & James H. Underwood)1897
Ingley, Susan M.Wife of W. G. Ingley11/02/185901/25/1924
Jackson, A. Clyde (double stone)18831962
Jackson, Abiah A.Dau. of H. C. & H. A. Jackson05/17/189102/18/1892
Jackson, Almer B.04/19/191103/11/1964
Jackson, Amanda E.Wife of J. P. Jackson05/01/185907/16/1892
Jackson, Andrew05/18/182209/04/1900
Jackson, Aubrey O.Texas PFC 1884 Service Unit World War II
Jackson, Charles L.04/28/187408/12/1917
Jackson, Daisey V.1886
Jackson, David A.Son of N. O. & M. L. Jackson02/12/187702/10/1893
Jackson, Dorothy (double stone)
Jackson, G. E.04/23/184912/11/1923
Jackson, George A. (Ott)01/30/189510/13/1968
Jackson, Harold05/24/191307/27/1914
Jackson, Hepsie JonesWife of Henry C. Jackson10/01/186106/29/1945
Jackson, HorageaSon of J. P. & Amanda E. Jackson03/14/188911/17/1910
Jackson, J. P.12/06/185002/03/1926
Jackson, John P.Son of H. C. & H. A. Jackson08/08/188010/28/1880
Jackson, Lola03/14/190012/18/1932
Jackson, M. E.Wife of G. E. Jackson07/—/185502/18/1917
Jackson, Mary Lou (double stone)09/05/185905/30/1936
Jackson, Miss Mattie18531944
Jackson, Nancy07/01/183001/29/1908
Jackson, Newman L.07/15/191410/25/1915
Jackson, Newman O. (double stone)02/12/185307/29/1940
Jackson, Nora RoxanaDau. of J. P. & A. E. Jackson12/16/187609/22/1877
Jackson, Oscar05/13/188307/25/1917
Jackson, Otho Huston02/28/190106/25/1901
Jackson, Sidney O.01/09/189204/15/1928
Jackson, Stella E.Age 23 days Dau. of J. P. & A. E. Jackson10/07/1887
Jackson, U. Edward09/24/188106/10/1970
Jackson, Vera C.Mother04/07/189507/24/1938
Jackson, WalterSon of N. O. & M. L. Jackson02/05/188012/03/1882
Jackson, William R.Son of N. O. & M. L. Jackson12/22/188509/29/1902
Jeffress, Dr. D. H.11/18/183710/10/1885
Johnston, C. N.03/13/184703/12/1918
Johnston, Fred Western10/29/189608/31/1966
Johnston, Mack A. (double stone)04/10/187201/11/1957
Johnston, Mrs. F. C.Wife of W. F. Johnston05/16/182807/01/1893
Johnston, Rebecca J.Wife of C. N. JohnstonBorn in Alabama03/07/185309/12/1909
Johnston, Sophronia (double stone)12/17/187510/02/1946
Jones, Adeline CarawayWife of John R. Jones09/10/184006/11/1929
Jones, AmandaWife of L. F. Jones12/15/183905/27/1878
Jones, Edith C.12/15/184312/04/1878
Jones, Jesse F.02/06/185905/18/1948
Jones, John LouisSon of J. R. & A. JonesAge 1 mo. 11 das.05/09/1882
Jones, John R.06/20/183411/11/1915
Jones, Luke F. (rock vault broken)01/22/184211/27/1879?
