Did you know Lipan had a hospital?

By Winnie MooreReprinted from Hood County News dated October 13, 1997

Some more of Nell Brown’s remembrances:

The building that is known as the Lipan Community Center here has not always been used as such, as the notation on the picture reveals.

In about 1946, some of the residents met to make plans to build a hospital in hopes of getting a doctor to live here.

Some residents gave donations of money and others contributed by physically working to help build the building.

When the building was completed, a young Doctor Roan, his wife, and two small children moved to Lipan. Mrs. Buck Addison was the nurse and Emma Howell and Mrs. Rhoda Sartor helped. There was a pharmacy owned by the Rippetoes – father and son. A Mr. Rinker also worked there.

Almost every baby from 1949 to 1952 was born in the hospital – to local couples. The hospital became such a busy place that is was hard for one doctor to manage after several babies were born because mothers were allowed to remain in the hospital several days back then.

One of the first babies born there was Joanne Jackson’s first child, Carol. (Carol is not Carol Bleeker whose husband is the coach of the Lipan boys basketball team.)

When the building was no longer used as a hospital, a decision was made in about 1974 to make use of it as a much-needed community center. Needless to say, it is a busy place – family reunions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, etc. Senior citizens meet there each Thursday for a noon meal provided by Shanley House.

It also provides a place for club meetings as well as a meeting place for families when they experience death within the family and need more space for meals, etc. Their needs are provided whether they are current or former residents.