“T-V” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
TANDY, D. S.         Donathan, Maud         9July1893 D/096 (079)
TANDY, F. A.         Tandy,(Mrs) E. J.     28Dec.1881 B/211 (071)
TANDY, John C.       Kerr, Josie           21July1895 D/187 (040)
TANKERSLEY, W. L.    Ricketts, Mary B.     23Dec.1879 B/061 (001)
TARRANT, George      Donathan, Lula        20Oct.1895 D/197 (3.27)
TARRANT, Wm.         Davis, Susie          14Nov.1897 D/300 (118)
TARRANT, W. A.       Havens, Marl E.       17Oct.1883 C/019 (118)
TART, John           Davis, E. D.          10Feb.1876 A/077 (052)
TARVER, Z. R.        Hicks, Winnie          8June1879 B/018 (037)
TATE, C. A.          Linthicum, MInnie     31Mar.1896 D/223 (282)
TATE, J. I.          White, Lula           20July1892 D/056 (016)
TATE, Thomas         Giles, Nettie Annw    24Dec.1896 D/258 (309)
TATUM, J. C.         Hughes, Maggie        24Ap1.1894 D/134 (041)
TAYLOR, Chas. L.     Dodson, Nancy          6Feb.1898 D/313 (090)
TAYLOR, James        Rigsby, Fannie        4Spt.1899 D/381 (328)
TAYLOR, John M.      Hammack, Narcissus    1Oct.1880 B/102 (NR)**
TAYLOR, L. H.        Brooks, M. A.              1878 A/230 (017)
TAYLOR, Martin V.    Jordon, Eugenna       2Dec.1880 B/119 (087)
TAYLOR, Wm.          Sherlock, (Mrs) Lou  21Ap1,1899 D/366 (028)
TEAGUE, J. F.        Stephenson, C. O.    20Nov.1888 C/196 (059!
TEMPLE, James A.     Runnels, Amanda      14Jan.1878 A/226 (
TEMPLE, T. F.        Estes, SArah B.      14Dec.1899 D/401 (329)
TETER, T. J.         Locklin, Emma         3Spt.1887 C/160 (058)
THIMPERS (?)rL. M.   Dingler, C. K.       20Spt.1877 A/193 (141)
THOMAS, J, C.        Barnard, A. E.      24Jan. 1879 A/291 (034)
TKOMAS, J. G.        Goodman, J. A.       21Nov.1892 D/069 (029)
THOMAS, M. E.        Johnson, M. E.       16Mar.1879 B/002 (037)
THOMAS, M. M.        Fine, Ophelia        25Dec.1894 D/172 (115)
THOMASON, E.  B.     Allen, Peaul         30Jan.1896 D/199 (330)
Thomason, L.  H.     Kerly, Frankie       12FEb.1899 D/361 (038)
THOMPSON, G.  C.     Washburn, Jane       llMar.1875 A/006 (001)
THOMPSON, J. L.      Davidson, N. Y.      26Dec.1882 B/278 (012)
THOMPSON, L. P.      Temple, Mary         30Ap1.1899 D/368 (201)
THOMPSON, Wm. W.     Brown, Mary G.       22Feb.1893 D/082   (021)
THOMSON, Wm. A.      Shepard, Katie       12Spt.1888 C/188   (012)
THORNTON, W. A.      Sligar, Idema         1Oct.1891 D/021  (223)
THORP George         Edwards, Dollie      20June1893 D/094 (271)
THORP, William       Smith, Rachel        24Jan.1899 D/357 (058)
THRASH, Eugene       Dennis, Sallie       llDec.1887 C/166 (056)
THRASH, R. E.        Austin, Maggie       1SMay 1892 D/048 (119)
THRASH, R. E.        Dennis, Addie         5Aug.1888 C/185 (056)
THURMAN, H. B.       Reeder, Arizona      10July1875 A/022 (032)
TIDWELL, A. C.       Jones, Mollie F.     24Dec.1893 D/122 (051)
TIDWELL, D. M.       Day, Alice O.        16Oct.1878 A/270 (235)
TIDWELL, E. M.       Belt, Sarah          25July1892 D/058 (331)
TIDWELL, J. A.       Russell, U. B.        7Spt.1890 C/263 (096)
TIDWELL, J. C.       Sue,Elizabeth         7Nov.1878 A/274 (332)
TIDWELL, J. H.       Williamson, Violet    6Oct.1892 D/065 (144)
TIDWELL, J. W.       Fletcher, Lee        27FEb.1898 D/315 (064)
TIDWELL, L. A.       Bynum, Willie J.     16Oct.1889 C/229 (069)