Jones, May OnieDau. of J. R. & A. JonesAge 3 mos. 5 das.08/10/1883
Jones, Mrs. DorothyErected to the memory of our Mother, Mrs. Dorothy Sutherland, wife of Francis P. JonesBorn in Duplin Co., N. C.Died in Hood Co., Texas06/15/181201/14/1889
Jones, Robert CarawaySon of J. R. & Adeline Caraway Jones01/11/187511/22/1878
Keahey, Daniel R.Son of E. J. & M. O. KeaheyBorn Erath Co. Texas07/11/186709/23/1889
Keahey, E. J.03/10/184401/02/1900
Keahey, Elizabeth (double stone)His Wife [of John F. Keahey]07/18/183608/24/1918
Keahey, Frank01/21/188310/16/1918
Keahey, George Norton (double stone)07/19/187407/17/1946
Keahey, Hardy L.Son of E. J. & M. O. KeaheyBorn Erath Co. Texas04/01/187610/09/1877
Keahey, James T.Son of A. S. & M. E. Keahey03/07/186802/28/1896
Keahey, John F. (double stone)11/18/183203/30/1880
Keahey, Margaret O.06/25/184902/06/1940
Keahey, MurtieDau. of A. S. & M. E. Keahey02/16/189001/17/1896
Keahey, Nancy Edmiston (double stone)18851965
Keahey, Theodocia A.Dau. of A. S. & M. E. Keahey12/30/187902/13/1889
Keahey, William O.Son of T. J. & E. A. Keahey01/01/187802/26/1889
Kelley, Eliza E.Dau. of W. G. & S. Kelley01/18/188010/24/1897
Kelley, Ollie P.In memory of Pvt. Ollie P. Kelley, A.E.F., Buried at Sea02/20/189310/01/1918
Kincannon, Hettie Iona19051953
Landers, Abel RobertPapa18551900
Landers, Jimmie M.Son of A. B. & Joe Landers12/06/189308/31/1895
Landers, Mattie RowenaSister18921903
Landers, Sallie E.Dau. of A. B. & Joe Landers03/02/188805/23/1889
Larned, AnnieWife of W. F. Larned01/31/185503/17/1919
Larned, Frederick S.07/21/182311/08/1914
Larned, Frederick S.07/21/182311/08/1914
Larned, John W.Woodman of the World12/09/188212/05/1907
Larned, Sarah Elizabeth (double stone)09/13/1891
Larned, Thomas09/03/189203/15/1919
Larned, Walter Andrew (double stone)12/28/188801/07/1959
Larned, Walter F.12/08/185311/19/1947
Layne, HarveyHusband of Bell Layne01/08/186203/01/1898
Lee, Robert E. (stone broken)02/13/186507/29/1890
Like, AnnWife of J. Like05/08/184606/03/1889
Loftin, Mary Gray(Martin Funeral Home marker)19121967
Long, IdaWife of E. B. Long01/02/188102/16/1923
Long, Millie EthelDau. of J. H. & Clara Long08/14/190412/08/1912
Long, Pruitte E.Son of E. B. & Ida Long10/03/189808/15/1900
M. E. D. (sand stone, no dates, no name)
Mabry, Little Cullie (stone broken)Dau. of M. A. Mabry18841893
Mackey, Martha J.10/10/183209/26/1902
Mackey, W. A. (stone broken)02/13/183404/22/1879
Manley, Brewer B.19181938
McBee, W. J.Born Hood Co. Texas09/14/185612/28/1882
McCleskey, Ezeka H.Son of J. B. & S. A. McCleskey18721876
McCleskey, Mary A.Wife of J. J. McCleskey02/01/181904/25/1875
McCleskey, Stephen D.05/17/186003/17/1898
McCleskey, Virginia H.12/06/186111/24/1934
McDonald, Alice18571933
McDonald, Alice L.Dau. of Dr. J. T. & Alice McDonald
McDonald, Dr. J. T.07/18/185308/29/1904
McGaughy, Johnnie P.Son of Dr. J. B. & S. E. McGaughy03/27/186908/29/1875
McInroe, Jan Eugene06/24/1946
McMillan, E. L. (Ebb) (double stone)Papa03/22/188012/25/1952
McMillan, Nellie (double stone)Mama03/10/188312/04/1970
