Hood County News “Hood County 2000” – January 1, 2000

Two Texas pioneers originally founded the First National Bank of Granbury on the Hood County courthouse square as a private banking and real estate company in 1883.

John Traylor and Dan Cogdell constructed an Italianate Victorian commercial building on the northwest corner of the Granbury courthouse square, where First National’s main bank is still located today.

Traylor and Cogdell’s business boomed and the partners, along with early frontier merchants E.A. Hannaford, Jess Baker and James H. Doyle, chartered the bank as the First National Bank of Granbury in 1887.

The Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railroad arrived in Granbury that same year. Local settlers were joyous about their community’s strong growth. Ashley Crockett’s Granbury Graphic of March 1887 wrote, “A bank, a bridge, a railroad and a new college are the all absorbing enterprises just now. On with the boom and a good rain.”

First National grew with Hood County steadily over the years and the bank assumed the accounts of Granbury’s City National Bank in 1928.

From the 50s to the 70s, First National’s strong growth resulted in expansion from the original bank building to the two historic buildings next door. Then, First National opened a seven-lane motor bank north of its historic downtown location.

First National was active in the revitalization of Granbury historic courthouse square and has been a major supporter of the Granbury Opera House and the community’s No. 1 industry–tourism.

During the 80s and 90s, First National opened four additional full-service bank locations in Hood County-Highway 377 East, Highway 144 South, Acton and a bank inside of Granbury’s Kroger store on Highway 377. First National now has five locations, 21 motor bank lanes and five ATMs for the convenience of its customers throughout Hood County.

In 1994, First National opened a mortgage lending office in its Highway 377 branch, where the bank offers construction loans and home loans, customized especially for each homeowner.

The employees and directors of First National Bank have years of banking experience and they’re active in local schools, government and community organizations. They volunteer for more than 55 non-profit groups, clubs and churches throughout the Hood County community. With the support and commitment of First National, they spend about 3,500 hours per year of the bank’s time on their volunteer service.

First National believes in serving the community that has supported the bank for many years.

As Hood County enters the 21st century, First National plans to continue to make banking as convenient as possible for the residents of historic Hood County, Texas, while always maintaining its long legacy of friendly, personal hometown service.

Information provided by First National Bank of Granbury.

Sources: Ewell, T.T. “Hood County History,” 1895; Granbury Graphic, March 24, 1887; Granbury News, 1891 to 1970; First National Bank records.

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