The Reconstruction Act of March 13, 1867 required the commanding officer in each military district to have, before September 1, a registration of all qualified voters in each county. These lists would be used to determine all who would be eligible to vote for any proposed Constitutional Convention in the state.

The registrant had to take an oath stating that he was not disqualified by law from voting. Those ineligible included Confederate veterans with a rank of major or above; any person who had previously taken an oath as a member of Congress, as an officer of the United States, as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, and who later engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or gave aid or comfort to the enemies thereof, and whose “disability” had not been removed by a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress.

Local military authorities often interpreted this prohibition to include anyone who held any type of office or who in any way benefited from either Confederate state or federal government patronage, thereby preventing a number of otherwise eligible citizens from voting.

The 1867 Voters Registration for Hood County includes names of voters who registered in the period between August 14, 1867 and November 26, 1869.

The Register entry includes the following information:


Place of residence


Length of residence (in state, in county, in precinct)

Native country or state

If naturalized, how, when, and where

General Remarks

The “In County” and “In Precinct” information can be misleading. Hood County was formed in 1866 from Johnson County and a small portion of Erath County.

There are some obvious errors in spelling and residency accounting.

Sorted by Registration Date

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08/14/1867D.A. Gunio 34 Years4 Years4 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/14/1867C.L. Landers321 Years8 Years8 YearsTexasWhite
08/14/1867M. Gregory215 Years13 Years13 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/14/1867B.G. Gipton 17 Years5 Years5 YearsTennesseeWhite 
08/14/1867A. Sparkes 310 Years2 Years2 YearsVirginiaColored
08/14/1867J.V. Brooks322 Years7 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite 
08/14/1867J.C. Hightowre 324 Years10 Years3 YearsMississippiWhite 
08/16/1867A.C. Walters 932 Years5 Years5 YearsGeorgiaWhite 
08/16/1867W.C. Walters 932 Years7 Years3 YearsMississippiWhite 
08/16/1867A.C. Walters Jr.932 Years6 Years6 YearsMississippiWhite
08/16/1867W.J. Gregory215 Years13 Years13 YearsMissouriWhite
08/16/1867A.L. Peter315 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/16/1867A.W. Landers39 Years3 Years3 YearsMissouriWhite
08/16/1867W.K. Morris224 Years1 Year1 YearMississippiWhite
08/16/1867P.V. Rhea 313 Years12 Years12 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/19/1867J.S. Nutt37 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/19/1867S.E. Smith 329 Years6 Years6 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/19/1867W.G.W. Powell911 Years6 Months3 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/19/1867B.S. West98 Years6 Years6 YearsArkansasWhite
08/19/1867J. Peters315 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/19/1867J.P. Nutt38 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867A.R. Landers38 Years8 Years8 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/20/1867David Nutt37 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867Thos. Lambert319 Years12 Years10 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867E. Carter37 Years7 Years7 YearsMissouriWhite
08/20/1867C. Huffstutler318 Years18 Years18 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867B. Dennis28 Years8 Years6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867Abel Nutt37 Years7 Years7 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/20/1867James W. Parker912 Months Last Day Nov. Next3 Months3 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867C.D. Landers311 Years9 Years9 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/20/1867W.J. Watts418 Years8 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867R. Blevins420 Years8 Years8 YearsMissouriWhite
08/20/1867W.A. Landers38 Years8 Years8 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/20/1867E. Green98 Years8 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/20/1867Amond Bonds316 Years11 Years11 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/20/1867R. Nutt37 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867J. Robinson116 Years1 Year1 YearS. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867G.W. White11 Year3 Months3 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/21/1867J. Ward116 Years16 Years16 YearsTexasWhite
08/21/1867E.B. Roberts124 Years1 Year6 MonthsWhite