Meek, Adderson (rock vault)Son of C. C. & Ella Meek03/08/188407/26/1884
Meek, Edwin (rock vault)Son of C. C. & E. Meek12/12/187904/07/1880
Meek, MaryForth [sic] wife of John Meek01/15/182311/06/1891
Melton, Gertrude (double stone)03/16/1904
Melton, John W. (double stone)03/07/189912/07/1969
Melton, Marion V. (double stone)02/03/189201/06/1966
Melton, Mary H. (double stone)05/11/1893
Miller, Thomas B.01/15/192102/22/1947
Mizell, AdaDau. of J. C. & M. E. Mizell01/04/188105/04/1894
Mizell, Infantof J. C. & M. E. Mizell09/20/188809/20/1888
Mizell, J. C.04/04/184901/25/1902
Mizell, Luther M.Son of J. C. & M. E. Mizell02/13/188504/15/1887
Mizell, Thomas L.Son of J. C. & M. E. Mizell09/11/186902/26/1889
Moore, Elizabeth Caroline07/25/183204/20/1913
Moore, G. W.Age 62 yrs.08/04/1892
Moore, Isaac11/28/183110/17/1916
Moore, Sallie P.07/11/185012/07/1920
Morris, David Forrest (Masonic)In loving memory of David Forrest Morris;Buried in Abilene Texas08/26/189812/18/1958
Morris, Eugene S. (double stone)(Masonic)02/02/186810/25/1946
Morris, GeorgeSon of E. S. & G. D. Morris11/24/190606/29/1919
Morris, George D. (double stone)(Eastern Star)05/20/187203/16/1949
Morrison, ElizabethWife of Andrew Morrison09/26/181706/24/1906
Mosley, Flora M.Dau. of A. N. & D. M. Mosley06/21/189408/12/1895
Mulkey, Maud E. (double stone)10/25/187612/10/1956
Mulkey, R. C. (double stone)11/27/187012/24/1937
Norton, Jane(name scratched on curb, no dates)
Orum, Sarah A. E.Wife of H. P. Orum07/28/186203/10/1883
Our Darling Baby (no name)10/22/190410/22/1904
Painter, Rev. L.Age of 38 yrs. 8 mos.10/19/1885
Parris, Annie B.12/18/186812/16/1941
Parris, Effie Mae(Trewitt Reed Funeral Home)18961971
Parris, James Olin(Trewitt Reed Funeral Home marker, Stephenville, Texas)18911968
Parris, John C.04/02/186310/24/1904
Parris, Little JoeSon of J. C. & A. B. Parris03/22/189207/18/1893
Pate, E. C. (Masonic emblem)03/04/187011/30/1950
Pate, Mattie Lela05/24/188103/20/1966
Pate, Thomas ElijahW.O.W.10/07/190012/29/1965
Payne, Nancy G.Wife of A. P. Payne04/10/183210/07/1885
Perry, Charles W.Son of W. T. & A. B. Perry10/03/188901/04/1890
Pinson, G. G.11/25/184404/24/1886
Rayfield, G. W.Son of A. B. & Ella Rayfield05/26/191402/03/1916
Read, Aubrey (double stone)18821964
Read, Baby
Read, Ora Lee (double stone)1888
Roberts, A. JesseSon of A. B. & M. A. Roberts07/26/188709/15/1888
Rose, TommeySon of Sarah & John Rose08/24/188501/08/1905
Rousseau, Christopher C. (double stone)Father18761961
Rousseau, Mable Holmes (double stone)Mother18841919
Russell, Abraham04/29/183304/01/1901
Sharp, Leannah G.Wife of N. J. Sharp08/04/185403/31/1881
Sharp, W. N. R.12/24/184912/06/1881
Smith, Mary M. Jane12/20/185811/04/1945
Smith, Mrs. L. P.06/26/184112/03/1902
Stanford, W. A.K of P No. 6703/11/187208/06/1895
Stocks, Effie E. (double stone)Married 12/22/189803/18/188209/08/1970
Stocks, Floyd Sylvester09/10/190203/08/1960
Stocks, Hassie Mae (double stone)05/27/1923
Stocks, W. H. Jr. (double stone)05/22/191009/07/1952
Stocks, W. H. Sr. (double stone)Married 12/22/1898 (Masonic emblem)12/05/187606/27/1965
