“E” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

EADES, J.F.         Hathcox, D.R.          4Feb.1897 D/264 (023)
EAKIN, L.M.         Bays, A.B.             1Ap1.1877 A/163 (178)
EARNEST, L.E.       Dunning, Lou          27Nov.1898 D/346 (029)
EARP, John W.       Byrum, Lucy            1Mar.1876 A/093 (179)
EATON, James        Cook, Mollie          17May 1891 D/007 (007)
EAVENS, (Kavens?)T W. Shapard, W.J.       10NOv.1886 C/130 (012)
EBBERHART, A.H.     Neely, D.L.           20May 1897 D/274 (180)
EBBERHART, J.P.     Neely,(Mrs)S.M.        3Jan.1897 D/261 (069)
EBERHART, J.T.      TAylor, Annie         12May 1887 C/149 (069)
ECHOLS, John R,     Powell, Lovada A.      6Spt.1893 D/104 (181)
EDENS, E.C.         Miller, J.E.          20Ap1.1882 B/232 (013)
EDMUNDSON, J.T.     Howsley, Willie       220ct.1899 D/390 (158)
EDWARD, J.R.        Holbert,(Mrs) D.M.     1Mar.1883 B/291 (080)
EDWARDS, C.C.       Gilliland, K.E.      10Feb.1876 A/066 (013)
EDWARDS, Jno P      Henslee, Elizabeth   17July1884 C/043 (007)
EDWARDS, W,M.       Blake, Emma          25Dec,1896 D/259 (182)
EDWARDS, W.P,       Walsh, Johnie        12Nov.1899 D/393 (158)
ELKINS, W.N.        Lobstine, M.A,       230ct.1881 B/196 (139)
ELLIOTT, A.C.       Davis Beatrice       30Aug.1892 D/062 (079)
ELLIOTTIJ.F.        White, Sallie        28NOv.1884 C/060 (161)
ELLIOTT, W.A.       Fletcher,(Mrs)M.A.L. 16Jan.1890 C/240 (038)
ELLIS, S.F.         Richards, Eliza C,     llSpt.1880 B/098 (NR)"
ELLIS, W.           Kantch, S.E.           14Nov.1875 A/043 (183)
ELLSWORTH, A.C.      Miller, Minnie        17May 1899 D/369 (184)
ELLUMBOUGH,John     Hastings,(Mrs.Caroline  8Feb.1888 C/173 (041)
ELWOOD, Alexander   Buckhalter,S.E.        27June1878 A/246 (185)
ENDSLEY, Joseph      Tippit, Ella          27July1884 C/043 (023)
ENDSLEY, S.A.        CRITES, M.L.          23Nov.1884 c/061 (136)
ERIKSON, ED          Brooks, Mollie Y.      4july1879 A/296 (174)
ESTES, J.T.          Shirley, Beulah       250ct.1891 D/022 (186)
ESTES, R.Y.          Lyle, F.E.            21Aug.1879 b/034 (010)
ESTES, Richard       Williams, Sallie      26May 1878 A/238 (187)
ETHRIDGE,D.F.        Tuuner, Martha        30July1877 A/179 (NR)**
ETHRIDGE,V.E.        Barton, Minnie        19Spt.1899 D/383 (188)
EUBANKS, A.          Robertson, Alice      27May 1885 C/075 (012)
EVANS, W.N.          Morgan, Rosa          17Spt.1884 C/051 (084)

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