08/21/1867A.W. Smith11 Year1 Year6 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/21/1867John N. Alison17 Years7 Years7 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867G.J. Karnes17 Years7 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867Thos. J. Bryan520 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867J.P. Edwards112 Years1 Year1 YearGeorgiaWhite
08/21/1867N. Goodwin18 Years8 Years8 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867J.C. Goodlett214 Years7 Years7 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867B.A. Magness111 Years1 Year1 YearS. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867J. Edwards113 Years13 Years13 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/21/1867J.C. Harker125 Years13 Years13 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/21/1867C.N. Wakefield17 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867R. Tankersley217 Years11 Months11 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/21/1867P.H. James27 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867L.A. Tankersley217 Years11 Months11 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867G.C. Field123 Years3 Months3 MonthsLouisianaWhite
08/21/1867J.N. Doyle110 Months10 Months10 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867E.M. Burton215 Years1 Year1 YearAlabamaWhite
08/21/1867David Rucker110 Years10 Years2 YearsTennesseeColored
08/21/1867Jeff Barnard110 Years10 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867Reuben Rucker110 Years10 Years2 YearsArkansasWhite
08/21/1867Wm. Dickson216 Years4 Years4 MonthsOhioWhite
08/21/1867R. Foreman227 Years1 Month1 MonthN. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867E.C. Hull112 Years12 Years12 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867D. Hull112 Years5 Years5 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867Jesse Hull112 Years12 Years12 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/21/1867G.W. Patton123 Years10 Years10 YearsMissouriWhite
08/21/1867J.P. Tolbert17 Years7 Years7 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/21/1867S.T. Bowdin110 Months9 Months9 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite
08/21/1867B.F. Wilcker11 Year10 Months10 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/21/1867J.R. Sikes110 Years10 Years10 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/22/1867D.S. Stribling110 Months10 Months10 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite
08/22/1867J.C. Cornelius19 Years9 Years9 YearsArkansasWhite
08/22/1867N. Cornelius19 Years9 Years9 YearsMissouriWhite
08/22/1867A. Jones14 Years4 Years4 YearsMarylandWhite
08/22/1867H.A. Goodwin18 Years8 Years8 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/22/1867J.T. Carmichael17 Months7 Months7 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867Hiram Steele18 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867H.P. Vickors116 Years7 Years7 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/22/1867J.T. Bryan117 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867J.C. Goodwin18 Years8 Years8 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/22/1867S.D. Stout15 Months5 Months5 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867W.M. Tandy131 Years1 Year1 YearVirginiaWhite
08/22/1867G. Smart115 Years10 Years10 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/22/1867R.A. McGuire19 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867J. Wood17 Months7 Months7 MonthsWhite
08/22/1867D.C. Vanburen16 Years2 Years2 YearsNew YorkWhite
08/22/1867E.B. Dennis213 Years3 Months3 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867C. Hightower230 Years4 Years4 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/22/1867S. Lee113 Years6 Years6 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/22/1867T. Pottillo220 Years7 Years7 YearsN. CarolinaColored
08/22/1867S. Hightower220 Years4 Years4 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/22/1867A. Hightower220 Years4 Years4 YearsMississippiWhite
08/22/1867S. Haley220 Years10 Years10 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867G.W.L. Randall117 Years11 Years11 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867J.M. Nutt112 Years12 Years12 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/22/1867C.C. Edwards112 Years12 Years12 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/22/1867E.D. Crouch112 Years12 Years12 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/22/1867W.B. Stribling11 Year4 Months4 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite
08/22/1867Wm. Matlock12 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/22/1867F. Karnes16 Years6 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/23/1867J. Newbery915 Years7 Years7 YearsMississippiWhite
