“G” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

HAWLEY, N. M.	Gadbury, Elizabeth	23Dec.1880 B/124 (NR)*'
ROW, W. G.	Gaines, Mary	10June1883 C/005 (080)
GRAY, James	Gamer,(Mrs)Martha	6June1893 (D/095 (059)
BREWER, D.J.	Gamet, Jinnie	13Aug.1876 A/105 (053)
ARMSTRONG, James	Gandy,(Mrs,)Martha	25June1882 B/241 (37)
MEEKS, J. F.	GArdner, Sina	2Feb.1881 B/148 (132)
MARIA, Corsa	Garland, Emaline	20Mar.1876 A/082 (045)
BROWN, Z.C.	Garland, Ollie	 19May 1887
BOOGER, J.W.	Garner, Ella	17Dec.1884 C/065 (93)
LATTA, Ferman	Garner, Mary Ann	llAug.1881 B/186 (041)
RUSSELL, J. D.	Garrison,(Mrs) M.	11Oct.1890 C/267 (124)
GIFFORD, J.A.	Gartrell, Ida	26Dec.1888 C/200 (041)
WHITLEY, F. F.	Gatlin, A. H.	1Feb.1894 D/128 (023)
SHINEMAN, M. H.	Gee, (Mrs) S. N.	24Spt.1885 C/087 (118)
 HUGKES, G. W,	Gee, Lou Ella	20Dec.1884 C/066 (118)
SIBLER, J. M.	Gentry, Katie	27Nov.1879 B/053 (024)
MARTIN, Wm. C.	George, Florence	26July1899 D/375 (012)
ACUFF, C.L.	George, S.E.	12Nov.1893 D/115 ( 8)
 HUTCHISON, J. W.	Gerdrain, Permelia	7Spt.1879 B/040 (010)
MCGAUGHY, Luther	Germany, Henrietta	14Nov.1877 A/204 (020)
JEFFERSON, G.W.	Gibson, Alice	3Jan.1892 D/036 (236)
BUPP, J.Ed	Gibson, JEssie 	3May 1899 D/369 (012)
STOE, J. H.	Gifford, Ellen	5Nov.1899 D/391 (115)
LANDERS, Wm. D.	Gifford, J. M.	30Spt.1877 A/195 (
WORK, Boyd	Gifford, M. J,	27Jan.1887 C/142 (302)
ASTON, R.Y.	Gifford, M.C.	5Jan.1888 C/171 (41)
HARGROVE, J.V.	Gifford, Martha	5June1884 C/040 (041)
COMPTON, J. R.	Gifford, Mary	17Ap1.1890 C/250 (147)
BELCHER, T.J.	Gifford, Nannie C.	21Feb.1884 C/032 (73)
BERRYIF.M.	Gifford, Sarah T.	22Aug.1878 A/259 (43)
ATOR, N.B.	Giles, Annie	9Ap1.1894 D/133
KEY, D. M.	Giles, Ella	25July1897 D/283 (241)
PATTERSON, R. L.	Giles, Lenna	25Ap1.1897 D/272 (293)
TATE, Thomas	Giles, Nettie Annw	24Dec.1896 D/258 (309)
PATTERSON, W. R,	Giles, Rebecca	3Nov.1895 D/216 (021)
MELTON, C. K.	Giles, S. L.	llDEc.1892 D/072 (131)
DOSS, Walter	Giles, Sallie	16June1889 C/217 (170)
JOHNSON, Z. E.	Gilliam, U. C.	llJuly1883 C/010 (038)
EDWARDS, C.C.	Gilliland, K.E.	10Feb.1876 A/066 (013)
TURNER,Thomas P.	Gilmer,Sophia	6Feb.1877 A/150 (045)
WOHLFORD, C. A.	Glenn, Alice	9Ap1.1893 D/086 (079)
GRAHAM, Edward F.	Glenn, Sarah K.	14Spt.1876 A/113 (203)
FOSTER, W.A.	Glenn,(Mrs) R.A.M.	4Dec.1890 C/286( )23)
midhiff, James	Goddert, Jane	3Jan.1876 A/058 (020)
PATTON, Allen	Godfrey, Allis	1Feb.1894 D/131 (041)
MARTIN, W, R.	Goode, Blanche	2Jan.1898 D/310 (014)
