Extracted from Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter dated August 1985

Proceedings in the fifty-second Annual Communication on the M. W. Grand Lodge of Texas, held at the City of Houston commencing on the second Tuesday in December, A. D. 1887.


Held at Acton, Hood County, on or before the full moon in each month. Post Office – Acton.
OFFICERS L.E. Rhodes, W.M.; S.A. Maloney, S.W.; C.B. Glenn, J.W.; H. Wilson, Treasurer; B.T. Tipton, Secretary; J.M. McPherson, S.D.; J.M. Glenn, J.D.; A. Carmichael; S. Steward; I.J. Nelson; J. Steward; S.A. Rash, Tiler
PAST MASTERS W.B. Glenn; L.E. Rhodes; H.T. Berry
MASTER MASONS H.T. Berry; O.C. Bosson; N.D. Cooper; A. Carmichael; J.C. Dockery; F.M. Edens; J.L. Elam; W.B. Glenn; J.M. Glenn; J.F. Kerr; J.M. McPherson; E. McCarty; B.A. Magness; D.P. McWhorter; G.F. McCauley; George W. McClung; G.R. Moore; W.H. Nelson; A.A. Maloney; I.J. Nelson; G.W. Patton; J.M. Glenn; W.F. Pelts; S.A. Rash; J.H. Reynolds; P.W. Rhea; George Smart; J.R. Vincent; H. Wilson; L.E. Rhodes Total 36
DIMITTED R.H. Williams
Held at Lipan, Hood County, Saturday night on or before the full moon, monthly. Post Office – Lipan.
OFFICERS J.T. Petty, W.M.; Henry Yates, S.W.; William Piercy, J.W.; W.W. White, Treasurer (See Note Below); W.F. Petty, Secretary; R.N. Bulman, S.D.; G.P. Jones, J.D.; J.A. Patterson; S. Steward; James Maxwell; J. Steward; A.J. Sweek, Tiler
PAST MASTERS J.T. Cook; L.D. Moore; J.T. Petty
MASTER MASONS W.J. Aiken; J.F. Bishop; R.W. Bulman; J.A. Beavers; F.P. Cogdill; J.T. Cook; A.C. Dollerhide; A.J. Estes; T.A. Furlow; Wyatt Garner; Z.B. Gilbert; G.W. Harrison; A.A. Hill; J.M. Holder; G.W. Haskins; J.H. Huffstutler; W.A. Iles; G.P. Jones; J.W. Jones; R.J. Jones; J.B. Keith; C.L. Landers; J.W. Leas; James Logue; Amon Maxwell; James Maxwell; J.C. Maxwell; D.H. McClesky; L.D. Moore; S.R. Montgomery; J.S. Marton; J.G. Nelson; William R. Oliver; J.A. Patterson; J.T. Petty; W.F. Petty; William Piercy; W.H. Reynolds; A.B. Roberts; H.L. Roye; J.F. Simmons; A.J. Sweek; F.M. Taylor; H.R. White; G.W. Williams; E.T. Woodburn; Henry Yates; N.C. Yates; Total 48
ENTERED APPRENTICES T.F. Cox; L.T. Dent; W.W. Dent ; A.P. Hightower; J.L. Simpler; B.R. Wallin; J.M. Williams
Held at Granbury, Hood County, on Saturday night on or after each full moon. Post Office – Granbury.
OFFICERS W.T. Lyle, W.M.; B.H. Dennis, S.W.; A.L. Peters, J.W.; D.L. Nutt, Treasurer; T.H. Hiner, Secretary; John N. Haney, S.D.; A.J. Dodson, J.D.; J.F. Henderson; S.Steward; C.T. Arrington; J. Steward; Wm. Dennis, Tiler
PAST MASTERS J.R. Morris; P.H. Thrash; D.F. Rogers
MASTER MASONS C.T. Arrington; John D. Baker; Jesse Bryant; F.M. Carpenter; A.W. Carpenter; James H. Doyle; B.H. Dennis; William Dennis; A.J. Dodson; W.A. Duke; T.J. Evans; J.A. Formwalt; Jim Farr; John Goodlett; John N. Heney; T.H. Hiner; J.F. Henderson; J.B. Hutchinson; J.L. Heath; H.J. Kerr; F.S. Larned; William T. Lyle; J.R. Morris; B.W. Morris; C.R. Moore; L.C. Miller; D.L. Nutt; J.T. Nash; A.L. Peters; J.B. Sears; C.F. Rodgers; J.L. Shipman; P.H. Thrash; J.W. Ulmer; S.W. Watts; W.D. Wheeler; J.A. Whisenhurst Total 38
ENTERED APPRENTICES S.T. Edwards; E. Green; G.W. Landers; Perry McKinner
FELLOW CRAFTS W.L. McGaughey; Ras. Umphress
DIMITTED J.B. Allard; B.D. Austin; C.A. Price
SUSPENDED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF DUES M.W. Adams; A.P. Gordan; A.T. Howell; F.P. Morgan; H.A. McDowell; John Reichstetler; J.B. Steadham; H.C. Whisenhurst