08/23/1867A.C. Haack926 Years7 Years7 YearsTexasWhite
08/23/1867R.A. Bell111 Years5 Years2 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/23/1867J.S. Aston915 Years7 Years7 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/23/1867S.A. Rash17 Years7 Years7 YearsWhite
08/23/1867J.A. Waters11 Year3 Months3 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/23/1867James McBride915 Years4 Years5 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/23/1867J. Terry118 Years1 Year1 YearAlabamaWhite
08/23/1867W.B. Anderson110 Months9 Months9 MonthsGeorgiaWhite / Deceased
08/23/1867Y.J. Rylee111 Years11 Years11 YearsWhite
08/23/1867T.J. Nolen117 Years1 Year1 YearMissouriWhite
08/23/1867J.M. Nolen115 Years13 Years13 YearsWhite
08/23/1867O.P. Hutchison114 Years14 Years4 YearsWhite
08/23/1867M.L. Sikes19 Years9 Years9 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/23/1867M. Walters925 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/23/1867L.W. Patton214 Years12 Years12 YearsTexasWhite
08/23/1867George Row17 Years5 Years5 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/23/1867T.M. Atkins111 Years9 Years9 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/23/1867John Ward115 Years12 Years12 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/23/1867Jack Alison17 Years7 Years7 YearsColored
08/24/1867J. Petillo221 Years7 Years7 YearsTexasColored
08/24/1867J.M. Washburn216 Years10 Years10 YearsArkansasWhite
08/24/1867John Muse25 Years1 Year1 YearMississippiWhite
08/24/1867R.P. Crockett112 Years11 Years11 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867C. Hightower210 Years4 Years1 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/24/1867S.T. Edwards112 Years12 Years12 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/24/1867M.L. Halford29 Years2 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867T.B. Fite21 Year6 Months6 MonthsWhite
08/24/1867A.N. Gohlson126 Years6 Months6 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/24/1867A.E. Keith16 Years6 Years6 YearsArkansasWhite
08/24/1867John Nall128 Years6 Months6 MonthsTexasWhite
08/24/1867T.J. Merrifield116 Years8 Months8 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/24/1867G. Kalin16 Years2 Years2 DaysSwitzerlandWhite / Naturalized by County Court of _____ County October 1, 1860 in the State of Texas
08/24/1867D.C. Field122 Years2 Months2 MonthsLouisianaWhite
08/24/1867J.L.A. Berry229 Years7 Years1 YearVirginiaWhite
08/24/1867J.W. Bullard13 Years8 Months8 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867S.T. Crum215 Years6 Months8 MonthsOhioWhite
08/24/1867J.W. Howard225 Years8 Years6 MonthsAlabamaWhite
08/24/1867George Crum213 Years2 Years2 YearsOhioWhite
08/24/1867C.M. Jackson29 Years9 Years6 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/24/1867Sml. Clark119 Years2 Years2 YearsNew YorkWhite
08/24/1867W.W. Cook54 Years4 Years4 YearsMississippiWhite
08/24/1867J.C. Patton210 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867D. Riggs12 Years1 Year8 MonthsAlabamaWhite
08/24/1867Wash Edwards113 Years13 Years13 YearsS. CarolinaColored
08/24/1867Anderson Edwards114 Years14 Years14 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/24/1867G.G. Goodwin17 Years7 Years7 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/24/1867Wm. Rucker111 Years11 Years11 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867L.A. Ware219 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/24/1867J.F. Manley111 Years11 Years11 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867Wm. Stewart110 Years3 Years3 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/24/1867J. Nolen118 Years18 Years12 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/24/1867J.J. Clifton19 Years9 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/24/1867B. Caraway17 Years1 Year4 MonthsWhite
08/27/1867V. Rucker713 Years13 Years5 YearsWhite
08/27/1867R. Hines719 Years3 Years1 YearN. CarolinaWhite
08/27/1867J.L. Sutton79 Years9 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867V.L. Nickell713 Years8 Years8 YearsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867W. Jones722 Years9 Years6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867R.F. Walters71 Year1 Year1 YearKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867David Knutson716 Years3 Years6 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867J.R. Durham719 Years1 Year1 YearGeorgiaWhite
