Granbury, Texas, April 18th. 1899.

To Hon. W. A. Hanger

Austin, Texas.

Honored Sir:

We, the undersigned citizens of Granbury, Hood County, Texas, earnestly protest against the passage of the so-called “Anti Trust Bill” now pending before the Legislature of Texas, unless same shall be so amended as not to throttel and drive from our State legitimate Fire Insurance Companies as well as other legitimate concerns doing business within our borders.

We consider the proposed legislation as being entirely too drastic, and tainted too much with “Arkansaw-ism” to be anything but detrimental to the best interests of our great commonwealth.

We ask that you, as our representative, oppose the passage of said bill in its present form.

J. H. Doyle
E. A. Hannaford
Jno. Reichstetter
R. R. Daniel
J. E. Crites
Smythe Bros.
C. W. Miller
J. D. Cross
S. S. Elliott
J. M. Glenn
J. H. Hiner
S. J. Vaughan
A. G. Dabney
W. B. Daniel
Kerr & Haralson

From Texas State Archives