DEATH D. H. Holland
Held at Long Creek, Hood County, on the Saturday on or after the full moon in each month. Post Office – Bear Creek.
OFFICERS B.S. Bacus, W.M.; Sam Bell, S.W.; C.T. Hill, J.W.; Frank Carter, Treasurer; R.J. Hill, Secretary; J.H. Green, S.D.; C.R. McClanohan, J.D.; L.B. Wallen; S. Steward; W.A. Baker; J. Steward; D.M. Baker, Tiler
MASTER MASONS B.S. Bacus; Peter Bacus; J.A. Baker; S. Brewer; W.A. Baker; Sam R. Bell; D.M. Baker; W.F. Carter; J.R. Dillard; J.H. Green; M. Gregory; W.S. Henry; J.B. Hastings; C.T. Hill; R.J. Hill; S. Kutch; J.S. Liles; W.A. Massie; C.R. McClanohan; F.M. Medaris; J.M. Peverler; R.S. Profitt; Thomas Parkinson; J.C. Patton; J.C. Reese; B.F. Stone; J.A. Woods; L.B. Wallen; Joseph Young; Total 29
ENTERED APPRENTICES W. D. Hurst; J. D. Irby; S. Clements; W.L. Marrs; E.E. Taylor; E.N. Campbell
FELLOW CRAFT Joseph Phillpott
DIMITTED W. M. Barnett
POLUXEY LODGE, NO. 393 [Now spelled Paluxy]
Held at Masonic Hall, Hood County, on the Saturday before the full moon in each month, at 1 o’clock p.m. Post Office – Poluxy[sic].
OFFICERS George E. Jackson, W.M.; T.T. Curl, S.W.; N.S. Davis, J.W.; Jesse V. Brooks, Treasurer; J.T. Williams, Secretary; J.P. Jackson, S.D.; W.M. Gunnels, J.D.; J.M.B. Cowan; S. Steward; A.E. Caraway; T. Steward; F.M. Cunningham, Tiler
PAST MASTERS P.K. Phenix; J.T. Williams; J.P. Jackson; George E. Jackson
MASTER MASONS Jesse V. Brooks; E. Blanton; Jesse Caraway; John K. Caraway; Archie E. Caraway; William H. Caraway; Isaac F. Cowan; James M.B. Cowan; Temple T. Curl; F.M. Cunningham; J.F. Cunningham; William Sooley; Nathan A. Drake; Nathan S. Davis; J.P. Eberhart; W.N. Freeman; Enoch Flinn; Ben Blinn; C.H. Frost; William Gunnels; J.H. Glover; F.D. Holmes; J.H. Hargrove; J.H. Houston; J.J. Harris; W.G. Ingley; John R. Jones; Geo. E. Jackson; Jerry P. Jackson; Phil Jackson; C.C. Long; H.R. Morgan; William Martin; Isaac Moore; T.J. Morris; William H. Pate; P.K. Phenix; W.G.W. Powell; J.T. Parker; A.P. Payne; W.J. Richardson; C.C. Riley; G.H. Turner; W.B. Tinnin; D.M. Tidwell; J.F. Wood; D.M. Wood; T.A. Wood; Geo. W. Wood; James T. Williams; B.T. Test; H.H. Wade; Total 53
ENTERED APPRENTICES Robert Sexton; A.J. Greenwood; Lee Thomas
FELLOW CRAFTSR.L. ArmstrongHarrison Deaver
DIMITTED J.D. Robertson
SUSPENDED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF DUES Wm. Winchester; J.M. Deavours; A.J. Puckett


Subject: 1887 Hood county Masonic Lodges
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 22:41:24 -0600
From: WWH Enterprises <wwhent@lipan.net>
Organization: WWH Enterprises
To: granbury@genealogy.org

I was looking at the listing of the Masonic Lodges in Hood County in 1887 and found an error in the listing for Charity Lodge 565 in Lipan. The listing shows that the Treasurer was H.R. White, this is an error the correct listing should have been H.R. White’s Brother W.W. (Walter William) White. W.W. is my great grandfather. I was discussing this with my Grandmother (W.W.’s Daughter) Pernie Baldree, she said that H.R. was her uncle and that he was never a member of the Masonic Lodge. I wanted to see if there is any way that this can be corrected on the listing? If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me, I have worked with Vircie on several projects and would like to help but at the present I don’t have time to participate in the meetings. I would like to help when I can though. Look forward to hearing from you
Walter H. Baldree CPA
P.O. Box 356
Lipan, Tx. 76462