08/27/1867David McCoy78 Years8 Years8 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/27/1867F.M. McCoy710 Years7 Years7 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/27/1867G.W. McCoy712 Years6 Years6 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/27/1867W.H. New88 Years4 Months4 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867J.F. Howell712 Years4 Years4 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/27/1867Wm. A. McDonald712 Years6 Months6 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867G. Dauer714 Years6 Years6 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/27/1867J.L. Green77 Years7 Years6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867Wm. Poter730 Years6 Months6 MonthsMississippiWhite
08/27/1867J.W. Swank78 Years8 Years7 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867J.J. Martin714 Years9 Years6 MonthsAlabamaWhite
08/27/1867M. Richardson51 Year6 Months6 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
08/27/1867B.S. Tankersley719 Years4 Years2 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/27/1867Wm. L. Tankersley718 Years6 Months6 MonthsAlabamaWhite
08/27/1867T.H. Scarber719 Years6 Years6 YearsMississippiWhite
08/27/1867T.F. Gambrell712 Years7 Years7 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/27/1867F.N. Edens910 Years7 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867George Greer57 Years6 Years2 YearsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867Wm. B. Tinnin510 Years8 Years8 YearsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867E.J. Evans525 Years1 Year10 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867Wm. Gunnels510 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867Wm. Adams57 Years4 Years3 YearsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867L.J. Ward78 Years7 Years4 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/27/1867W. Long722 Years12 Years6 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867P. Bell72 Years2 Years2 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867H.W. Elliott629 Years4 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/27/1867A. Crites711 Years9 Years8 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/27/1867J.H. Montgomery79 Years9 Years9 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/27/1867J. Keathley77 Years7 Years7 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867A.C. Cunningham67 Years3 Months3 MonthsMississippiWhite
08/27/1867A. Weatherford715 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/27/1867W.P. Williams612 Years6 Years6 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/28/1867L. Brooks622 Years7 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/28/1867John Malery720 Years8 Years5 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867C.C. Brooks622 Years6 Years7 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867G.W. Brooks620 Years6 Years6 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867H.F. Martin715 Years10 Years10 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867R. McCoy710 Years6 Years6 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/28/1867John VanZandt71 Year1 Year1 YearAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867Scott Milam727 Years1 Year10 MonthsTexasWhite
08/28/1867J. Calvert710 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/28/1867R.M. Jeffress712 Years5 Months5 MonthsMississippiWhite
08/28/1867A.J. Whitaker715 Years7 Years7 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/28/1867W.J. Richerson511 Years11 Years1 YearFloridaWhite
08/28/1867G.W. Ragisdill721 Years10 Years3 MonthsArkansasWhite
08/28/1867L. Brooks521 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867A.B. Woodard89 Years3 Months3 MonthsOhioWhite
08/28/1867E.G. Dees74 Years4 Years4 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/28/1867J.E. Martin710 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867E.L. Martin715 Years10 Years10 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/28/1867M.S. Lockridge719 Years11 Years11 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/28/1867J.C. Sheffield712 Years12 Years3 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/28/1867L. Hargas730 Years5 Months5 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
08/28/1867J.P. Lavians533 Years5 Years5 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/28/1867L.J. Caraway77 Years7 Years7 DaysTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867J.M. Elliott819 Years1 Year1 YearAlabamaWhite
08/30/1867T.A. Littlepage322 Years8 Years8 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/30/1867J.D. Burton312 Years1 Year1 YearArkansasWhite
08/30/1867W. Gafford313 Years11 Years11 YearsArkansasWhite
08/30/1867N. Fannin318 Years6 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867J.S. Watson922 Years11 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867J.R. Bolin37 Years9 Months9 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/30/1867S. Scarbourgh97 Years7 Years7 YearsArkansasWhite
