by Tim Sears

During Reconstruction, 1870-1876, the office of County Judge was eliminated.  The Police Court was the administrative body.  The Presiding Justice of the Peace in the Courthouse District was the chief presiding officer.  It is quite possible that other people also served as County Judge for periods of time

1867-1870 Abel Landers

1870-1871 A. V. Shropshire (Presiding Justice during Reconstruction)

1871-1873 John Bryant Sears (Presiding Justice during Reconstruction)

1873-1876 B. F. Williams (Presiding Justice during Reconstruction)

1876-1879 C. H. Blake

1879-1881 James Hiner

1882-1884 Thomas J. Duke

1885-1889 H. T. Berry

1890-1895 George W. Riddle

1896-1898 Lee Riddle

1899-1902 Phil Jackson

1903-1908 K. H. Faulkner

1909-1912 J. P. Mahan

1913-1918 William L. Dean

1919-1920 George Tarrant

1921-1922 R. M. Mugg

1923-1928 K. H. Faulkner

1929-1933 Sam Cleveland

1934-1938 George Tarrant

1939-1940 W. L. Dent

1941-1944 Robert Porter Mangold

1945-1948 James H. Stewart

1949-1950 Rudolph Sutherland Long

1951-1954 Henry Alexander Davis

1955-1958 Joseph Carmichael

1959-1966 Lloyd Musick

1967-1970 Marion E. Thomas

1970-1990 Milton Meyer

1990-1998 Don Cleveland

1998-2002 Linda Steen

2003 Anderson Luke Rash