“C” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

TRACY, S. H.	Caldwell, Ellen	8Aug.1884 C/046 (NR)**
WEST, George	Caldwell, Ida	3Mar.1895 D/179 (340)
ROE(?), W. T.	Caldwell, Julia	30Mar.1899 D/366 (148)
HOLDER, Ed.	Caldwell, Lou	18Aug.1895 D/195 (118)
HAYNES, Wil.liam J.	Callaway, N. S.	18May 1876 A/081 (139)
higgins, E. M.	Calvertl(Mrs)Mattie A	20June1883 C/007 (039)
BOSTICK, W.T.	Calvin, Fannie	2Dec.1894 D/157 (41)
BOSTICK, J.E.	Camp, C.E.	22July1894 D/145 (41)
MAY, H. L.	Camp, Louisa	14May 1876 A/097 (007)
WALLS, J. A.	Camp, Lucy	6Dec.1893 D/118 (023)
SARGENT, B. T.	Camp, Martha F.	6Dec.1893 D/118 (023)
MEEKER, G. H.	Campbell, A. E.	4Feb.1897 D/264 (022)
BARTON, W.E.	Campbell, Irene	25Dec.1898 D/353 (66)
ABLES, Joseph	Campbell, Lucy	3Jan.1878 A/208
MORRIS, T. L.	Campbell,(Mrs)Letitia 	25Spt.1891 D/017 (023)
HENDON, James E.	Canada, Emma	13Aug.1890 C/262 (222)
BARTON, J.A.	Canada, S.C.	23Spt.1897 D/291 (64)
MOODY, E. K.	Capps, Florence	17Alg.1877 A/187 (068)
BLANKENSHIP, W.B.	Caraway, Amanda	14Aug.1898 D/330 (90)
HENLEY, G. V.	Caraway, Emma	19July1893 D/098 (069)
WALKER,J. S.	Caraway, S. V.	21June1880 B/088 (020)
HODGES, D. N.	Caraway,Ella	22Oct.1895 D/196 (012)
WATKINS, R. C.	Carlile, L. A.	8NOv.1896 D/249 (019)
CUMMINS, John B.	Carnes, Lillie	16Jan.1899 D/359 (116)
PATRICK, J. W.	Carnes, Serepta	16Ap1.1884 C/035 (012)
HIGGINS, J. J.	Carpenter, Carrie	llJuly1884 C/041 (039)
FORD, J.H.	Carsmach, M.F.	27July1875 A/024 (150)
McPHAIL, J. R.	Carson, Bell	22July1885 C/078 (023)
BLOCK, Isaac	Carson, M.E.	13Feb.1893 D/083 (12)
MOORE, Waddy	Carter, Dora	16Dec.1891 D/029 (059)
HENRY, L. W.	CArter, E. P.	26Feb.1890 C/243 (046)
HARGROVE, J.F.	Carter, G. P.	29Nov,1891 D/027 (038)
HOLT,Z. B.	Carter, Zody	20June1888 C/183 (021)
HEMPHILL, Wm.	Caruthers, Addie A.	llSpt.1887 C/161 (003)
DUDLEY, P.K.	Casey, America M.	16June1877 A/171 (NR)**
SNELSON, J. W.	Cash, Charlott	3Jan.1892 D/036 (023)
CARMICHAEL, G.W.	Cash, Easia	10Mar.1892 D/043 (023)
CARMICHAEL, P.R.	Cash, Maggie	26Nov.1891 D/026 (023)
MOORE, G. W.	Cash, Sarah L.	7Feb.1884 C/030 (136)
DAWSON, K.J.	Casity, Mattie P.	28Oct.1883 C/020 !031)
WHITE,J. V.	Cassle, R. E.	16Oct.1878 A/271 (235)
WHITE,J. V.	Cassle, R. E.	24Oct.1878 A/271 (087)
STOKES, B. F.	Catberth, Sarah	5Nov.1875 A/042 (324)
SUE, D. M.	Cavasos, H. A.	21Mar.1883 C/001 (007)
DAVIS, J.W.L.	Cavitt, Ella	17Jan.1894 D/131 (162)
CUSTER, S. E.	Cayle, Anna	9Oct.1884 C/054 (012)
DENNIS, J.B.	Chadwick, LIzzie L.	25Dec, 1890 C/280(005)
NIPPER, W, R.	Chambers, Nellie G.	3Aug.1884 C/045 (012)
SMITH, John	Chambers, Ruth	14Ap1.1895 D/182 (318)
LANDERS, H. R.	Chambers, Sallie 	14July1878 4/229 (020)
McGUIRE, William	Champion, Elizabeth	6Jan.1875 A/018 (263)
WILLIAMS,W.M,	Chandler, Etta	24June1892 D/051 (130)