08/30/1867P. Thorp329 Years10 Years10 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/30/1867Samuel Chamber410 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeColored
08/30/1867E. Littlepage321 Years8 Years8 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/30/1867W.B. Watson911 Years10 Years10 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/30/1867Allen Smith920 Years4 Years4 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867John Phillip34 Years4 Years1 YearMississippiWhite
08/30/1867John James810 Years8 Months7 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867Wm. James810 Years8 Months7 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867D.C. McKenzie17 Years7 Months7 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
08/30/1867C.A. Crites57 Years7 Months7 YearsMissouriWhite
08/30/1867W.M. Gibson31 Year11 Years11 MonthsKentuckyWhite
08/30/1867R.T. Dickson23 Years1 Year11 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867G.E. Thurmond21 Year2 Months2 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867J.R. Jones58 Years8 Years8 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
08/30/1867L.A. Mathews513 Years7 Years7 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/30/1867Daniel Shipman52 Years1 Year10 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867J.A. McCrary114 Years13 Years13 YearsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867W.J. McEwen327 Years11 Years11 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867J.C. Thorp322 Years11 Years11 YearsTexasWhite
08/31/1867C.H. Hall37 Years8 Months8 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867W.E. Lee27 Years7 Years2 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/31/1867W.M. Dennis27 Years7 Years8 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867D.L. Middleton23 Years6 Years6 MonthsMississippiWhite
08/31/1867J.W. Middleton330 Years2 Months2 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867S.A. Penland910 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867Thos. Fannin919 Years6 Years6 YearsGeorgiaWhite
08/31/1867W.C. Penland99 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867A. Fannin318 Years6 Years1 YearTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867Thos. J. Hayes327 Years1 Year1 YearS. CarolinaWhite
08/31/1867R.S. West910 Years10 Years10 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/31/1867Elbert Walters923 Years6 Years6 YearsTexasColored
08/31/1867Wm. Dunning117 Years6 Years6 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/31/1867David Self118 Years8 Years8 YearsArkansasWhite
08/31/1867Thos. T. Taylor817 Years4 Months4 MonthsAlabamaWhite
08/31/1867J.J. Daws410 Years10 Years10 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/31/1867John Boyd814 Years2 Years2 YearsKentuckyWhite
08/31/1867W.Y. Boyd814 Years2 Years2 YearsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867Antonio Balverde816 Years12 Years12 YearsMexicoWhite
08/31/1867A.J. Adams47 Years6 Months6 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867Blu Weaver117 Years6 Months6 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
08/31/1867W.R. Weldon1118 Years7 Months6 MonthsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867Daniel McCord212 Years3 Months3 YearsVirginiaWhite
08/31/1867Charles E. Barnard821 Years18 Months18 YearsConnecticutWhite
08/31/1867W.N.P. Marland836 Years2 Months2 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/31/1867F.M. Pointer415 Years15 Months15 YearsMissouriWhite
08/31/1867Hiram Frankland213 Years9 Months9 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867J.F. Franklin214 Years8 Months8 MonthsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867T.J. Scott317 Years8 Years7 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/31/1867J. Kimmel713 Years6 Years6 YearsIndianaWhite
08/31/1867W.M. Clark97 Years7 Years7 YearsIllinoisWhite
08/31/1867N.W. Tober48 Years7 Years7 YearsConnecticutWhite
08/31/1867T.N. McDermett728 Years8 Years8 YearsPennsylvaniaWhite
08/31/1867J. Dennis48 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867S.S. McDermett722 Years1 Month1 MonthTennesseeWhite
08/31/1867J.A. Brooks622 Years7 Years7 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/31/1867M.W. Tankerly723 Years7 Years3 YearsArkansasWhite
08/31/1867C.T. Arington925 Years10 Years10 YearsArkansasWhite
08/31/1867J.V. Powell911 Years11 Years11 YearsAlabamaWhite
08/31/1867C.N.M. Mitchell25 Years2 Months2 MonthsArkansasWhite
08/31/1867J.M. Bateman32 Years2 Years1 YearVirginiaWhite
08/31/1867W.R. McCrary116 Years12 Years12 YearsMissouriWhite
09/23/1867R.S. Russell48 Years9 Months9 MonthsArkansasWhite
09/23/1867N. Shirk32 Years10 Months7 DaysIllinoisWhite
09/23/1867R.P. Robertson36 Years6 Years6 YearsTexasWhite
