Reprinted from Hood County News Centennial Edition dated Sept. 23, 1971

Before there can be an Auxiliary there must be a Legion Post because only wives, mothers or daughters are eligible for membership in the American Legion Auxiliary.

In 1920, the American Legion was organized in Granbury, and named Elmer Joiner Post #278 in honor of Elmer Joiner who was one among the first selective servicemen to be called into service in World War I. He was stationed in France where he was mortally wounded and died November 11, 1918. He was the son of J.P. Joiner of Granbury.

Granbury had a Legion Post several years before the Auxiliary was organized. In 1934, A.B. Crawford was Post Commander of the American Legion in Granbury. He did outstanding work and won many state and national honors [and] also held several state and National offices. He was Post Commander when the Auxiliary was organized.

In 1934, Mrs. Leonard was 12th District Committee Woman, who lived in Cleburne, contacted some ladies in Granbury who were eligible for membership in the Auxiliary and after several contacts and telephone calls, Alice Price and Mary Walthall made a house to house call to secure names for membership and collected dues. Then a date was set and Mrs. Leonard came over and organized the American Legion Auxiliary. Then ten members were required to secure a charter. The following were the first ten original charter members, listed in order by the state department.

Mrs. E. B. Price

Mrs. Ruby Opal Musick

Mrs. W. G. Baker

Mrs. A. B. Crawford

Mrs. Frank T. Harris

Mrs. Roy Stone

Mrs. Wyatt Dabney

Mrs. Mary Walthall

Mrs. Ben Estes

Mrs. W. D. Gardner

An additional ten other names were sent in time to be on the charter:

Mrs. R. C. Caraway

Mrs. W. P. Williams

Mrs. Roy S. Harley

Mrs. W. C. Blalock

Mrs. W. D. Bryam

Mrs. L. D. Eliott

Mrs. R. G. Peters

Mrs. A. O. Musick

Mrs. G. A. Perkins

Mrs. O. C. Baker

Mrs. E. B. Price was elected first president of the Unit and Mrs. Levi Musick, Secretary. Each of these held the same office until 1940. The meetings were held on [the] second floor of the Wyatt Dabney Building for several years.

The Auxiliary won a National Citation Meritorious Award in 1936 for carrying out the National program. Also received 1936 Pre-Centennial award for membership, and National President visit citation 1946.

Besides the bi-monthly meeting, the Legion and Auxiliary participated in an annual Christmas tree and program. Fruit and nuts, and candy were provided for needy children.

In 1946 the Legionnaires decided to try to raise funds to build a Legion Hall. Mr. E.E. Durham offered them a new Chevrolet car at cost. They accepted the offer and sold chances for the car at $1.00 and raised the money for the Legion Hall. The Legion and Auxiliary have met there since it was completed in 1947.

The Auxiliary had eight presidents from 1934 to 1950. In 1951 through 1957 no membership and the old charter was cancelled.

In 1958, the Auxiliary was reorganized and Mrs. Cecil Thomas was the first President, and Mrs. Homer Sargent Secretary.

The Unit has had ten presidents since the reorganization. Mrs. Cecil Thomas was president again in 1969-70.

The record high membership was 1968 with 38 paid members.

On May 10, 1949, the name of the Post was changed from Elmer-Joiner to Joiner-Fitzhugh Post to honor Mr. Oran Lester Fitzhugh, who was killed in World War II in the Philippines. He was the son of Mrs. Azille Fitzhugh and the late George Fitzhugh, of Tolar.

The Auxiliary has received several awards through the years that records of dates could not be found when awarded. But, in 1967, the Auxiliary received a National Citation for Meritorious Service Special Commendation for carrying out [the] National Program and State Banner Award in achieving membership.

The Auxiliary has an annual Poppy Sale each year, [and] also sends Christmas boxes each year to hospitals for disabled veterans and their families. The Auxiliary members have had numerous Bake Sales to raise money for expenses needed to carry on the work.

The Auxiliary has also helped raise money to repair the Legion Hall.

Presidents of the Auxiliary from 1934 – 1970:

1934 – 1940Mrs. E. B. PriceMrs. J. L. Musick, Unit Sec.
1941Mrs. R. M. Walthall
1942Mrs. Carl Raupe
1943 – 1945No Unit President givenMrs. J. L. Musick, Unit Sec.
1946Mrs. E. B. Price
1947 – 1948No Unit President givenMrs. J. L. Musick, Unit Sec.
1949Mrs. Mary Ellen Womack
1950Mrs. Fern Baker
1951 – 1957No membership received from Unit
1958Mrs. Cecil Thomas
1959Mrs. Christine Hooten
1960Mrs. Marie Williams
1961Mrs. Rosa Lee Harris
1962Mrs. Weldon Newton
1963Mrs. E. B. Price
1964Mrs. Cecil Thomas
1965Mrs. Norman Strain
1966Mrs. Ellen Wilson
1967Mrs. Johnny Groeschel
1968Mrs. Johnny Groeschel
1969 – 1970Mrs. Cecil Thomas
1970 – 1971Mrs. Ross Ator
1971 – 1972Mrs. John Sledge