“N-O” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
HICKS, W. B.	Nall, Jane	8Aug.1879 B/032 (037)
BELLAH,A.P.	Nall, Narcis	20Feb.1879 A/301 (NR)*+
WHEELER,W.D.L.	Nash, Etta	4Nov.1894 D/153 (005)
MOORE,R.h.	Nash, L. B.	10Dec.1885 C/096 (038)
SHERIDAN, J. H.	Neely, A. T.	3Spt.1891 D/018 (314)
JONES, T. J.	Neely, AlmeY	31Dec.1891 D/035 (030)
EBBERHART, A.H.	Neely, D.L.	20May 1897 D/274 (180)
 HUDSON, W. W.	Neely, Lora	29Nov.1899 D/397 (158)
EBBERHART, J.P.	Neely,(Mrs)S.M. 	3Jan.1897 D/261 (069)
WOHLFORD, R. B.	Neill, D. H,	1Jan.1878 A/213 (020)
BRASHIERS, G.R.	Nelson, Cinda	3Jan.1895 D/165 (012)
MASSEY, R. C.	Nelson, Mollie	15FEB.1892 D/041(118)
MERIDITH, W. L.	Nelson,(Mrs) M. F.	21May 1882 B/238 (105)
MILLER, J. D.	Nesbit, Lena	4Ap1.1894 D/133 (009)
RIDGEWAY,H. W.	Nesbitt, Ann E.	3Spt.1890 C/263 (009)
PERRY, W. P.	Nesbitt, E. D.	17Oct.1895 D/208 (084)
McMILLAN, Eddie	Newberry, M. A.	1SMay 1890 C/252 (038)
HEWETT, J. G.	Newman, Annie	14Nov.1897 D/299 (192)
DOOLEY, C.M.	Newman, Sallie A. 	1Nov.1898 D/341 (056)
 HUDGINS, J. C.	Newsome, S. E.	29Dec.1895 D/205 (061)
LESTER, R. L.	Nicholas, Ethe	28Nov.1899 D/396 (028)
WADE, John	Nickel, Mary	21Jan.1890 C/240 (096)
McBRIDE, J. T.	Nigh, Lula	27Dec.1896 D/260 (259)
PENN, T.D.	Nix, Fannie	2Ap1.1882 B/227 (087)
BROOKS, F.M.	Nix, Maggie	2Feb.1881 B/145 (105!
 HUFFSTUTTLER, M.	Nix, O. J.	1Aug.1878 A/257 (179)
ALLISON, Willis	Noggles, Mary M. 	17Feb,1884 C/031 (25)
McKERLEY, A. E.	Norris, Virginia 	7Aug.1787 A/181 (024)
CASTLEBERRY, J.J.	Norton, Eliza	20July1880 B/090 (036)
ARMSTRONG, A;J.	Norton, M.M.	25May 1879 B/016 (36)
WALSH, H. M.	Norton, S. W.	17May 1882 B/237 (037)
WALSH, J. E.	Norton,(Mrs) M. E.	7Oct.1894 D/154 (060)
BIDWELL, R.L.	NoYton, I.M.	9July1891 D/010 (60)
COX, T. A.	Nunley, Delpha	28Dec.1898 D/354 (116)
ROWELL, J. P.	Nunn, Mollie	15Dec.1880 B/122 (071)
FLOYD, W.A.	Nutt, Contla	14Mar.1897 D/269 (022)
CURTIS, G. B.	Nutt, Josie	19Mar.1889 C/209 (059)
JONES, Arthur	Nutt, Mattie E.	17Nov.1897 D/301 (089)
WARREN, A. T.	Nutt, Ora	25Aug.1892 D/061 (051)
KERR, Wm. F.	Nutt, Sallie	18June1893 D/093 (195)
WALTON, R. T.	Nutt,(Mrs)Indiana	19June1881 B/170 (012)
BROWNLEE, Andrew	O'Brian, S.J.	10Oct.1882 B/261 (011)
WOMICH, W. S.	O'Neill, Martha Holland	15June1875 A/16 (342)
RIGGS, J.T.	Odom,(Mrs) E. J.	15Nov.1883 C/021 (010)
BRYANT, M.G.	Oldham, S.E.	23Oct.1889 C/230 (012)
LARMON(Harmon?)L.E.	Oram, Samantha	16Oct.1881 B/195 (129)
 HUDGINS, H. W.	Orr, Fannie	3Dec.1899 D/397 (148)
BURDFIELD, N.G.	Orr, L.C.	llFeb.1875 A/002 (120)
CHANDLER, J.T.	Osborn, Sarah	8Dec.1895 D/212 (038)
HAMPTON, J. W.	Osborne, Binetta	19Dec.1895 D/210 (019)
CRISP, D. R.	Osborne, Margaret	15Spt.1890 C/264 (038)
CHADWICK, J.M.	Oslin, Ida C.	19June1883 C/008 (010)
PLEMMONS, W. T.	Overmyer, Laura	23Ap1.1884 C/036 (023)
COGDILL, W. P.	Owens, C. M.	19Nov.1883 C/022 (093)
JONES, Jessie W.	Owens, Nellie	7Jan.1899 D/357 (016)
BRADLEY, G,C.	Owensby, N.I.	29Oct.1887 C/163 (041)
BATEMAN, W.L.	Oxen, Rachel J.	27Jan.1887 B/144 (13)

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