09/23/1867S.T. Brisby41 Year1 Year10 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite
09/23/1867J.L. Landers38 Years5 Years5 YearsMissouriWhite
09/23/1867R.S. Proffitt212 Years12 Years12 YearsTennesseeWhite
09/23/1867L. Goodwin18 Years8 Years8 YearsGeorgiaColored
09/23/1867A. Carmichael120 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
09/23/1867W.W. McKenzie117 Years7 Years6 YearsMissouriWhite
09/23/1867E. Dalton117 Years1 Year1 YearMissouriWhite
09/23/1867H.C. Lazenby814 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
09/23/1867J.S. Aston812 Years1 Year1 YearAlabamaWhite
09/23/1867J. Moony821 Years30 Days30 DaysMissouriWhite
09/23/1867Wm. Hamilton811 Years5 Years5 YearsTennesseeWhite
09/23/1867J. Cabasos832 Years7 Years7 YearsMexicoWhite
09/23/1867W.H. Burns117 Years6 Months21 DaysGeorgiaWhite
09/23/1867W.S. Littlepage34 Years4 Years8 MonthsKentuckyWhite
09/23/1867M. Jones224 Years1 Year30 DaysMississippiWhite
09/23/1867S. White826 Years12 Years12 YearsMissouriWhite
09/23/1867E.S. Stanfield66 Years6 Years6 YearsTennesseeWhite
01/24/1868J.H. Lambert320 Years12 Years12 YearsTennesseeWhite
01/30/1868J.W. Holly115 Years5 Months5 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
01/30/1868T.H. Howeth126 Years6 Weeks6 WeeksTennesseeWhite
01/30/1868J.H. Allison110 Years6 Months6 MonthsAlabamaWhite
01/30/1868B.B. Sewell717 Years9 Years9 YearsAlabamaWhite
01/30/1868J.A. McCreary Jr.115 Years15 Years15 YearsMissouriWhite
01/31/1868Larken Prestige918 Years7 Years7 YearsMississippiWhite
01/31/1868R.S. Holly115 Years4 Months4 MonthsMississippiWhite
01/31/1868A.S. McCamant615 Years6 Years5 YearsVirginiaWhite
01/31/1868J.N. Howard223 Years4 Months4 MonthsAlabamaWhite
01/31/1868R.G. Peters315 Years8 Years8 YearsTennesseeWhite
01/31/1868G.R. HoskerP.H. Thrash17 Years7 Years7 YearsAlabamaWhite / Note-Hosker is erased but not his signature. No signature of Thrash.
01/31/1868A.S. Marland45 Years4 Years3 YearsWhite
01/31/1868G. Smith66 Years5 Years7 MonthsWhite
01/31/1868T. Arrington110 Years10 Years9 —White
01/31/1868B. Pride48 Years6 Years3 YearsWhite
01/31/1868B.F. Bates47 Years7 Years5 YearsWhite
01/31/1868J.H. Haley59 Years8 Years8 YearsWhite
01/31/1868B.P. Earp38 Years7 Years7 YearsWhite
01/31/1868H. Nickells39 Years8 Years5 YearsWhite
01/31/1868G.R. Casker28 Years8 Years7 YearsWhite
11/16/1869David Moore530 Years2 Months2 MonthsKentuckyWhite
11/16/1869M. Herring11 Year30 Days30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/16/1869P.C. Harris41 Year30 Days30 DaysKentuckyWhite
11/16/1869P.M. Whitener11 Year30 Days30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/16/1869J.A. Whitener11 Year30 Days30 DaysWhite
11/16/1869H.C. Marrs41 Year30 Days30 DaysArkansasWhite / Certificate from New Corinth, Miss.
11/16/1869H.W. Taylor11 Year30 Days30 DaysAlabamaWhite
11/16/1869Berry N.Russell21 Year30 Days(2 Years)30 DaysTennesseeWhite
11/16/1869John Formwalt11 Year30 Days30 DaysMississippiWhite
11/16/1869A.V. Shropshire11 Year30 Days(2 Years)30 DaysLouisianaWhite
11/16/1869C.G. Gardner115 Years30 Days30 DaysVirginiaWhite
11/16/1869C.E. Moore12 Years30 Days30 DaysArkansasWhite
11/17/1869Henry J. Sears11 Year1 Year30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/17/1869J.A. Stuart20 Years30 Days30 DaysTennesseeWhite / Certificate from Red River County
11/17/1869J.C. Gardner115 Years1 Year1 YearVirginiaWhite
11/17/1869A.B. Parks520 Years2 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869A.B. Long515 Years10 Months10 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
11/17/1869J.D. McKenzie210 Years10 Years10 MonthsKentuckyWhite
11/17/1869David A. Kerr110 Years3 Years3 MonthsS. CarolinaWhite / Certificate from Bee County, Texas
11/17/1869James M. Williams120 Years8 Years8 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869John M. Williams120 Years6 Years6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869G.W. Killen212 Years6 Months6 MonthsMississippiWhite
11/17/1869S.A. Allen213 Years6 Months6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869E.H. Chandler53 Years3 Months3 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
11/17/1869Thomas White11 Year1 Year6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869W.A. Karnes510 Years10 Years10 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/17/1869B. Holt39 Years9 Years6 MonthsArkansasWhite
11/18/1869John A. Gibbs212 Years3 Months30 DaysS. CarolinaWhite
11/18/1869C.J. Iaco13 Years3 Months30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/18/1869James D. Parnell112 Months12 Months30 DaysWhite
11/18/1869D.L. Nutt13 Years1 Year30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/18/1869J.H. Williamson211 Years1 Year30 DaysGeorgiaWhite / From Palo Pinto
11/18/1869A.W. Bell513 Years3 Years1 YearS. CarolinaWhite
