From Hood County Genealogical Society Library Book No. 175

Reprinted from Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter dated May 1984

Wilson, AndrewNorway, Charles 12th King.Born – Inolan Co. Norway is 35Arrived New York, 15 April, 1881Sworn 3rd Aug. 1887File 3 Aug., 1887, Hood Co. TX.J. H. Hiner, clerk
Garland, ThomasEngland – Victoria, Queen, Gloucester Co. EnglandArrived New York 30 May 1872 is 41Sworn 22 Oct., 1888Filed 22 Oct., 1888 Hood Co. TX.J. H. Hiner, clerk
Roxburgh, JamesEngland, Lancoshire Co. is 45Arrived New York July 1868Sworn 3 Nov. 1888Filed & recorded 3 Nov. 1888J. H. Hiner, clerk
Paulson, K.Denmark is 38Arrived Baltimore, Maryland May, 1871Sworn 6 Nov. 1888Filed 6 Nov. 1888J. H. Hiner, clerk
Parkinson, ThomasEngland, Lavenshire is 60Arrived Philadelphia, Penn. Aug. 1851Sworn & Filed 10 July 1889This declaration in lieu of one made several years ago, which has been lost or destroyed in the burning of the Tarrant County, Texas courthouse, when same was pending.