“K” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

KAHLER, J. A.        Holland, Mary E.      30July1890 C/259 (238)
KEITH, A. T.         Browning, Mollie      30Jan,1895 D/172 (019)
KEITH, J. B.         Dysart, Ida Lee       15Ap1.1891 D/002 (012)
KEITH, John          Harrell, M. E.         5Spt.1877 A/189 (024)
KEITH, Robert        Parker, Annie         26DEc.1878 A/286  (020)
KELLEY, Ira A.       Smith, (Mrs)S. B.     16FEB.1882 B/221  (003)
KELLEY, W. S.        RAssier, Laura        28DEc.1875 A/051  (020)
KELLY,  D,           Eddleman, S. E.       22FEb.1885 C/070  (041)
KELLY,  G. S.        Eddleman, Julia       22Spt.1875 A/034  (053)
KELLY,  Scott M.     Sawyer, Alice M.       5July1896 D/234 (019)
KEMP, W. F.          Robinson, M. A.       17June1876 A/098 (NR)'*
KEENEY, J. T.        Thorp, Nora           26Mar.1893 D/085 (239)
KEITH, N. W.         EDwards, M. A.        16June1879 B/021  (010)
KENNON, G. W.        Peters, Lizzie        16NOv.1890 C/273  (005)
KENNON, Thos.        ADams, Melissa        19Aug.1886 C/123  (240)
KENT, Edgar          Crockett, Newal       130ct.1889 C/228 (007)
KENT, O. A.          Cook, Eva              9JUne1889 C/216 (130)
KERR, B, M.          Tracy, Nancy          250ct.1898 D/340 (023)
KERR, J. F.          Goodlett, Margaret E. 14FEb.1877 A/152 (001)
KERR, M. F.          Miller, Emma V.       29DEc.1877 A/207 (020)
KERR, R. E.          YaYbrough, Laura      15Mar.1891 C/292 (012)
KERR, Wm. F.         Nutt, Sallie          18June1893 D/093 (195)
KEITH, Jno B.        Dysart, Ida Lee       15Ap1.1891 C/295 (MR)*'
KEITH, W. H.         Leath, Tommie         23July1883 C/220 (118)
KESLER, N. G.        Tudon,(Mrs)Lavenie    18Jan.1888 C/172  (056)
KEY, D. M.           Giles, Ella           25July1897 D/283  (241)
KEY, G. W.           Williamson, Ada A.    16DEc.1886 C/136  (242)
KEY, James           FAvors, FAnnie        31July1884 C/044 (087)
KIGHT, H, L.         Duke, Lovie           21May 1891 D/006 (158)
KILL, M. L.          King, I. A.            9Aug.1891 D/013 (243)
KILLIAN              Whitesides, Luna      20Jan.1886 C/102 (218)
KILLOUGHIA. W.       Dillard, Eva          28July1885 C/080(012)
KING, A. J.          Tomilson, M. J.       28Aug.1889 C/223 (077)
KING, D.L.           Hastings, E. L.       31May 1891 D/007 (196)
KING, J. A.          Wolfenberger, M. M.   10Dec.1891 D/029 (040)
KING, Rufus          Birk, Charlotte       17Mar.1875 A/007 (244)
KING, S. M.          Meek, Elizabeth       17Mar.1877 A/160 (NR)+'
KINGSBERRY,W. G.     deCordova, Annie      15Jan.1890 C/239 (245)
KINN, J. C.          Powell, M. F.         120ct.1884 C/054 (031)
KINSEY, J. W.        White, S. M.           6July1886 C/115 (003)
KIRKLAND, H. C.      Hilley,(Kelly?)Camilla13Jan.1898D/311 (016)
KIRKLAND, Willie     Wood, Lola             60ct.1896 D/246 (112)
KIZER, J. W.         HALEY, S. J.          11May 1876 A/073 (020)
KNAPP, Albert        Menefee,NoraElizabeth 12Nov.1899 D/393 (246)
KNIGHT, S. L.        Rylee, M, L.          29June1879 B/026 (020)
KNIGHT, S. L.        Sublett, O. N.        31May 1885 C/075 (012)
KNOX, Lon            Porter, Pear,         10Dec.1896 D/031 (029)
KOHLBAN, F. J.       Cook, Antonia         24Dec.1894 D/031 (155)
KOON, G. R.          Sheppard, Susan       19Dec.1878 ;4/284 (024)

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