11/18/1869T.P. Helms225 Years3 Years2 YearsVirginiaWhite
11/18/1869M. Dorsey54 Years2 Years30 DaysArkansasWhite
11/18/1869N.P. Robson112 Months12 Months30 DaysAlabamaWhite
11/18/1869J.C. Mathews33 Years12 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/18/1869W.J. King33 Years3 Months12 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
11/18/1869R. Slough14 Years2 Months12 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
11/18/1869G.M. Wright14 Years2 Months12 MonthsMissouriWhite
11/18/1869J.D. Rhea14 Years2 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/19/1869D.C. Bills15 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
11/19/1869W.R. Brown52 Years2 Years2 YearsGeorgiaWhite
11/19/1869John Rose18 Years2 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/19/1869B.J. Green110 Years2 Years2 YearsGeorgiaWhite
11/19/1869C.M. Henery521 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/19/1869L.E. Rhodes52 Years12 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/19/1869J. Huffstettler52 Years12 Months12 MonthsMissouriWhite
11/19/1869B.T. Porter32 Years12 Months12 MonthsArkansasWhite
11/19/1869N.J. Holden521 Years12 Months12 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
11/19/1869B.D. Austin38 Years12 Months12 MonthsArkansasWhite
11/19/1869James Gibson53 Years3 Months3 MonthsKentuckyWhite
11/19/1869R.J. Croft518 Years14 Months14 MonthsIllinoisWhite
11/19/1869James Laman112 Months12 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/19/1869G.T. Loftin211 Years3 Years1 YearMississippiWhite
11/19/1869R.S. Lyle12 Years2 Years12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/20/1869A.S. Bell15 Years3 Months60 DaysMississippiWhite
11/20/1869W. M. Hightower12 Years6 Months4 MonthsAlabamaWhite
11/20/1869Duncan Blue12 Years5 Months5 MonthsAlabamaWhite
11/20/1869Wm. E. Doyle52 Years2 Years2 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
11/20/1869J.L. Anderson52 Years2 Years30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/20/1869J.S. Oxer120 Years2 Years30 DaysIndianaWhite
11/20/1869E.P. Anderson12 Years2 Years30 DaysS. CarolinaWhite
11/20/1869G.W. Hill215 Years2 Months30 DaysAlabamaWhite
11/20/1869W.G. McCamant35 Years6 Months30 DaysVirginiaWhite
11/20/1869C.B. Murphy35 Years6 Months30 DaysS. CarolinaWhite
11/20/1869J.R. Nicholls35 Years6 Months30 DaysVirginiaWhite
11/20/1869W.L. Rippetoe210 Years6 Months30 DaysTennesseeWhite
11/20/1869H. Dennie211 Years6 Months30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/20/1869W.R. Rayburn520 Years6 Months30 DaysTennesseeWhite
11/20/1869A. Huffstetter512 Years6 Months30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/20/1869J.T. Lambert112 Years9 Months30 DaysTennesseeWhite
11/20/1869A.W. Gibson510 Years6 Months30 DaysKentuckyWhite
11/20/1869W.B. Austin59 Years12 Months39 DaysArkansasWhite
11/20/1869W.H. Obie520 Years12 Years30 DaysIndianaWhite
11/20/1869F.M. Peveler526 Years1 Year30 DaysTexasWhite
11/20/1869J. Dennis211 Years11 Years30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/20/1869F.P. Cogdell11 Year2 Months2 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
11/22/1869T.B. Atwood115 Years12 Months12 MonthsMissouriWhite
11/22/1869T.W. Arington120 Years12 Months12 MonthsTexasWhite
11/22/1869H.G. Kerr121 Years12 Months12 MonthsTexasWhite
11/22/1869William Bryant510 Years12 Months12 MonthsMississippiWhite
11/22/1869D.S. Kerr12 Years12 Months12 MonthsMississippiWhite
11/22/1869James A. Shepley53 Years3 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/22/1869W.G. Terrell53 Years3 Months3 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
11/22/1869Hartsford Howard511 Years12 Months12 MonthsGeorgiaWhite
11/22/1869Thos. Howard512 Months12 Months12 MonthsWhite
11/22/1869A.J. Holt28 Years12 Months12 MonthsArkansasWhite
11/22/1869Thos. James112 Years12 Months12 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/22/1869J.M. Holt210 Years12 Months12 MonthsArkansasWhite
11/22/1869J.M. Peveler510 Years12 Months12 MonthsLouisianaWhite
11/22/1869R. Sneed53 Years12 Months3 MonthsMissouriWhite
11/22/1869Andrew Harris220 Years12 Months12 MonthsIllinoisWhite
11/22/1869J.C. Halford515 Years1 Month6 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/22/1869J.A. Rylee512 Years12 Months4 MonthsMississippiWhite
11/22/1869J.H. Kerr524 Years3 Months3 MonthsWhite
11/22/1869John Tisdal134 Years12 Months12 MonthsN. CarolinaWhite
11/22/1869C.R. Tisdal110 Years12 Months12 MonthsTexasWhite
11/22/1869A.N. Yates114 Years30 Months30 MonthsTennesseeWhite
11/22/1869W.M. Clark110 Years10 Months30 MonthsLouisianaWhite
11/22/1869John R. Clark110 Years10 Months30 MonthsLouisianaWhite
11/23/1869R. May11 Year1 Year1 YearN. CarolinaWhite
11/23/1869H.P. Thorp122 Years14 Years14 YearsTexasWhite
