From Brazos River Authority Central Files

August 14, 1968

Mr. Marvin Taylor, Resident Engineer

Ambursen Engineering Corporation
P.O. Drawer E
Granbury, Texas 76048

Dear Marvin:

Enclosed is a copy of a handwritten list of landowners affected by the clearing work which has been awarded.  This list has been prepared in numerical order according to tract numbers.

I am also enclosing an extract from the deed on Tract No. 401 pertaining to four oak trees which we agreed to leave standing on that property.  I hope that you can talk Mr. Dyer out of leaving these trees standing, since I believe that they will be an eye sore in the reservoir area.  On the other hand, we must abide by the conditions specified in the conveyance.  Please take appropriate action to cover the Authority in this case.

T. B. Hunter
Assistant General Manager

105Judge J. Edward WintersFort Worth
108John H. Stewart 526 Cut Off  Road Fort Worth
109John Gee
110Geo. F. Bernard 1415 Lagunda Fort Worth
111Ralph Gee
112Dr. B.L. Brock (deceased)307 New YorkArlington
113 120Joe Nedelkovich
114Dollie G. Massey 610 W. Lone Star Cleburne
115 120Joe Nedelkovich
116M.C. Gee
121J.C. Henslee (Millard Henslee)
124Linard E. & Olan W. Roberts
125Joe M. Henslee 1720 Oakland Blvd.Fort Worth
135M.M. Hawthorne RFD 5  Box 214 Fort Worth
136O.P. Leonard 200 Houston St. Fort Worth
137Richard C. Newkirk 4208 Oak Drive Fort Worth
138Joseph H. Brewster 3858 Lafayette St. Fort Worth
139R.R. Lawhon Jr. P.O. Box 1658 Fort Worth
165Sam B. Allen Jr.Star Route Peaster
166Charles J. Rhea
200Jenkins Garrett 1705 Commerce Fort Worth
201202-1424Jack LangdonFort Worth
203Edwin B. Dow 1301 Sinclair Bldg. Fort Worth
206-1Arthur Taliaferro 1264 Trailwood Drive Hurst
210Johnny Osburn
218J.C. Arrington
201Jack Langdon [see 202]
238-2238D-1Arthur E. Aiken
412-1417Henry Zwiefel
414C.E. Hancock
236DMrs. Norma Crawford
237D237-1Clyde Wells
320Ras Umphress
324H.D. Cherry
400Paul Brothers
401H.L. Dyer
407Mrs. H.D. Thomason
408Mr. Estil M. Maxwell
409C.P. Goforth (W.A. Goforth)
410A.B. Browning Phoenix, Arizona
421Richard E. Tarvin Jr. 2200 McKinley Fort Worth
423Jack Rufe Tarvin 1207 W. 22nd Fort Worth
424See Above 202
427-1E.A. ThomasWeatherford
436441V.A. Andrews
439-1Kitty Green Caraway
440-1M.M. Woody
441See Above 436