TIDWELL, L. P.       Jeffress, Mary J.    21Dec.1893 D/121 (005)
TIDWELL, M. B.       Rigney, Scindy        7Oct,1894 D/151 (333)
TIDWELL, R.          Bell, Bettie          1FEb.1877 A/149 (007)
TIDWELL, R. F.       Smith, Bulah          2Jan.1898 D/311 (328)
TIDWELL, W. B.       Russell, E. M.       18Dec.1890 C/277 (096)
TIDWELL, Wesley      Jones, Mary           4June1876 A/085 (020)
TIDWELL, W. C.       Whitesides, Alice J. 23Oct.1884 C/057 (046)
TIDWELL, W. C.       Rodgers, Sallie       1Jan.1893 D/076 (059)
TILLY, T. F.         Roberson,(Mrs)M. A.  14Aug.1886 C/121 (NR)**
TIMMIN, Geo. H.      Cruce, N. L.         llAug.1892 D/059 (029)
TIMMIN, J. H.        Clifton, Mollie       3Spt.1899 D/380 (041)
TIMMIN, Ollie        Long, Dennie         28Nov.1898 D/344 (038)
TIMMIN, R. M.        Dodson, C. T.        12Aug.1894 D/150 (084)
TINNIN, A. E.        Johnson, E. J.       24Ap1.1898 D/320 (162)
TINNIN, Benjamin     Brindee(?), Mary F.   1FEb.1877 A/147 (052)
TIMMIN, J. W.         Parkens, A. A.         7Spt.1884 C/049 (041)
TINNIN, J. E.         Bates, L. J.          26Aug.1880 B/094 (NR)**
TINNIN,  W. B.        Maberry, R. A. C.     30July1877 A/178 (NR)'*
TOLBERT, N. T.        Gregory, Ida          12Feb.1888 C/174 (058)
TOLVIN, G. E.         Harbison, S. L.       20Mar.1879 B/004 (039)
TOMERLIN, S. M.       Jones (MYs)Nancy M.   14Dec.1890 C/277 (040)
TOWNSEND, Major       Windom, Nannie        29June1878 A/248 (007)
TRACY, J. W.          Russell, Mollie       14Feb.1895 D/175 (016)
TRACY, S. H.          Caldwell, Ellen        8Aug.1884 C/046 (NR)**
TRACY, S. M.          Cooper, M. A.          8Nov.1878 A/202 (024)
TREADWELL, D. M.      Day, Alice O.         16Oct.1878 A/270 (235)
TROWELL, S. D.        Smithers, N. M.        7Ap1.1878 A/237 (024)
Trehearn, W. H.       Cook, Nora            10Ap1.1889 C/210 (007)
TRESIDDON, J. F.      Bagwell, Stella M.    28Feb.1889 C/206 (242)
TROTTER, W. A.        Huffstuttler, Amanda  19Ap1.1894 D/134 (021)
TUBB, J. M.           Whitley, M. F.        16June1889 C/216 (334)
TUCKER, H. M.         Wells, S. E.          30May 1889 C/214 (124)
TURNER, J. H.         Pugh, Mazana          22Jan.1893 D/081 (009)
TURNER, J. M.         Burton,  D. J.         2Oct.1880 B/103  (NR)**
TURNER,  R. W.        Rucker,  Laura        24Spt.1893 D/103 (335)
TURNER,  Thomas P.    Gilmer,  Sophia        6Feb.1877 A/150 (045)
TURNER, Wm. M.        Cogdill, Martha C.    27Jan.1889 C/203 (093)
TURRENTINE(?),Stephen H. Moss, Ida T.       25Dec.1887 C/169 (023)
TUTT, Milton          Rogers, Laura         19Aug.1895 D/191 (012)
TWIST, E. M.          Duke, Lela             5Ap1.1892 D/044 (079)
ULMER, J. W.          Rich,(Mrs)Nancy E.    21May 1884 C/03  (058)
UNDERWOOD, B. F.      Mead, Nancy J.        20Ap1.1882 B/23  (037)
UNDERWOOD, J. E.      EArp, S. L.            1May 1884 C/037 (070)
UNDERWOOD, J. L.      Burns, Annie           9Aug.1882 B/248 (013)
UNDERWOOD, W. J.      Dooly, Nancy E.       24Dec.1890 C/280 (051)
     Umphrey--see Humphrey
VANDIVERE, a. e.      Goodlett, Hattie      9Nov.1876 A/121 (073)
VANZANDT, J. A.       Ruff,(Mrs~ Ida       30Nov.1894 D/159 (084)
VERNON, J. A.         Miller, Maud         24Dec.1899 D/404 (012)
VICKERS, John P.      Bradley, Emma        21Nov.1888 C/197 (336)

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