WILLIAMS,George	Chaney, Melvina	19Aug.1883 C/016 (011)
HENDERSON, Wm.	Cheek, Eula	19May,1893 D/090 (221)
CARTER, Thos.	Cheek, Jewel	2Spt.1894 D/146 (134)
BUCK, J.E.	Cherry, E.M.	23Nov.1884 C/060 (012)
SHAVERI(?) L. C. 	Cherry, Ethel	22Nov.1893 D/111 (079)
BUCK, T.L.	Cherry, Lucy	21Feb.1895 D/177 (040)
AKERS, L.E.	Cherry, Lula	23Oct.1898 D/339 (16)
FITZHUGH, H,V.	Cherry, Mattie 	22June1898 D/324 (189)
CHOATE, Jno. D.	Choate,(Mrs) F. N. 	2Dec.1884 C/062 (NR)**
WYATT, L. M.	Clapp, Lavinia	4May 1893 D/089 (234)
SHOAF (?), G. H.	Clapp, Sallie T.	2June1895 D/182 (316)
RANSOM, J. W.	Clark, Ala	14Aug.1887 C/158 (306)
CHANDLER, F.H.	Clark, Annie	7Oct,1896 D/247 (139)
PEVELER, B. H.	Clark, Belle	2Mar.1880 B/074 (039)
DOSS, E.M.	Clark, FAnnie E.	17Mar.1889 C/208 (021)
BROWN, P.F.	Clark, Laura	12June1887 C/152 (003)
HOLLOWAY, R. F.	Clark, Lou Ella	23Dec.1896 D/257 (139)
SHAFFER, G. W.	Clark, Mattie W.	30Nov.1898 D/346 (139)
ROGERS, J. B.	Clark, Minnie	13May 1883 C/004 (003)
NORTONIJ. H.	Clark, Rosa	1Oct.1893 D/111 (060)
RIGSBY, John	Clark,(Mrs) M. M.	16Aug.1890 C/261 (023)
CAUSAS, A.M.	Clauk, A.A.	18Aug.1889 C/222 (113)
CARLILE, L.E.	ClaYk, R.A.	20Dec.1893 D/124 (098)
DAVIS, C.H.	Cleveland, Annie 	3July1892 D/053 (059)
CLIFTON, J. E.	Cleveland, Essie	23Dec.1894 D/161 (023)
HAYWORTH, A. J.	Clifton, B. D.	14Dec.1899 D/403 (160)
TIMMIN, J. H.	Clifton, Mollie	3Spt.1899 D/380 (041)
ANDREWS, J.L.	Clifton, N. E.	17Jan,1884 C/029 (12)
CLEVELAND, W. W.	Clifton, Ophelia	23Mar.1882 B/225 (013)
FRUDY, William	Cline, L.E.	14Oct.1880 B/105 (102)
LOCKLIN, William	Coatney, A. E.	4Dec.1881 B/204 (139)
PARIS, W. R.	Cobb, Maggie L.	1Jan.1899 D/354 (069)
BAKER, G.C.S.	Cochran, L.J.	24May 1877 A/168 (53)
CROSS, W. R.	Cochran, Sallie E. 	7June1877 A/169 (053)
MARTIN, P. V.	Cogdill, Linda	25Dec.1890 C/279 (130)
McNUTT (?), W. E.	Cogdill, M. A.	3July1892 D/053 (130)
TURNER, Wm. M.	Cogdill, Martha C.	27Jan.1889 C/203 (093)
McKINNEY, Perry	Cogdillm Maggie	24Dec.1891 D/033 (193)
BRANCH, Oscar	Coleman, Alma	10Dec.1899 D/401 (084)
McILROY, S. L.	Coleman, E. V.	25Oct.1898 D/339 (016)
BRAZELL, J.F.	Collings, Estella E. 	7Ap1.1887 C/147 (044)
BAKER, Beverly	Collins, Alice Eliza 	16June1875 A/019 (52)
HOBSON, N. E.	Collins, L. A.	18July1895 D/190 (041)
 HOUSE, O.	Collins, M. J.	9Feb.1876 A/075 (052)
BISHOP, J.D.	Compters, E.E,	27Spt.1877 A/194 ( 7)
GOFFORD, James P.	Compton, Eden	24Nov.1880 B/116 (NR)+'
BEDWELL, J.C.	Conn, G. E.	3May 1888 C/180 (72)
BLACK W; O.	Cook, Amanda	6Oct.1895 D/214 (86)
KOHLBAN, F. J.	Cook, Antonia	24Dec.1894 D/031 (155)
MEEK, R. D.	Cook, Doke	4Jan.1891 C/283 (007)
RIPPETOE, J. L.	Cook, Dora	4Nov.1894 D/153 (039)
WALTERS, Jesse S.	Cook, Elizabeth	2June1878 A/240 	 (formexlyElizabeth Staples) (
KENT, O. A.	Cook, Eva	9JUne1889 C/216 (130)