11/23/1869C.F. Rodgers52 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/23/1869Milton Jones112 Years12 Years30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/23/1869H.A.P. Berry530 Years12 Months12 MonthsVirginiaWhite
11/24/1869Daniel Rhodes310 Years6 Months30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/24/1869J.W. Washburne530 Years2 Years30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/24/1869A. Lyle52 Years2 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/24/1869W.S. Hennesy516 Years2 Years2 YearsKentuckyWhite
11/24/1869William Cornelius510 Years3 Years3 YearsArkansasWhite
11/24/1869James Aust311 Years2 Years2 YearsMissouriWhite
11/24/1869B.D. Camp311 Months11 Months11 MonthsMississippiWhite
11/24/1869J.M. Gunnel312 Years2 Years2 YearsMissouriWhite
11/24/1869H.C. Henslee51 Year1 Year1 YearN. CarolinaWhite
11/24/1869J.T. Walter11 Year2 Years2 YearsArkansasWhite
11/24/1869T.J. Holly11 Year2 Years30 DaysMississippiWhite
11/24/1869M. Johnston54 Years2 Years2 YearsIrelandWhite
11/24/1869R.G. Walker515 Years2 Years2 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
11/24/1869R.T. Foster23 Years2 Years2 YearsMissouriWhite
11/24/1869David P. McWhorter53 Years1 Year1 YearGeorgiaWhite
11/24/1869Joe M. Childress319 Years3 Years3 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/24/1869Jon. F. Martin424 Years11 Years3 YearsTexasWhite
11/24/1869G.W. Canen419 Years8 Months4 YearsS. CarolinaWhite
11/24/1869G.A. Woodard419 Years8 Months4 YearsN. CarolinaWhite
11/24/1869Amon Lamar112 Months12 Months4 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/24/1869W.H. Kingsbery115 Years3 Years3 YearsGeorgiaWhite
11/25/1869Abel Landers110 Years10 Years2 YearsKentuckyWhite
11/25/1869J.B. Wells212 Years4 Years4 YearsArkansasWhite
11/25/1869J.W. Mitchell223 Years4 Years4 YearsVirginiaWhite
11/25/1869John S. Douglass52 Years1 Year1 YearN. CarolinaWhite
11/25/1869D.W. Williams23 Years3 Years3 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/25/1869F.M. Glenn53 Years3 Years3 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/25/1869J.E. Cooper45 Years2 Years2 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/25/1869Wm. Moris410 Years2 Years2 YearsMississippiWhite
11/25/1869L.C. Scarborough429 Years2 Years2 YearsArkansasWhite
11/25/1869J.J. Morris410 Years2 Years2 YearsLouisianaWhite
11/25/1869B.F. Barker410 Years2 Years2 YearsTexasWhite
11/25/1869Eli Underwood435 Years2 Years2 YearsNew YorkWhite
11/25/1869M.G. Noll450 Years1 Year1 YearTennesseeWhite
11/25/1869W.B. Glenn515 Years1 Year1 YearWhite
11/25/1869W.H. Barker423 Years2 Years2 YearsIndianaWhite
11/25/1869Wm. Lyle52 Years2 Years2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/25/1869J.S. Winter520 Years8 Months8 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/26/1869Henry Fullove13 Years12 Months12 MonthsGeorgiaColored
11/26/1869Wm. P. Gregory315 Years12 Months12 YearsMissouriWhite
11/26/1869James Burton315 Years12 Months12 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/26/1869J.T. Morton212 Years12 Months12 YearsMissouriWhite
11/26/1869H. Hufstetler421 Years12 Months12 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/26/1869J.A. Murphy415 Years12 Months12 YearsIllinoisWhite
11/26/1869W.F. BarkerWhite
11/26/1869J.S. Johnson1314 Years12 Months12 YearsGeorgiaWhite
11/26/1869A.J.P. Johnson915 Years12 Months12 MonthsAlabamaWhite
11/26/1869A.J. Byars55 Years12 Months12 MonthsTexasWhite
11/26/1869A.J. Howard525 Years2 Months2 YearsAlabamaWhite
11/26/1869J.A. Ledbetter510 Years2 Months2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/26/1869J.T. Goodnight510 Years2 Months30 DaysKentuckyWhite
11/26/1869Wm. H. Abernathy414 Years2 Months2 YearsIllinoisWhite
11/26/1869Thomas Powin317 Years2 Months2 YearsTennesseeWhite
11/26/1869A.B. Ledbetter521 Years1 Months1 YearTennesseeWhite
11/26/1869Geo. W. Hays225 Years1 Month30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/26/1869S.M. Self210 Years2 Months30 DaysArkansasWhite
11/26/1869E. Chambless55 Years4 Months30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/26/1869J.B. Sears13 Years3 Years30 DaysGeorgiaWhite
11/26/1869A.P. Nickell312 Years2 Years30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/26/1869JT. Walton51 Year1 Year30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/26/1869A.H. Oustoll522 Years1 Year30 DaysMissouriWhite
11/26/1869W.F. Lintekum5White
11/26/1869Wm. Blair5White
11/26/1869John Blair5White
11/26/1869A.F. Hart5White
11/26/1869H. McEwen5Colored
11/26/1869John Byram3White

Head Quarters Department of Texas

Office of Civil Affairs

Austin Texas

May 2 1870

I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the list of Registered Voters Hood County Texas on file in this office.

 Chas. E. Morse, Capt. Uta, In charge of civil affairs