Granbury Masonic Lodge 392 Past Masters 1874 – 1937

Transcribed by Roberta Taylor

This list was transcribed from a typewritten list attributed to Judge Henry Davis. The list was typed on a page cut from a ledger book. The ledger page was identified at the top as Lumber Sales Book. It was typical for Judge Davis to use any piece of paper at hand for his records – such as the back side of unused ballots, school note book paper and the back of various commercial and governmental pre-printed forms. However most of his records were handwritten, not typed.  The original document is on file at the Granbury Depot Archives.

1874P. H. Thrash
1875P. H. Thrash
1876P. H. Thrash
1884P. H. Thrash
1878 & 1881H. A. McDowell
1879T. E. Duck
1882James Hiner
1885C. F. Rogers
1887W. T. Lyles
1888W. T. Lyles
1889W. T. Lyles
1890W. T. Lyles
1891W. T. Lyles
1892W. T. Lyles
1895W. T. Lyles
1896W. T. Lyles
1898W. T. Lyles
1899-1900W. T. Lyles
1897J. R. Morris
1901-1902Dr. E. L. Menefee
1903Dr. J. R. Lancaster
1904W. H. Robenett
1905T. J. Williams
1906H. H. Bryan
1907W. E. Dugass ?
1908Henry Zweifel
1909Henry Payne
1910W. T. Brown
1911W. W. Parks
1912R. W. Stringfellow
1913S. T. R. Green
1914L. B. Hiner
1915Roy Hightower
1916L. S. Ginn
1917-1919-1926J. L. Killough
1918Lee Clyatt
1920Burl C. Petters
1921Chas. A. Carmicel
1922Chas. A. Rhea
1923-1924-1925Sid Powell
1927T. H. Hiner
1928B. P. Estes
1929J. D. McElhaney
1931Sam Clevland
1932Henry Davis
1933Grady Massey
1934Ben Clifton
1935F. A. Jones
1936E. L. Monroe
1937I. F. Powell Jr.

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