Stokes, Harriett L.Dau. of W. W. & S. R. StokesAge 5 yrs. 7 mos.11/30/1885
Stokes, Joel L.Son of W. W. & S. R. Stokes08/09/187006/28/1875
Stokes, Sarah R.Wife of W. W. Stokes07/15/184702/24/1883
Stokes, W. W.06/04/184708/09/1907
Stuckey, Daniel S.08/04/179201/01/1882
Sullins, Thomas L. (broken stone)05/13/187405/25/1886
Sumner, Roy PrenticeBrother18971911
Tanner, Loree ParrisWife of Joe Tanner10/07/190011/30/1946
Tatum, J. J.05/10/183903/21/1888
Tatum, Molly L.Dau. of J. J. & F. A. Tatum09/09/187003/15/1888
Tatum, Mrs. Flordie Ann02/16/183904/01/1909
Taylor, Charlie S. (double stone)08/26/187008/24/1922
Taylor, Conelia [sic]11/01/184101/28/1915
Taylor, J. M.01/18/183011/02/1891
Taylor, Nannie J. (double stone)02/26/187607/29/1967
Tidwell, Albert18491937
Tidwell, BentonSon of A. G. & M. T. Tidwell04/01/190106/20/1909
Tidwell, Bly10/01/186606/11/1947
Tidwell, Gordon H.18931970
Tidwell, Gus H.Brother11/24/185906/01/1935
Tidwell, InfantDau. of A. C. & Mollie Tidwell11/20/189811/21/1898
Tidwell, InfantSon of A. C. & Mollie Tidwell11/12/189611/21/1896
Tidwell, J. B.08/22/182902/01/1916
Tidwell, Marvil (double stone)12/08/181004/09/1885
Tidwell, Matilda (double stone)His wife [of Marvil Tidwell]01/08/181503/01/1894
Tidwell, Mattie18471907
Tidwell, Minda04/20/186307/05/1946
Tidwell, MinnieWife of J. B. Tidwell12/30/183204/10/1919
Tidwell, Mollie T.Wife of A. C. Tidwell04/08/187704/25/1901
Tidwell, U. B.Wife of J. A. Tidwell10/01/187012/29/1907
Tinnin, Charity(rock vault) (scratched on vault)07/02/1801or07/02/180407/22/1885
Tinnin, H. E.(Morrison Funeral Home marker, Graham)18881888
Tinnin, Hannah (rock vault)02/14/183008/08/1874
Tinnin, Isaac C. (double stone)Father18541914
Tinnin, Jacob E.05/29/185908/03/1896
Tinnin, Jane C. (rock vault)Wife of W. B. Tinnin07/07/183610/10/1888
Tinnin, Laura “Mother”Wife of J. E. Tinnin03/10/186108/09/1949
Tinnin, Margaret L. (rock vault)02/29/186407/12/1904
Tinnin, Mary M.Wife of J. E. Tinnin04/22/185904/02/——
Tinnin, Maud(Morrison Funeral Home marker)18731883
Tinnin, Maude12/23/188509/27/1887
Tinnin, Valutia (double stone)Mother18471934
Tinnin, William B.01/03/182606/29/1904
Tinnin, Wm. B.Husband of Rutha G. Tinnin01/22/185605/23/1895
Troutman, Frank A.Texas SFC Air Service, World War I02/02/189108/28/1956
Troutman, Franklin Jewell03/08/189402/20/1966
Tuck, Dr. John09/01/186905/15/1902
Turner, George B.Son of Geo. & R. A. Turner (vault)Age 13 days01/03/1879
Turner, Green H. (double stone)Father18351902
Turner, Martha J. (double stone)Mother18391930
Turner, T. H.Son of G. H. & M. J. Turner18671897
Underwood, Elmer E.03/09/190801/22/1929
Underwood, Green M.10/15/187307/28/1948
Underwood, James H. (double stone)08/18/187002/22/1950
Underwood, Martha E. (double stone)12/18/187108/16/1964
Underwood, NancyWife of G. M. Underwood02/11/187402/22/1921
Underwood, Robert Ray03/06/189808/20/1952
Vaughn, Eugene S.Son of S. G. & L. E. Vaughn08/12/189008/30/1891
Walker, LewisSon of R. L. & A. B. Walker06/16/188510/15/1885
Watson, Mettie Denson10/30/192108/28/1966