REYNOLDS,S. C.	Cook, Hattie	13Ap1.1890 C/249 (147)
COORE, W. B.	Cook, Ida	24July1890 C/259 (012)
BISKOP, J.F.	Cook, M.L.	5Ap1.1888 C/178 (85)
HARRIS,Charles I.	Cook, Mary	20Mar.1898 D/317 (152)
JEFFERSON, G. W.	Cook, Mary	23Nov.1889 C/232 (021)
EATON, James	Cook, Mollie	I'7May 1891 D/007 (007)
Trehearn, W. H.	Cook, Nora	10Ap1.1889 C/210 (007)
BLAIR, L.J.	Cook, O.V.	1May 1892 D/047 (21)
STEPHENS, John	Cook,(Mrs) Paralee	18May 1890 C/253 (239)
REYNOLDS,R. L.	Cooke, Florence	31Dec.1891 D/034 (186)
WALLER, N. G.	Cooper, Emma	30July1885 C/081 (003)
JOHNSON, J. H.	Cooper, Kate	23 Nov.1898 D/345 (019)
TRACY, S. M.	Cooper, M. A.	8Nov.1878 A/202 (024)
SERVELL, L. L.	Cooper, S. E.	14Dec,1876 A/134 (024)
SMITH, J. W.	Copper, Millie	3June1878 A/216 (020)
CROCKETT, R. P.	Corley, Lydia	23Juli1889 C/221 (012)
WALTERS, Wash	Cornelius, Ann	26Mar.1876 A/138 (294)
DAUGHERTY, L.W.	Counts, Pemilia	25Ap1.1891 D/004 (012)
WOHLFORD, J. J.	Couse (?), Laura	1Jan.1878 A/215 (020)
WOHLFORD, J. A.	Couse (?), M. E.	20June1878 A/245 (002)
SNODGRASS, W. R.	Cowfield, Isabella	9Oct.1884 C/053 (322)
 HUGHES, J. L.	Cox, I. M.	12Nov.1885 C/091 (070)
PURSELLEY, C. L.	Cox, M. R.	20Aug.1893 D/102 (006)
BOYT, R.J.	Cox, M.M.	3Oct.1886 C/126 (070)
ANDERSON, R.N.	Crawford, Eva	24Mar.1892 D/044 (30)
WATTS, A. W.	Crawford, M.	21Nov.1894 D/155 (040)
McQueen, JOseph	Creech(Mrs) T. A,	29Oct.1889 C/230 (096)
CRASTIN, J. J	Creles, E. E.	14 Oct.1880 B/106 (NR)**
INGLEY, W. G.	Crites(Mrs)Susan M.	17Jan.1886 C/102 (108)
WINN, W. T.	Crites, Lou	10Dec.1892 D/119 (009)
ENDSLEY, S.A.	CRITES, M.L.	23Nov.1884 c/061 (136)
LOMAX, R. C.	Crites, Mattie J.	5Oct.1884 C/053 (012)
FAULKNER, K.H.	Crites, Mollie	28Nov.1893 D/116 (012)
GOODELL, Lyman P	Crockett, Dollie M.	4May 1890 C/252 (012)
KENT, Edgar	Crockett, Newal	13Oct.1889 C/228 (007)
HINES, Thos. H.	Crockett, O. E.	12Jan.1881 B/140 (012)
McDANIEL, W. T.	Cross, Priscilla	26Feb.1888 C/175 (058)
SHIRLEY, J. A.	Cross, Rhoda	10July1896 D/158 (012)
LEE, John O.	Crowell, Ella	16Ap1.1898 D.319 (064)
TIMMIN, Geo. H.	Cruce, N. L.	llAug.1892 D/059 (029)
BILLS, W.H.	Cruce, S,A.	10Dec.1899 D/420 (84)
McWHORTER, W. M.	Crum, Mary	24June1880 B/087 (264)
ATWOOD, W.M.	Crum, Sissie	10Dec.1891 D/028 ( 1)
WINDSOR, S. D.	Cummings, C. E.	12Aug.1883 C/014 (031)
SMITH, Sterling	Cummings, M. A.	4Dec.1879 B/057 (003)
REESE, J. C.	Cunningham, A. T.	20Dec.1877 A/221 (024)
DANIEL, R. C.	Cunningham,(Mrs)M. J. 	5Dec.1886 C/134 (104)
WOOD, W. L. D.	Curl, Evie P.	19Oct.1893 D/109 (051)
MELUGIN, C. F.	Curry,(Mrs)F. S.	27Dec.1898 D/353 (265)
 HOWETH, Thos. J.	Curtis, Mary A. 	22Aug.1882 B/249 (223)
HARALSON, A,V.	Curtis,(Mrs)Josie Nutt	16Oct.1892D/066 (195)
 HOWARD, J, L.	Custer, July	12July1883 C/010 (083)

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