STRICKLAND, I. M.	Goode,(Mrs) M. C.	24June1894 D/139 (118)
VANDIVERE, a. e.	Goodlett, Hattie	9Nov.1876 A/121 (073)
KERR, J. F.	Goodlett, Margaret E.	4FEb.1877 A/152 (001)
BELLAH, W.N.	Goodlett, N.A.	4Dec.1877 A/209 (75)
TKOMAS, J. G.	Goodman, J. A.	21Nov.1892 D/069 (029)
MARSHALL, F. O.	Goodman, Jane	12Nov.1891 D/024 (077)
FURGERSON, Bernard	Goodwin, Alice	30Nov.1891 D/027 (084)
BARNARD, Robert	Goodwin, Jane	9Aug,1877 A/185 ( 2)
WHITER, John	Goodwin, Josie	17Dec.1890 C/278 (059)
MILLER, L. M.	Goodwin, Julia	9DEc.1888 C/193 (084)
PARKER, Monroe	Goodwinl Laura	13FEb.1890 C/242 (059)
BOON, A.B.	Gordon, Ethel	25Dec.1898 D/351 (12)
LEWIS, Austin	Gordon, Ida L.	10June1886 C/112 (104)
FREEMAN, W.N.	Gordon, Julia	13Feb.1881 B/147 (013)
MORTON, J. M.	Goss, Callie	17Oct.1897 D/294 (175)
COLLINGS, M. F.	Goss, Mary A.	28Oct.1888 C/248 (119)
MORTON, C. W.	Goss, N. J.	31Mar.1887 C/147 (108)
BROOKS, Jno. F.	Goss, Sarah E.	17Oct.1886 C/127 (108)
ADAMS, A.H.	Gower, Ida	20Dec.1892 D/074 ( 9)
RYLIE, W. B.	Gray Mary	29May 1898 D/319 (311)
STILWELL, H. E.	Gray, Ida	22May 1884 C/038 (281)
CAMPBELL, J.P.	Green, (Mrs)May	7Nov.1899 D/392 (019)
HUTTO, Geo. W.	Green, Annie C.	24Aug. 1882 B/252 (038)
O'NEILL, D. F.	Green, Harriet T.	28JUly1875 A/026 (169)
HENDON, M. J.	Green, Irene	19Oct.1890 C/270 (023!
GOREE, I.T.	Green, JEnnie	10Spt.1893 D/107 (202)
COOK, F. A.	Green, Martha	2Mar.1882 D/127 (003)
WOODS, H. W.	Green, Nettie	15Spt.1895 D/196 (038)
BALLEW, W.G.	Green, R.E.	7July1881 B/172 (11)
STEWART, R. S.	Green, RAchel	28Aug.1898 D/333 (023)
SUE, D. M.	Green, Rebecca	9Dec.1880 B/120 (NR)**
LIVELY, H. F.	Greene, Kittie M.	26Oct.1898 D/341 (255)
WALLEN, L. B.	Gregory, Dora	14Oct.1875 A/037 (337)
TOLBERT, N. T.	Gregory, Ida	12Feb.1888 C/174 (058)
CLEVELAND, F, M.	Gregory,(Mrs) Corda 	31Jan.1895 D/173 (023)
CASEY, Geo. W.,Jr.	Grice, Bettie	28Nov.1883 C/023 (136!
ARRINGTON, John	Grice, Jane	17Aug.1881 B/183 (34)
RUSSELL, Henry D.	Grice, Mollie	4Spt.1878 A/263 (010)
LOYD, W. L.	Grice,(Mrs) Rosa 	9Aug.1896 D/240 (132)
MORRIS, B. H.	Griffin, Alice	23Dec.1897 D/309 (016)
RUSSELL, B. H.	Griffin, NOra	13Aug.1891 D/014 (023)
SARGENT, W. O.	Griffith, C. E.	9Dec.1886 C/135 (302)
SIMPSON, T. C.	Griffith, W. A.	29Spt.1876 A/117 (020)
HASKINS, G. W.	Gulledge, Mary A.	27Ap1.1881 B/161 (071)
MEEKS, T. H.	Gunter, Polly	17Nov.1880 B/115 (043)
YOUNG, James	GYower, Lou	20Ap1.1893 D/088 (041)

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