West, EmmaWife of G. H. West10/11/187912/27/1904
Whitaker, Gertrude LarnedWife of W. D. Whitaker01/01/187708/23/1915
White, Floy L.Mother18921917
White, Glenn E. (double stone)11/02/191403/20/1944
White, John12/11/183208/28/1913
White, M. A.Wife of J. N. White12/14/181311/15/1902
White, M. A. (double stone)Wife of T. A. White07/11/184211/07/1916
White, T. A. (double stone)12/09/183912/21/1921
White, Veda O. (double stone)09/13/1912
Williams, BettieWife of John T. Williams08/09/184802/05/1909
Williams, Branch V. (double stone)18871957
Williams, Daisey A.Dau. of J. T. & M. L. Williams02/13/188902/22/1889
Williams, David W.Son of D. W. & V. L. Williams07/23/188709/21/1887
Williams, James R. (double stone)03/31/187608/28/1932
Williams, James T.Father18451929
Williams, John T.183603/31/1913
Williams, Lena E. (double stone)12/29/1885
Williams, Loraine09/23/191811/21/1930
Williams, Mary L.Mother18601949
Williams, Verona LeeWife of D. W. Williams10/22/186908/08/1887
Williams, Wm. A.Son of J. T. & S. E. Williams09/13/187304/20/1900
Williams, Zele (double stone)1894
Wilson, Alton E.Son of C. F. & M. Wilson08/16/192512/24/1925
Wilson, Baby
Winn, Edna Lee04/11/190601/27/1907
Winn, Harvey Edwin (double stone)05/28/187206/19/1942
Winn, Masel Beatrice (double stone)12/22/1871
Winn, Opal10/03/1903
Winn, Ross12/02/192212/04/1922
Winn, Ross A. (double stone)03/17/189804/28/1959
Winn, Thomas O.11/07/190405/22/1905
Wood, AnnWife of T. A. Wood18521925
Wood, Charlie R.Son of M. A. & S. J. Wood12/189305/1885
Wood, David M.Additional names on tombstone:D. J. Dunagen, M. L. Jackson, M. E. Lawing, George W. Wood02/11/183606/21/1905
Wood, Floral (double stone)01/22/189007/17/1890
Wood, J. A.Father05/31/187102/08/1960
Wood, LizzieDau. of D. M. & M. E. Wood09/13/187203/17/1886
Wood, Lorenzo Dow04/16/180512/07/1889
Wood, Louisa R.Wife of L. D. Wood01/29/181011/16/1875
Wood, Mary A. L.Wife of R. M. Wood01/08/184603/23/1876
Wood, Mary C.Mother08/25/187501/01/1940
Wood, Mary E. (large square marker)Wife of D. M. WoodAdditional names on tombstone:D. J. Dunagan, M. L. Jackson, K. E. Henley, I. R. Caraway, M. E. Lawing, G. W. Wood02/14/183009/15/1894
Wood, Poram (double stone)01/22/189008/10/1890
Wood, Robert I.Son of T. A. & M. E. Wood08/24/186708/24/1886
Wood, SusanDau. of R. M. & M. A. Wood08/16/187509/19/1876
Wood, T. A.Husband of S. A. Wood08/11/184211/08/1897
Wood, ZacSon of R. M. & M. A. Wood05/31/187305/31/1873
Woods, Beulah06/16/1907
Woods, Emma J.18791944
Woods, Henderson02/28/190109/17/1970
Woods, Hugh W.03/27/184701/13/1905
Woods, JewellDau. of H. W. & Nettie Woods11/28/189601/25/1899
Woods, John H.18751961
Woods, Martin B.Texas 2EC 3 13 Armd Div02/01/192106/09/1946
Wright, Lorenzo Dow (double stone)09/17/189507/04/1971
Wright, Mary Elizabeth (double stone)09/08/1894
Wyly, Mary Lilly01/06/187909/17/1970
Yates, 1st Lt. David E.Killed in Que Son Province July 13, 1969, 23 Inf. Div. Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, National Order of South Viet Nam, Gallantry Cross with Palms04/28/194707/13/1969
Young, E. W.09/23/179405/22/1883