Since 1962

The latest addition to the family of churches in Paluxy Association is the Fairview Baptist Church. A fairly strong church had been in that community for many years until 1930. By that time the membership had declined until the members felt that it would be more profitable for them to be in a larger church. The church was disbanded, and the members came into the First Baptist Church of Granbury. Thirty years later conditions seemed favorable for the beginning of a work in the community again.

In the summer of 1962 Elroy Holt and Harold Ray Bolton arranged for a revival meeting, conducted by Rev. Bill Luton of Huntsville, Texas. A tent was stretched in front of the old Fairview School, and Rev. Luton preached each night for a week. Enough of the people of the community pledged their support that the First Baptist Church of Granbury considered it wise to sponsor a mission in the community. C.G. Carter was named pastor, J.P. Lancaster became the Sunday School Superintendent and Philip Carter the music director. The school building was leased for a nominal fee of $1.00 per year and the work was launched. It continued with alternate encouraging and discouraging cycles. However, a few adults were baptized during the year. C.G. Carter’s position would not permit him to continue with the mission for more than one year. Rev. D.M. Sanders was secured as pastor, and under his leadership real progress was seen. For 15 years little permanent progress was realized. Then under the leadership of Rev. Lloyd Roberts new life seemed to be infused into the members. Attendance increased, and a new vision seemed to characterize the members. In November 1978, 23 members signed a petition asking that the mission be recognized as a church. The organization took place on November 19, 1978. The council consisted of Gene B. Hadley, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Granbury, C.G. Carter, R.E. Jackson, and Lloyd Roberts. Loyd Roberts was elected as Pastor. Rev. Roberts resigned a short time later, and Rev. W.C. McVicker was called as pastor. Under his leadership the church has made remarkable progress. They have purchased the building and grounds which had previously been leased and erected a very attractive brick church building, which was dedicated October 19, 1980. Present membership is 82.

Paluxy Baptist Association Centennial Story
1880 – 1980