The Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company

1908 Wall Phone


J.F. HENDERSON, Division Superintendent

D.T. WARD, Local Manager.

Mail a written notice to the Manager of any errors in names or numbers, or any changes desired.

Call No. 0 to make Complaints.

Call No. 0 to report Trouble.

Call No. 0 to get New Subscribers’ Numbers.

Do not publish your number, say instead “Telephone connection.”

In calling for subscribers give numbers by digits, separately, thus: For 543-2, say “Five, four, three, 2 rings.

Do not call numbers from memory. Look in directory.

Give the number of rings for party line Subscribers.

Hang up receiver, large end down, when thru talking.

When a telephone is put in, it is located in any proper place chosen by Subscriber. If afterwards moved by request, a charge will be made to cover cost of moving.

Without your assistance good Telephone service is impossible.

Answer promptly, and save the usual question by giving your telephone number.

Patrons must do their own talking

Call by number only.

Public pay station at all important Hotels.

The Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company will not be responsible for errors or delays occassioned [sic] by the bad working of its wires caused by electrical disturbances or otherwise.

Subscribers will be held responsible for all Toll Calls originating at their Telephones, whether made by themselves, their clerks, or guests. In giving operators calls be sure and state whom is wanted; if you call for a firm name, no matter to whom you talk, the call will be charged for whether you get the party wanted or not. If conversation is not satisfactory, notify the toll operator immediately, otherwise no refund will be allowed.

D. T. Ward, Local Manager
Telephone Number 0.


By speaking clearly and not too rapidly; speaking directly into the transmitter with the lips very close to the mouth piece; throwing the voice from the mouth and not smothering it in the throat or chest, by not speaking in too loud a tone.

For short distances the voice should be a shade lower rather than higher, than a well modulated conversational tone. For long distances it should be raised somewhat, but never enough to even approach shouting.

Every telephone user will increase the efficiency of this telephone service by being guided by the above.

Every employee should not only be guided by the above, but should preach the gospel of right telephoning as indicated, whenever opportunity to do so offers itself, without appearing in the least degree as officious or impertinent.

Abbott, W.T., res130-2r
Abbott, E.P., res65-1 long, 1 short
Adams, Joh, res137-3r
AddRan-Jarvis College111-2r
Aiken, Ed, res132
Alta Vista Creamery184
Andrews, John, res135-1 long, one short
Archer, George, res96-3r
Archer, J.C., res178
Arrington, John, res50
Aston, Robert, res137-4r
Aston, Andy, res188
Baccus, P.M., res148-2r
Baccus, B.S., res148-3r
Baccus, B.J., res148-4r
Baker, D.O., res2
Baker, Miss Neva, res47
Baker, Jess, res78
Baker, Arch, res160-2r
Baker Hdw. Company10
Baker Implement Company15
Barton, B.A., res104-4r
Barton, O.R., res104-6r
Barton, G.W., res148-5r
Barber, I.W., res189-3r
Barber, L.W., res160-3r
Baugh Mercantile Company14
Baugh, W.E., res43
Berry, Ed, res161
Berry, J.L.A., res129
Bearden, J.C., res66-2r
Bills, R.E., res160-5r
Bills, D.C., res160-2 longs, 1 short
Bills, Ed, res212-3r
Binyon, W.A., res209
Bird, M.D., res203
Blake, J.S., res26
Blackburn, Geo. M., res219
Bon Ton, restaurant16
Bowden, Ralph, res88
Boyd, J.R., store170
Bowen, Joe, res138
Bostick, W.T., res137-5r
Brady, Miss Ivey, res9
Bradshaw, H.L., res65-4r
Bradshaw, Ed, res33
Brown, Jno. E., res103
Brown, Will, res117-2r
Browning, J.W., res141
Browning, Ed, res133
Brous, W.S., res112
Brownview Ranch, res79
Brooks, J.T.202-3r
Bunch, A.H.189-4r
Butler, W.H., res109
Carmichael, Dr. A., res102
Carmichael, Pom, res159-1 short, 1 long
Caraway, Mrs. K.E., res46
Catts, W.H., office204
City National Bank41
Cherry, W.H., res145
Chandler, J.N., res186
Cogdell, D.C., res6
Cogdell, D.C., ranch196
Cogdell, Gaston, res210-2r