Terry Funeral Home Granbury, Texas

Subject: Re: Terry Funeral Home Records
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 11:50:13 -0500
From: Frank Saffarrans <opa@hcnews.com>
To: Betty Houchins Blevins <ebk@mesh.net>

Betty Houchins Blevins wrote:



Is Terry Funeral Home still in existence in Granbury? If not, who purchased it and do you have any idea what happened to the records?

Betty Houchins Blevins <ebk@mesh.net>


Dear Betty Houchins,

 As related to Frank Saffarrans by Hood County local historian Mary Kate Durham:

 In the early 1970s Mr. Albert Terry sold his funeral home to Mr. Gomar Pitts. Mr. Pitts owned other funeral homes outside of Hood County so he and George Martin combined assets and became partners in operation of the Granbury Martin Funeral Home. Later Mr. Martin bought his silent partner’s, Mr. Pitts, interest in the Granbury funeral home.

The Hood County Genealogical Society organized in 1982 but being very busy with the restoration of the Granbury Depot as well as the County Governmental records that had just come into their possession they did not get interested in funeral home records until after Mr. Terry’s death in 1987.

In the early 1990s Mary Kate Durham and others made extensive efforts to locate the Terry’s funeral home records. Mr. Pitts and Mr. Martin said they had never seen the records nor had Mrs. Terry. Mrs. Terry said they were probably destroyed. Mary Kate Durham worked at the Martin Funeral for a time and had access to the funeral home records there but could not locate the Terry records.

Maybe we will get lucky and they will show up some day.

Frank Saffarrans
Hood County Genealogical Society