Since 1935

In the summer of 1935, Rev. N.W. Pitts, Associational Missionary, conducted a revival in an old school house in Thorp Spring. There is no record of a church having been constituted, but the record states that there were 21 additions by baptism and three by letter. They felt the need of a Sunday School and elected Floyd Keenery as Superintendent. Teachers were Mrs. Mattie Barton, Lois Moore, Lain Bird, and Pauline Rogers. They had no pastor except for the visits of Brother Pitts. Highest attendance was 45. A Brother Avery from Brownwood served as pastor in 1947 and 1948. He was followed by Rev. J.C. Hood, who immediately began making plans for a building. Because they were unable to build the church, it became a mission of the First Baptist Church of Granbury. The Granbury Church loaned them $1,000.00 for the building. The work was done by the members. The building was dedicated January 1, 1951 with Rev. J.D. Brannon, District Missionary, directing the service. The mission became a church again on October 2, 1960. Total membership in 1980 was 100. There was no pastor at that time.

Paluxy Baptist Association Centennial Story
1880 – 1980